Christmas Holidate

Christmas Holidate 2014: A Unique Dating Experience!

Looks like the Events and Friends Production Manila (EFPM) has a brilliant idea for helping successful singles find their love match! Just like its predecessors, their third event, #ChristmasHolidate2014, is designed to help single professionals ”meet, interact and break physical barriers” without it involving speed dating. Personally I think of it as something like an average soiree in high school without the raging teenage hormones.

Holidate pics

Just think about how exciting this is, especially for NG/BSBs (No Girl/Boyfriend Since Birth), long heartbroken singles, networking entrepreneurs and everyone in between: This is the perfect opportunity for those who have long been wishing to finally meet someone! Instead of striking a conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop and running the risk of outright rejection, single professionals can have a much more meaningful interaction through this event.

The event’s main selling point? The psychology-based games and activities meant for a mature audience. In the previous events, participants played games like Newspaper Dance, Lock and Key and Charades to break the ice.

Holidate 2014

The event sounds perfect for:

  • Those looking for new friends and business partners
  • Those who need to step up their socialization skills
  • Those interested in experiencing something new and out-of-the-box!

Registration fee: Php 1200 inclusive of food, drinks and souvenir

Group discounts available! For inquiries, contact Events and Friends Production Manila at 0927-9751235 or 0915-9461280.

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