Preparing for a Life On The Stage

What does it take to put together a great performance, and to make a career of it? The honest answer is that it takes a lot. Making a career out of performing music and characters in front of live audiences isn’t an easy path; it takes years of training, along with hard work and dedication, plus a lot of originality and creativity. A quick glance at a listing of the shows offered in the New York city cabaret scene shows how varied and original the shows offered are. Despite all the hard work (and heartbreak) that is involved in having a career of live performance, the fact is that the passion involved is what keeps those amazing performers going. It’a also what keeps audiences coming back for more, and more.


Honing Those Stage Skills

People who choose to dedicate themselves to a life on the stage (along with film and television work) must study long and hard in order to have the needed skills. Voice training is an absolute must for people who want to enjoy a long stage career. A great vocal coach will form a bond with a dedicated student who really wants to develop the range and resonance of their voice. There are techniques that can be learned with vocal training classes and these techniques will help an actor or singer use their voice more fully and freely, in a way that is healthy. Once an actor/singer starts to work regularly, their technique is the factor that will carry them through and keep their voice strong and supple. Most actors who have had long careers credit their voice and acting coaches with giving them the skills that carried them through. Performing onstage in front of on audience is an exciting thing to do. No, this isn’t an easy career path to take, but it’s one that can be incredibly gratifying for those who succeed at it.

Starting Strong

Once you believe you have the right skills and techniques you need to begin looking for gigs, get ready to distribute your head shots. Look for an affordable studio that can offer you the head shots you would need to give out during auditions. Make time to practice as much as you can before booking auditions within your area, as well!

Good luck!

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