Saidie and me

My top 3 favorite locally-made planner stickers

Ever since getting my Belle de Jour Power Planner last year and joining various planner girl groups on Facebook, I’ve been extremely obsessed with planner stickers! I just feel like making creative planning a long-term hobby since it helps calm myself and regulate my mood swings. It really benefits my mental health.

At first, I’ve been lured by the different overseas shops on Shopee–who would be able to resist cute washi sticker flakes for only Php40 per set?

Eventually I was taken by the cute locally owned and made planner stickers being mentioned in the groups. And while most of them cost a fortune, they are functional and pretty to look at. If somebody asks me which ones I highly recommend, though, I would immediately drop the names of only three. And it’s mostly because these shops have the trifecta: they are easy to deal with, the owners seem nice, AND the stickers are right up my alley.

#3 Saidie and Me – There is a nice story behind this local, mom-owned shop. Basically, the owner wanted to help with the medical costs of treating her daughter so she went ahead and used her artistic skills to design lovely daughter-inspired stickers. A very touching story that makes me love her specially made foiled functional stickers all the more! I got a nice, personalized note, too, in my order, so it made the brand very endearing.
Saidie and me

#2 Poring Prints by Usagi HQ (Curly and Twirly) – Anime fans will love these cute chibi-fied stickers from Poring Prints. They are functional, the stickers are relatively affordable and the shop owners–a couple–are easy to chat with.
Poring prints

#1 Whimsical Cat Studio This is a local brand of quality stickers a lot of customers all over the world just love. The price point is for international customers as well, but the drawings are just too cute to resist!
Whimsical cat studio

There you go, my top three shops for planner stickers–cute, functional and exactly what I need to liven up my planner. They are highly recommended planner brands (and I swear I’m not even paid to promote them! They might not even be aware that a fan like me exists T T) Of course, buying from all these shops will take a toll on my wallet. I have recently chosen to stop obsessing and make my own drawings and stickers instead. But since these brands are just super fab, I could not resist talking about them online.

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