What Does a Movie Producer Do?

Do you know how much really goes into making a film? Naturally, you know about the actors and actresses. There are scriptwriters to create the dialogue and directors to makes sure the talent is creating the right type of feeling. There are set designer and costume designers. There’s also one job that many people have heard of but few everyday people understand. That is the producer. Producers like Heather Parry work on all types of movies (Heather has worked on everything from The House Bunny to A Star Is Born). Read on to find out what exactly Heather does.

Before Production Begins

Before the movie can even be made, producers find the material from a script or a book, tweak it so that it will attract a director, secure financing, and begin working with the rest of the behind-the-scenes team to find filming locations and actors. The producer is also responsible for creating detailed shooting schedules and plans.

During the Filming

During filming, the producer gets to be even more creative. He or she offers suggestions to the director, monitors the production timetable and budget, reviews the video dailies, and ensures that problems are handled quickly and with care.

After Filming Is Complete

A producer’s job is never done. He or she has even more work to do after all the filming is complete. In post-production, a producer discusses which shots are best and which order they should go in with the direction. The producer must also review the film after editing is complete, polish and revise where necessary, and give the go-ahead on the final cut. Producers also work to distribute the film and create the advertising campaigns that get people interested in watching it.

If you want to be in the film industry, working as a producer is an excellent choice for people who are both creative and logical. In addition to having plenty of say in how the movie is filmed, the producer also gets to work with numbers and schedules and truly has a hand in every aspect of the movie-making process.

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