andres barrioquinto

The Barrioquinto Effect

andres barrioquinto

Back in September Andres Barrioquinto debuted yet another side to his eclectic, artistic style with “The Scream of the Butterfly”, arguably his most insightful exhibition featuring figurative-surrealist art. Reflecting the nuances of marriage, the much-awaited show held at Galerie Sogan & Art in Singapore is a blend of bright idealism and somber realism, showcasing Barrioquinto’s exquisite pattern layering technique and strikingly unexpected elements.

Who knew the 25-year painting veteran had other tricks up his sleeve? When it comes to Andres Barrioquinto, we can be certain that we are simply better off expecting the unexpected.

Indeed, with fans expecting Barrioquinto’s familiar, artistic flair with portraits, flower patterns and Japanese print, Barrioquinto has chosen to put a different twist to his new pieces. Ever the evolving artist and still an ingenious master of surprise, he remained steadfast in continuously expressing his unique vision and adding fresh elements to his new works. His decision to go bolder as ever certainly paid off: Once again, Barrioquinto successfully regaled his audience with his pieces, this time with his layered canvas pieces and cartoonish sculptures.

If anything, his show is much more than just a reflection of his own personal experience of marriage. No doubt about it, for he himself has said that he got his inspiration from his own marriage. But there is something else poetic about his new show. Intentional or not, it is curious that Barrioquinto’s latest show not only encompasses the current breadth of his expertise, but has also summarily captured his personal journey as an artist.

It is well-known that the young, promising virtuoso who used to paint unnerving scenes and strange creatures have now transformed himself into one of the most brilliant dynamos in the contemporary art scene. True enough, over the years he has been able to develop his painting techniques and unabatedly express himself. Barrioquinto as an artist has finally metamorphosed into a butterfly, and is now just eager to show his incredible talent to the world.

Metaphorically, he is screaming. Metaphorically—and literally—his show is the scream of the butterfly.

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