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What You Need To Know About the Distracted Driving Law in California

Using a cell phone while driving is a big public safety concern. Despite laws banning distracted driving, many people continue to talk on the phone or text while behind the wheel. It is vital to understand California’s laws on the issue so that you will not have to hire a traffic ticket attorney Los Angeles any time soon.

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Laws Dealing With Cell Phones

California has adopted laws banning the use of both cellular and hardwired car phones while the vehicle is in motion. However, drivers over the age of 18 may use a hands-free device or Bluetooth as long as it only requires the use of one ear. Teenagers younger than 18 cannot use any device even if it is hands-free. No one is allowed to text and drive.

Exceptions to California’s Laws

In some circumstances, you can use a cell phone while driving without needing to hire a traffic ticket lawyer San Francisco in the near future. For example, you can use a phone as long as you are on your own private property. You can make an emergency call while driving. Therefore, if you saw a building on fire, you could contact your local fire department to notify them.

Penalties for Breaking These Laws

The first time you get caught texting and driving will cost you a ticket worth $75. Subsequent offenses will increase the fine to $190. Additionally, since it is a moving violation, you will get points on your record. In the event you accumulate too many points, the state can suspend your driver’s license.

It is best to keep your phone far away from your eyes as possible when you drive. That person you need to text back can wait until you reach your destination. Anyone who does receive this traffic ticket needs to hire an attorney right away to maintain a clean driving record.

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The 3rd World Traveler: Making Traveling Easy

Being frugal is an art form.

I admit, I splurge almost half the time, spending much more money on items with almost half the value. (I spend too much on food, don’t judge!) But when the going gets tough, the tough get stingy!

The common belief is that food is a basic necessity, and travel is obviously a luxury. Ma. Patricia Yulo turns the tables by declaring–out loud in a 90-page book, no less–that traveling does not have to be a luxury! After a grand experience with the Banana Pancake Trail in 2009, Yulo caught the travel bug and felt the need to travel the world, meet new people, enjoy new food and experience new sights and sounds.

After a brief trip out of town or out of the country, who wouldn’t want to know what else is out there? 

If you think about the world as more than just an azure orb floating in space, traveling becomes a necessity.

The 3rd World Traveler is one affordable book that teaches novice explorers how to experience the world without shelling out too much money. The book contains important information addressing the all too important issues one may encounter regarding money, and there are even tips on how to travel within your budget.patricia yulo third world traveler

What’s awesome about this book–apart from the fact that Yulo got Lourd Freaking de Veyra to write her foreword–is that Yulo is one credible author. I’ve had issues with authors writing how-to books before, so reading an honest, locally published book about frugal traveling is a relief for me. Yulo is a veteran shoestring traveler, and her 4-year-old Rica’s Rucksack Travel Blog proves where she’s been and how she’s made ends meet.

This is indeed A Guide to Fulfilling Your Travel Dreams on a Shoestring Budget. From determining your travel budget and creating your travel fund to packing things light, the book has everything you need to know to survive out there in the wild.

Price: Php 350
4 out of 5 (Only because I wanted more pages.)


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