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Bridal Entourage Outtake

DenKax Wedding Happiness

Not gonna lie, stress levels were off the roof even just 6 months before the wedding. I did become the mythical bridezilla.
Just a few hours before the fated event, though, I was calm though slightly confused and out of sorts. Suddenly I just let things fall into place. Sure, I was upset about the torn parts of my dress, but the emotions already died down weeks before, so I stopped caring anymore. Sure, I found new torn parts of my dress on the day, but I fussed over it for several minutes then decided to let go. [insert more justification here]

Without further ado, here are some of the pictures taken by my family:

Mom and Dad at BayLeaf Intramuros

Bridal Entourage Outtake


DenKax Wedding Paco Park

DenKax Wedding Entourage Pic

Obligatory Kissing Scene in Paco Park

Merioles Family


Mommy and Daddy Merioles in Paco Park

Masbate Guests at Paco Park


Merioles Family at Paco Park


Traditional Cake Eating

Masbate Merioles in Patio Victoria

Merioles Family all the way from Masbate

I’ll probably publish other wedding posts soon, but right now my married life (and lack of unlimited access to the interwebz) prevents me from doing so. :(