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Three Ways to Address the Multi-Faceted Woman

This March, we’re dedicating a post about women.

As smooth as baby

Women are such multifaceted creatures. They are wives, mothers, daughters, businesswomen and so much more. This is why it’s such a terrible idea to solely address the spiritual side of a woman when you’re the women’s ministry leader. You’ll want to become intentional about covering the multi-faceted needs of a woman. While you can’t sit down to do counseling sessions with every single woman in your congregation, there are ways you can address the needs of each woman’s heart. Consider these three ways to get started.

1. Relationships

Whether it’s the relationship with a spouse, friend or a child, women are closely connected to their relationships in a way that men are not. Women are naturally relational beings. They attach so much of their identity to who they are as wives, moms and sisters. It can be difficult for a woman to thrive when she feels like her relationships are in disarray. Consider creating a christian women workshop for each of the relationships a woman navigates. It’s good to cover how a woman can honor her relationships, yet keep them in perspective to who she is in Christ.

2. Purpose

Many women assume that their purpose is closely tied to their relationships with others. They also believe that a purpose is one assignment that never changes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If that were the case, women would stop having a purpose when their children become independent adults. A woman’s purpose is ever-evolving and developing. This is why it’s important to recognize the ebbs and flows. Host workshops that help women to identify their purpose through the changing seasons of life. As they become more clear about what they’re supposed to do throughout various seasons, they can lead more purpose-driven lives. When a woman is clear about her purpose, it’s easier for her to pursue it. When a woman begins to run on a mission, she’s unstoppable.

3. Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is essential. When a woman becomes a Christian, she’s considered a baby in the faith. However, a woman shouldn’t remain a baby in the faith. She should mature and develop in her relationship with Christ. Within the women’s ministry, find different ways to encourage a woman to mature in her spiritual development in Christ.