How To Ask for a Date to the Prom

Over time (probably with coaching from a few mothers), finding clever and catchy ways to ask someone to Prom has come to be known as a “Promposal.” Now considered the standard process, a Promposal can be done in many ways and can be as simple or as complicated as desired. It works great for girl’s choice as well. Here are a few basic ideas.


Keep it Punny

The most frequently used method is to incorporate a pun into the mix. For example, along with a delivery of fresh donuts you could include a note saying, “I ‘donut’ want to go with anyone but you.” Or how about a bunch of balloons and ribbon with a big needle tied on – one balloon containing a note that says, “I wanted to POP the question – will you go to Prom with me?” With a never-ending supply of puns, the possibilities are endless.

A Sweet Treat

Nothing says you care about someone like chocolate. Candy bouquets come in a variety of different types and sizes and would be a welcome gift when accompanied by an invitation to Prom. With a variety of chocolate bars and candy, they are as welcome as flowers and twice as yummy. (And of course, you could always throw a pun in for good measure.)

Get a Clue

Setting up a treasure hunt or mystery to solve is a fun way to ask for a Prom date. Include any equipment needed along the way and set up fun rewards to mark progress. At the end of the hunt, you could simply leave a single rose with the question attached or go all out and be waiting in a tux to ask your special question in person.

Asking a Guy

You may choose to go with something less romantic and a bit less fussy if you are asking a guy (although you can never go wrong with the chocolate). Find a chain link fence he passes each day and pop colorful plastic cups into the holes to spell out the question. Make up a fake driving violation ticket and leave it in his windshield wiper. Upon closer inspection, he will see all fees waived if he goes to the dance with you. Toss him a new basketball in the hallway with the word PROM? written on it in marker.

There are as many other ways to go about it as there are people who want to ask someone. However you choose to do it, asking for a prom date can be an exciting proposition and can lead to a memorable date with a person you care about.


Unique Ways to See the United States

Summer is almost here and with it the desire to get away for a vacation. Skip the usual road trip this year and book a journey on a railroad train for your next adventure. Rail travel gives you a new look at the country, eliminates stress, and provides a luxurious experience for your time off.


What Types Of Train Trips Can You Take?

The common form of train travel is the direct route to your destination and back. Instead of being focused on the road and missing the sights, it gives you the opportunity to take in the scenery as you go by. Many states also have smaller routes within the borders, such as hotel and train ride packages South Florida. Several of these excursions are themed and provide a meal and activity on a one or two day trip.

Why Should You Travel by Train?

The first advantage of rail travel is that it is very inexpensive. Saving money getting to your destination allows you to have more money to spend when you get there. Train seats are larger and comfier with far more leg room to stretch. Train stations are typically located downtown of major cities getting you to your final destination quicker. And rail travel is far more ecologically friendly, making the planet you are enjoying as you pass by cleaner for future generations. Booking trips months in the future is unnecessary when you go by train. In some instances, you can buy a ticket at the station on the day of your trip.

Perks of Rail Travel

There are many things a traveler should indulge in while he or she rides the rails in style. Make sure to grab a meal in the dining car and get to know other passengers over breakfast, lunch and dinner. Adult riders can kick back and take it easy while getting a drink in the bar car. You can book a roomette or bedroom to get a good night sleep while on your way. Several trains have dome cars to allow you to get a better look at the scenery around you.

Summer is nearly here and now is the time to make those big vacation plans. Add a special twist to your itinerary this year and book a trip on a train. Whether it’s to get where you want to go or just to get away, it’ll be an experience that you will treasure for a long time.


Three Ways to Help the Aging Process

The fact of the matter is that everybody ages, but there are ways to help you look and feel younger. Medical advancements have made it easier than ever to slow down the appearance of aging. There are also things you can do yourself to give your body more energy. Trying one of these methods can help you feel your very best.


Hair loss surgery

Most people will experience hair loss as they age. Some people may even go bald by their late twenties. While this is a natural part of the aging process, no one wants to lose his or her hair. If you’re experiencing hair loss, you might want to consider an experienced hair transplant Atlanta company. This is different from hair plugs, which were popular thirty years ago. This is a more modern technique that appears much more naturally than hair plugs did. There are a few options when it comes to hair loss surgery, so speak to a medical professional to find the right option for you.


Exercise may not sound like the most exciting way to feel younger, but staying in shape could potentially add years to your life. Working out doesn’t mean you have to lift weights followed by a fast-paced run. It can be as simple as a leisurely walk around your neighborhood each day. Motivating yourself is often the most difficult part when it comes to exercise, so try finding a fitness group to join, or ask some of your family or friends to help hold you accountable. Don’t be alarmed if within just a few weeks you notice you feel better and have more energy.

Wrinkle prevention

Fine lines and wrinkles eventually happen to everyone. While there is no way of completely preventing this process, there are ways to reduce their appearance. Injectables have become increasingly more popular and accessible. This is a treatment where a medical professional injects a drug into areas of the face where wrinkles are prominent. This can help to minimize their appearance and slow down the formation of more. If this option doesn’t sound right for you, consider investing in reputable wrinkle cream. Most beauty stores can help steer you in the right direction to find one that works best for you. While the aging process can’t be stopped, trying out the above methods could help slow it down. You should never feel embarrassed about getting older though. It is a completely natural process, and the best way to deal with it is by aging gracefully.

Spring flowers

Benefits of Golfing

In the US and most parts of the world, spring is here and you are looking for an excuse to get out of the house to do something fun. What activity is there that allows you to enjoy the warm sun, spend quality time with your friends and get a little exercise? It’s time to book those lessons and learn to golf. Golfing is a sport that can help you relax and make your summer a little brighter. Here are a few reasons to get started.

Spring flowers

How Does Someone Start Golfing?

If you have never golfed before, you should start by purchasing a set of clubs and golf balls. Gold clubs are built specifically to a player’s height and choice of dominant hand. You will only need a handful of clubs to learn how to golf. A golf professional can help a golfer determine which are the best to start with and can set you up with a bag, balls, tees and gloves to go with them. Once you have your equipment, the next step is to schedule lessons at a local course. It is important to work with a paid instructor who can teach you proper technique instead of learning from friends or a spouse. Before you head out for nine or eighteen holes, you can head to the driving range to test out your ability until you are confident that you can play a full game. Once you have a hang of the sport, you can give set up a Pensacola tee times. Then you can hit the course with your family and friends and have fun.

Why Should You Learn to Golf?

Aside from the fact it is fun, there are many other reasons to learn to golf. Being outside for a large length of time gives you Vitamin D from the sun. The green grass and vegetation can reduce stress. Unlike other sports, golf gives you time to socialize with others as you play. Walking eighteen holes of a very large course instead of using a golf cart burns calories and attributes to weight loss and carrying a bag or pulling it along with you builds muscles. Concentrating on aiming the ball in the right spot and trying to get the lowest score improves brain function while trying to track the little ball improves a golfer’s vision. Taking such a long walk and getting exercise in the warm sun also can give you a better night’s sleep.

Three Ways to Address the Multi-Faceted Woman

This March, we’re dedicating a post about women.

As smooth as baby

Women are such multifaceted creatures. They are wives, mothers, daughters, businesswomen and so much more. This is why it’s such a terrible idea to solely address the spiritual side of a woman when you’re the women’s ministry leader. You’ll want to become intentional about covering the multi-faceted needs of a woman. While you can’t sit down to do counseling sessions with every single woman in your congregation, there are ways you can address the needs of each woman’s heart. Consider these three ways to get started.

1. Relationships

Whether it’s the relationship with a spouse, friend or a child, women are closely connected to their relationships in a way that men are not. Women are naturally relational beings. They attach so much of their identity to who they are as wives, moms and sisters. It can be difficult for a woman to thrive when she feels like her relationships are in disarray. Consider creating a christian women workshop for each of the relationships a woman navigates. It’s good to cover how a woman can honor her relationships, yet keep them in perspective to who she is in Christ.

2. Purpose

Many women assume that their purpose is closely tied to their relationships with others. They also believe that a purpose is one assignment that never changes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If that were the case, women would stop having a purpose when their children become independent adults. A woman’s purpose is ever-evolving and developing. This is why it’s important to recognize the ebbs and flows. Host workshops that help women to identify their purpose through the changing seasons of life. As they become more clear about what they’re supposed to do throughout various seasons, they can lead more purpose-driven lives. When a woman is clear about her purpose, it’s easier for her to pursue it. When a woman begins to run on a mission, she’s unstoppable.

3. Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is essential. When a woman becomes a Christian, she’s considered a baby in the faith. However, a woman shouldn’t remain a baby in the faith. She should mature and develop in her relationship with Christ. Within the women’s ministry, find different ways to encourage a woman to mature in her spiritual development in Christ.

Chocolate bouquet valentines

Picking the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Are you the kind of person that plans out your anniversary months in advance? Have you been guilty of waiting until the last minute to pick up your significant other an anniversary gift? Whether it’s 2 months or 2 days from your anniversary, these are the perfect gifts to make your honey say those 3 special words.

Chocolate bouquet valentines

Spoil Their Sweet Tooth

There’s nothing better than satisfying your sweetheart’s sweet tooth. Get them chocolate candy bouquets. Chocolate makes for a much better gift than flowers. Take them to an old fashioned ice cream parlor to get their favorite flavor of ice cream. Bake a homemade cake together from scratch to celebrate the occasion. If you want to make your sugary gift more personal, ordered customized candy hearts with your names and faces on them.

Craft a Homemade Gift

The most meaningful gifts are the ones that you make yourself. Print out pictures of all the activities you did in the past year and put them in a scrapbook. Write a poem describing all the reasons you love your sweetheart and paste it on a big red heart. Make a list of inside jokes you made together in the past year and compete in a scavenger hunt to find items that relate to the jokes.

Take Them On a Day Trip

Making new memories is a great way to celebrate and add to the history of your relationship. Take them on a day trip to a part of your town that you’ve never been to. If you have the whole day, travel to a nearby city or even a neighboring state. If you have a more limited timeframe, try an activity you’ve never done before like bungee jumping or go-karting. If you’re not an adrenaline junkie, treat yourselves to a spa treatment that you’ve never done before.

Your loved one deserves the best gift for being the most special person in your life. However, no matter which gift you give them, they will love it because it’s coming from you.

Leiana Organic Napkins

Happy Days Valentines Box – My Top Five

Super Late Post! A lot of things have happened since my first ever Happy Days Club TV appearance– my baby accidentally fell off the bed :( , workload increased for the next few days, and all the stress piled up until I woke up one early morning with gastroenteritis. It was terrible. I’ve always been curious about what it felt like to have diarrhea, but I don’t think I would want to discover it the hard way. I was still sick the following day, but I knew nobody would be able to work on the stuff I need to finish in the office, so against my doctor’s advice I went back to work the next morning. I was pretty sure I was still dehydrated because I screwed up at work the entire week. (So please, if your doctor told you to rest, rest!) It was such a super stressful month!

Now that the stressful month is over, here’s hoping March gives me fun, happy vibes for four weeks! But first, let me share with you this long overdue post. Happy Days Club was generous enough to send me a box filled with goodies back in February. It arrived about a week after my Happy Days Club TV gig–and a week before my period–so I was over the moon.

Valentines Box

There were lots of goodies that were sent to me, but on this post I’m sharing my top 5 favorites. If you’re interested, I made a quick post about the entire contents of the box in my IG here.

Leiana Organic Napkins

1. Leiana House of Beauty’s Organic Fresh Lady Bamboo Charcoal Anion Herbal Sanitary Pad – a mouthful to say, but each napkin is super thin (possibly the thinnest I’ve ever seen and used! The herbal scent for me was a little overpowering. I guess it takes a little getting used to, but I think it’s fine. I mean, the pad is super thin and absorbent–I don’t mind a little herbal scent down there if it means worry-free periods every month!

Aislin Ph Earrings

2. Aislin PH handmade earrings – Super intricately made, I love it! This pair looks like really cute statement pieces, though, so it makes me nervous. I mean, I love them, I just don’t know how to dress to match! I might probably throw on the oversized embroidered tunic my mom bought for me from Mexico.

Con Scents Scented Candle Rose

3. I luuurve rose scents, so this is hands down a shoo-in. Con Scents Me Time Candle - As soon as you open the can, sweet rose wafts through the air, lifting my senses. I don’t need (nor plan) to light it up. I want to just take a whiff of the scent forever!

Himalaya Herbals Facial Wash

4. Himalaya Herbals Oil Control Facial Wash - I got a pair of these babies, one for me and probably one for my hubby. He prefers using his own bar of soap though, so weeee this means more goodies for me. This facial wash has a very mild lemon scent, that it almost smells like it’s meant for men. I don’t know how to explain the scent, other than it’s not citrusy at all, very mild, clean and almost musky. Or maybe it’s just me. What I love about this facial wash is that it does’t completely strip my face of moisture. I always end up having a clean face with no breakouts whatsoever.

The Flower Pot Fem Bar

5. Last, but definitely not the least on this list: Leiana House of Beauty’s The Flower Pot Fem Bar. The packaging might need a bit of work, since it was incredibly difficult for me to read all the fine print on the back of the soap. Once unwrapped, the soap showed off an embossed five-petal flower, and a nice herbal scent (like woody, citrusy herbs). I like this bar’s scent–it reminds me of Mukti Botanicals’ facial wash. Mukti is an Australian brand of organic skin care line, and I’ve tried some of its products several years ago. I enjoyed that brand, although I cannot afford it now. Whenever I use this bar, it brings back great memories of that time I was thinner and younger (haha!) I love how it cleans, and it’s versatile enough to use on my body. It’s a little too soft, though.

Final Love Notes

The Valentines Box from Happy Days Club is terrific! Aside from these five products, I also got goodies from Dermcare, CocoLine, Nyogi, Softex Hello Kitty and Ladouce–items I already got from previous boxes. I love that I get local brands to try. It’s terrific. I learn about local products, I discover how awesome and world-class they are, and I help ladies handle their periods better. Love it! Thanks so much, Happy Days Club!


Preparing for a Life On The Stage

What does it take to put together a great performance, and to make a career of it? The honest answer is that it takes a lot. Making a career out of performing music and characters in front of live audiences isn’t an easy path; it takes years of training, along with hard work and dedication, plus a lot of originality and creativity. A quick glance at a listing of the shows offered in the New York city cabaret scene shows how varied and original the shows offered are. Despite all the hard work (and heartbreak) that is involved in having a career of live performance, the fact is that the passion involved is what keeps those amazing performers going. It’a also what keeps audiences coming back for more, and more.


Honing Those Stage Skills

People who choose to dedicate themselves to a life on the stage (along with film and television work) must study long and hard in order to have the needed skills. Voice training is an absolute must for people who want to enjoy a long stage career. A great vocal coach will form a bond with a dedicated student who really wants to develop the range and resonance of their voice. There are techniques that can be learned with vocal training classes and these techniques will help an actor or singer use their voice more fully and freely, in a way that is healthy. Once an actor/singer starts to work regularly, their technique is the factor that will carry them through and keep their voice strong and supple. Most actors who have had long careers credit their voice and acting coaches with giving them the skills that carried them through. Performing onstage in front of on audience is an exciting thing to do. No, this isn’t an easy career path to take, but it’s one that can be incredibly gratifying for those who succeed at it.

Starting Strong

Once you believe you have the right skills and techniques you need to begin looking for gigs, get ready to distribute your head shots. Look for an affordable studio that can offer you the head shots you would need to give out during auditions. Make time to practice as much as you can before booking auditions within your area, as well!

Good luck!