SM Supermalls Celebrate Australia 2016

In celebration of 70 years of bilateral relations between the Philippines and Australia, the Australian Embassy, along with SM Supermalls, hosted the Celebrate Australia 2016: Say G’day at SM roadshow exhibition.

Launched in February 2016, the event featured a historical photo exhibition showcasing the depth and breadth of ties between the two countries. The roadshow will finally have its last stop at SM The Block from May 12-19, 2016. SM mall goers and shoppers can join the raffle and get a chance to win round trip tickets and tours for two in Melbourne.

On May 22, 2016, Australia will mark the opening of its first Consulate-General in Manila in 1946, with a ceremonial lighting of its 70th Anniversary logo in SM Mall of Asia.

Share the friendship; share the journey. #First70Years

Gday Australia Philippines Event 2016

Here are a few fun facts about the land down under:

  • Flat White Coffee is an Australian invention composed of a double shot of espresso and micro-farmed milk. It has a characteristically creamy and velvety texture. #flatwhite
  • Bundaberg drinks are craft brewed premium soft drinks enjoyed by generations of Australians. #BrewedtobeBetter
  • Aussies eat 2.70 million meat pies per year. Aussie meat pies are awesome because of the best Australian infredients that go into each one. Kudos to #PieFacePH
  • July 21 is National Lamington Day in Australia. The lamington is an Australian culinary icon made of soft sponge cake covered with chocolate and liberally sprinkled with fine dessicated coconut.
  • Aussies eat 45 million packets of TimTam a year! TimTam is a chocolate cream and malt biscuit sandwich covered with creamy chocolate.

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