How To Ask for a Date to the Prom

Over time (probably with coaching from a few mothers), finding clever and catchy ways to ask someone to Prom has come to be known as a “Promposal.” Now considered the standard process, a Promposal can be done in many ways and can be as simple or as complicated as desired. It works great for girl’s choice as well. Here are a few basic ideas.


Keep it Punny

The most frequently used method is to incorporate a pun into the mix. For example, along with a delivery of fresh donuts you could include a note saying, “I ‘donut’ want to go with anyone but you.” Or how about a bunch of balloons and ribbon with a big needle tied on – one balloon containing a note that says, “I wanted to POP the question – will you go to Prom with me?” With a never-ending supply of puns, the possibilities are endless.

A Sweet Treat

Nothing says you care about someone like chocolate. Candy bouquets come in a variety of different types and sizes and would be a welcome gift when accompanied by an invitation to Prom. With a variety of chocolate bars and candy, they are as welcome as flowers and twice as yummy. (And of course, you could always throw a pun in for good measure.)

Get a Clue

Setting up a treasure hunt or mystery to solve is a fun way to ask for a Prom date. Include any equipment needed along the way and set up fun rewards to mark progress. At the end of the hunt, you could simply leave a single rose with the question attached or go all out and be waiting in a tux to ask your special question in person.

Asking a Guy

You may choose to go with something less romantic and a bit less fussy if you are asking a guy (although you can never go wrong with the chocolate). Find a chain link fence he passes each day and pop colorful plastic cups into the holes to spell out the question. Make up a fake driving violation ticket and leave it in his windshield wiper. Upon closer inspection, he will see all fees waived if he goes to the dance with you. Toss him a new basketball in the hallway with the word PROM? written on it in marker.

There are as many other ways to go about it as there are people who want to ask someone. However you choose to do it, asking for a prom date can be an exciting proposition and can lead to a memorable date with a person you care about.

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