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Puppy adoption

You Adopted a Puppy, Now What?

You just adopted a puppy from your local shelter. You set him down in the living room, with your family crowding around and wonder, “Now what?” Deciding on a name might seem like the most crucial decision, but although these furry friends add so much value to our lives, they also require a lot of work and care. Here are a few things you must do after bringing your puppy home to ensure the safety and happiness of your new family member.

Puppy adoption

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

It’s no secret that puppies are curious and like to explore, bite, and chew their way through new environments. Removing any chewable items that might be within puppy’s reach will be crucial to ensuring your property isn’t ruined and that the puppy’s safety isn’t in danger. Shoes, clothing and other soft items can cause serious digestive problems for dogs. It’s best to remove the temptation and make sure all unsecured items are removed from the floor or accessible surfaces.

Proper Food and Nutrition

Finding the right food for your dog might require some trial-and-error. Some dogs respond well to store-bought kibble, while others prefer a more varied diet of kibble and wet or raw foods. Adding dog probiotics can also aid in the digestion and immune system health of your new furry friend. Make sure to monitor your puppy’s eating habits and ensure that they are not gaining or losing weight too quickly. This can indicate that the food they’re eating might not be right and it’s time to experiment with something else. Finding a trusted veterinarian can also help guide you towards the proper nutrition plan for your dog’s needs.

Training and Obedience

In addition to creating the right environment for your new puppy, you’ll want to make sure they have the proper training foundation. While you don’t necessarily need to take your dog to obedience school unless they have specific alarming behaviors such as aggression, it will be important to teach the puppy to be comfortable around strangers and children, to walk on a leash, and what commands to listen for. If, for instance, you have a large unfenced backyard, it will be a good idea to set up a perimeter that your dog knows he is not able to leave.

Dogs can add so much value to our lives, from companionship, stress-relief, and a lifelong bond. This guide gives you a starting point for giving your puppy the foundation he needs to become another member of your family.

Smart Babies Fitted Diapers

My Cloth Diaper Collection: Shell Review

What a busy December! It’s been a while since my last blog post here. I’ve gone on some more online shopping mostly for my LO! It’s her 8th month of life today, and to celebrate I’m finally publishing what I’ve been trying to post for ages: MY CLOTH DIAPER COLLECTION!

Pile of Cloth Diapers and Baby Stuff

I’ve been obsessed with cloth diapers ever since my first trimester, and I started building my stash sometime during my 2nd. I’m just the curious type who likes to try different brands, what can I say. Here’s my rundown of the different cloth diapers my little one has been using on a regular basis–I’m including a bit of feedback for those interested in these brands.

Smart Babies Fitted Diapers

Smart Babies Fitted Diapers

Smart Babies fitted diapers (Sale price php330 for 6 pieces)


  • Water just passes through it when I first tested.
  • Very flimsy gauze material.
  • Velcro curl up and has sharp edges.


  • Side gussets rock! And there’s thin sponge-y middle core.
  • Makes adding lampin or soakers easy.

Cat in the Hat Naughty Baby Naughty Baby Microfleece Inner

Naughty Baby pocket diapers (php580 for 3 sets)


  • Two of the three diapers have pilling issues. The microsuede inner has bee pilling since the first day we actually washed them.


  • SCORED THESE WITH HEMP INSERTS! By default, these PUL diapers usually come with microfiber inserts (but since finding out that microfiber can have absorbency issues overtime, I wasn’t too keen on getting them). The Shopee seller I got these from was nice enough to let me get her 3-layer hemp inserts (far superior absorbency) for them!!!
  • Love, love, love the neutral prints, including the Cat in the Hat one.

BumGenius Flip (php500 for 1 piece)


  • None


  • Easy to use– just put your soaker/lampin inside the cover and snap the buttons.
  • Super light weight and quick-drying!

BumGenius pocket diaper (php750 for 1 set)


  • Stuffing it can be a little difficult.
  • Probably not a good choice for daytime since the fabric feels like it’s non-breathable.
  • Elastics can be a little tight around my chunky LO


  • Easy to use– just put your soaker/lampin inside the pocket and snap the buttons.
  • Quick-drying
  • The inner fabric is pretty sturdy. No pilling!
  • Comes with microfiber inserts with snaps so you can adjust the length according to fit.

Squishy Darling Fitted

Squishy Darling fitted diaper (php2000 for 3 sets)


  • Can get a little worn over time.
  • Soakers did not come with snaps even though the actual shells had them for the soakers to snap onto! I had to attach the male snaps on my own.


  • The bamboo cotton fabric was soooo soft for the first 5 months of use!
  • Super absorbent presko nappies

Quigle Bum pocket diaper (php160 for 1 shell)


  • Inner fabric is super pilly after just several washes.
  • No free insert


  • It’s PUL.

Tiny Bum pocket diaper (php 230 for 1 set)


  • The unusual snap design can be tricky.


  • Came with an absorbent cotton fleece and cotton terry trifold.
  • Not as pilly, so the microsuede can be used to maintain LO’s dryness.
  • Nice trim fit.
  • PUL works.

Alva pocket diaper (php120 for 1 shell only)


  • A little too expensive for something with no free microfiber insert.
  • No free insert.


  • Microsuede inner is super pilly! Probably the piliest of all the five pilly PULs I got.

**So after some time, my baby grew bigger and heavier in my tummy and I got more into cloth diapers. I joined FB groups, did a few research and decided to jump on the WAHM-made fitteds bandwagon.**

Rock Baby Pocket with Moimoln outer and SSCV inner

Rock Baby Pocket with Moimoln outer and SSCV inner

RockBaby hybrid fitted (php520 for 1 shell only)


  • Customer service is a little atrocious, since when I found out my address was not written correctly on the packing slip, I raised the issue with the owner who claimed she wrote it correctly. I had to fix it on my own by calling the courier’s customer service.
  • When I did receive my order, actual rabid fans attacked me, with a few berating me and telling me if I got my parcel anyway I shouldn’t be complaining.


  • The “super soft cotton velour” wasn’t that soft at the beginning but surprisingly grew softer over time.
  • Roomy pocket lets me stuff more abrobent (and thicker) inserts.

RockBaby pocket diaper (php650 for 1 set)


  • I got the wrong print. I should have known better than to trust this seller (SHAME ON ME!)


  • It’s PUL.
  • Cotton velour inner doesn’t pill.
  • Nice print nonetheless.
  • Came with a bulky trifold and a booster with an hourglass shape–both work great, but can make the nappy look bulky.
Butt Talks Pocket HF

Butt Talks Pocket HF

Butt Talks hybrid fitted pocket (php1100 for 1 piece)


  • The fit around the waist could be better.


  • Super pretty print! I <3 the mint green color and the aquatic design.
  • Thin, sturdy material
  • Quicky-drying!
  • Really nice around my LO’s thighs.

Butt Talks Hybrid Fitted

Butt Talks hybrid fitted (with upgraded snap-on soakers – php1140 for 1 piece)


  • The fit around the waist could be better.


  • Print is prettier in person! Just a bunch of circles in rainbow colors.
  • The upgraded soaker comes with a waterproof backing!

Little Emily hybrid fitteds (php840 for 2 pieces)


  • Not as absorbent as I hoped.
  • Runs a little too small.
  • Microfiber top burns quickly when we ironed the soaker.


  • Quick and easy purchase online (I used PayPal).

Weehugs hybrid fitteds (on sale php500 for 3 pieces)


  • Runs a little small.
  • Waist flaps curl. Bamboo cotton velour can be too flimsy.


  • Quick and easy purchase online (Seller is easy to talk to).
  • Bamboo cotton velour is super soft!
  • Comes with snap-on soaker and AWJ-topped booster!
Nip Nappies Poche and Bed Pad in Peter Pan Prints

Nip Nappies Poche and Bed Pad in Peter Pan Prints

NipNappies Poche hybrid fitted (php500 for 1 piece)


  • Runs a little big.
  • Comes with a soaker and a booster, both of which are too thick.


  • I scored a nice Peter Pan print! <3
  • Pink AWJ inner rocks.
  • Shell dries quickly.
Cottonytail Zonkeys in Rainbow Twist and Rapunzel Prints

Cottonytail Zonkeys in Rainbow Twist and Rapunzel Prints

Cottonytail Zonkeys (php6200 for 4 pieces)


  • Can be a little too expensive.
  • Customer service is a little slow. (I still have to get one replaced, hope to have this done soon.)
  • Snap-on soakers get a little stiff over time.


  • Super nice prints.
  • Fabrics feel luxurious.

Grovia KiwiPie (php1500 for 1 piece)


  • A little expensive, since this item was a replacement for the defective (read: old stock) Charlie Banana pocket diaper sent to me.
  • Fabric gets a little stiff.


  • Fabric gets more absorbent over time.
  • Nice elastics don’t leave marks on my LO.
  • Snaps are hidden at the back so they don’t come into contact with LO.

Ahkiko and Antings Diaper

Ahkiko’s hybrid fitted pocket (php580 for 1 shell)


  • Cheapest looking AWJ among all AWJ HFs in my LO’s stash.
  • A little slim in the crotch area, so stuffing with inserts is bulky.


  • I got it for its cute panda print. <3
OTB: Twinkie Tush Fusion in Ivy Print

OTB: Twinkie Tush Fusion in Ivy Print

Twinkie Tush Fusion hybrid fitteds (php4750 for 3 pieces)

On Shopee there’s a mommy who had been destashing her own collection. Most of the stuff she had been selling were imported brands, so I indulged one night and tried to score the stuff I had been eyeing for months! Original price is at php2000 per brand new diaper, so when she gave out discounts I went and finally gave in.


  • Old stock- elastics might give out soon.
  • Not as absorbent as I like.


  • Super soft outer and can seem to fit small adults at biggest setting!
  • Less bulky compared with other HFs.
  • I fell in love with the fit, print, material and bum placement. So squishy!
  • Can fit boosters.

Second-hand diapers

Scored these at VGUC rating (50% of original price) and the destashing mom claimed her daughter didn’t use these frequently as they had a large stash in rotation.

Lily and Luna Diaper

Lily & Luna Cloth Diapers (php1,000 for diaper with raglan tee; php750 for diaper set only)

I’ve got no knowledge of how this brand’s diapers hold up over time, but the mom mentioned that the boosters and soakers had been upgraded, and the diaper with terno came with hidden windpro.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Extra female snap on flap – this feature is so unique!
  • Super cute yet durable performance pique outer (The elephant print is so colorful!)


  • The velour inner isn’t too fluffy anymore.
  • I still find it a bit too expensive for pre-loved.

The diaper with matching raglan tee had a thicker inner. Plus the size runs a little smallers. even though the raglan is meant for 2-year-olds, it’s just loose enough to fit my 10-month-old.

Tiny Tush Fusion with Minky outer (php900)

I figured this brand had a gorgeous fit, so I assumed the minky version would be no different. Very expensive for a second-hand item.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Trim fit
  • Cute print!


  • The minky outer, velour inner and soakers aren’t too fluffy anymore.
  • I still find it a bit too expensive for pre-loved.

Prize I won: Wee & Twee HF (free)

I got this at a recent giveaway, and the diaper sent to me features a thick cotton outer that ran a little smaller than CTs. Preordering the same print diapers will set you back a bit.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Fluffy velour inner
  • Outer hasn’t pilled so far.


  • Premium soakers (stealth core) work best with proper fit.
  • Not too keen on gray and mint outer.

Final thoughts?

Baby in CT zonkey

Who knew raising a kid could be incredibly expensive, from the pregnancy snacking to hospital delivery fees to tuition, etc. There are just so many things to take into consideration when making purchases.

I’m still happy with my collection of 40 nappies, though. And love that it’s expanding (even though I’ve already spent Php22,370 including shipping fees)! I hardly use the Smart Babies ones, so I’ll most likely give those away. I get to use all 30 nappies in 2-3 days. :)

So far the fit of most of the nappies in my regular rotation are decent, and I hardly see any thigh marking issues compared to disposables, so I’ll totally use these until my baby hits 2 or when she’s potty trained.

For now though, I’ll stay way from getting anything until I get all my debts paid (and my collection organized!) Someone already reminded me:



Note to self, though: Watch for stockings from (much coveted) Butt-oms Up!, SnuggleBunZ and Sean & Shawn. :) I’m super curious how awesome their nappies will perform. Among the four brands, Butt-oms Up! and S&S sell diaper sets for around 600, while SBZ and BB cost at least 1,000 apiece. I need to start saving for those!

Stay tuned for my next take on the inserts, soakers and bed pads. :)

UPDATE 3/29/19
I could not resist the Nip Nappies sale so I got myself two cute cotton HFs and order two SBZ ones. Curious to try the side-snapped ones, although my LO might already be potty trained by 2 years old (just a little more than one year left.)

Legendairy Milk Liquid Gold Cash Cow Pump Princess

My Top 8 Nursing Must-Haves

A fed baby is a happy baby, and I’d rather have my nipples bleed than hear my little one cry. So within the past three months I quickly learned how important some clothes, tools and gadgets are for breastfeeding success. I believe every mother should have certain items –the bare basics– with her to make the most of her breastfeeding journey. 

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

Nipple Balm

Any organic soothing balm will do. Nipples that are being constantly exposed to a latching baby and her saliva will want to spread nipple balm right after each feeding. It helps make nursing a lot more easier to bear, especially during the first four weeks! It could be any baby-safe balm–whether a Lansinoh lanolin ointment or Coconut oil.

WHERE TO BUY:, The Parenting Emporium, Lazada, Shopee and any mommy store online

PRICE RANGE: php200 and up, depending on the tube/bottle

Hospital-Grade Pump 

Medela and Spectra are top brands in the breast pump world, but I believe the Horigen line is also making waves since it offers silicone flanges which make pumping a lot more efficient. The idea behind breast pumping is to essentially suck out the milk through the ducts in your nipples, which means the closer the pumping action is to an actual baby’s rhythmic mouth movements, the better.

Spectra S2 with Avent bottle

I myself have a Spectra S2 that I have been using at least for 30 minutes a day since August 4th. I can’t say that the pump has been successful at draining my boobs dry, but it helps me harvest an average 3 oz milk within 15 minutes. For a first-time mom who considers time and milk are gold, this is decent output rate.

HOT TIP: The right flange size will not only help you squeeze out milk, it will make your regular pumping sessions more comfortable.

WHERE TO BUY:, The Parenting Emporium, Lazada and Shopee have different breast pumps available.

PRICE RANGE: Single pumps are cheaper, but expect to shell out at least php500 for an RH228 pump set, php8,000 for a brand new Spectra, or php12,000 for a brand new Medela.

Future mommies beware, though: A pump is like a car–high-maintenance. Pump parts wear down within months since these experience constant cleaning and sterilization, so expect to shell out around php500 on broken down pump parts every 2 months or so.

Let-Down Catcher / Modern Manual Pump 

This is extremely handy when nursing a baby, if you can position your baby in such a way that she won’t hit your other boob while nursing. Since the other boob leaks while the baby is nursing on the other, using a product like a haakaa is a cheap way to save about 1-2 oz of let-down every nursing session. The only downside for me is that it can be a pain to clean! If you find a way to get around that, let me know!

WHERE TO BUY:, The Parenting Emporium, Lazada and Shopee have different breast pumps available.

PRICE RANGE: There are let-down catchers as cheap as php150 on Shopee, but purchase at your own risk.

Nursing Bra

These are, for me, absolutely essential since nursing boobs tend to grow several sizes bigger throughout a mother’s breastfeeding journey. They offer support every time, whether you’re nursing or not.

There are coobies in the Philippine market that cost php1,100 brand new, and there are off-brand ones on Lazada or Shopee for a fraction of that price. I have both coobies and off-brand ones, and for me, coobies have a softer, more comfortable feel. They also retain their original size better.
Coobie Regular Nude Bra

WHERE TO BUY: Online, Mamaway

PRICE RANGE: php300 for cheap ones on Shopee; up to php4000 for Mamaway and other more expensive brands

Nursing Top / Dress

Exclusively breastfeeding your little one means she will need instant access to your breasts round the clock for as long as you’re breastfeeding. On my list of good finds, aside from Shopee where Taytay stalls can be found online, are:

Kaypee Baby – Everyday nursing wear ranging from tops to classy casuals. Extremely affordable.

Work It! – Customized nursing dresses, check. What a find!

Debrie & Co – Nicely made tops and dresses at mid-range prices. I recently ordered their Briony 3-in-1 maxi dress in size 1 and it looked absolutely flattering. It was a little on the big side, but the drape was so flattering ang lakas maka-donya. - A lot more expensive than the above three, but the style, fit and fabric are luxurious.

PRICE RANGE: php250 and up, depending on fabric, style and workmanship – you usually get what you pay for

Nursing Cover

If you already own accessible nursing wear, then it might be cheaper to just use nursing covers. Personally I prefer nursing tops, or just button down shirts, but for the demure mommas who wish to remain stylish, nursing covers are their go-to breastfeeding companion.

WHERE TO BUY: SM Baby Company, Instagram shops, Shopee,

PRICE RANGE: php120 for cheap ones on Shopee; up to php1000 on Instagram

Hands-Free Bra

If you’ve decided on exclusively pumping or building a stash for when you get back to work, a pair of hands-free bra or two will soon be necessary. You just can’t hold two pump bottles all the time, even if your pumping session is as quick as 10 minutes! You will also want to use your hands for getting chores done or working at home.
Simple Wishes XS-L

If you have a nursing bra, then getting a clip-on hands-free bra is a good option. Through Shopee, you can get an M Tuesday Clip-on bra (pictured below) for a fraction of what it costs on Amazon. Clip-on bras just hook on nursing bra straps, making it easier and safer to breast pump in public lactation rooms.

Clip on Bra

WHERE TO BUY:, Lazada, Shopee, various mommy shops on IG

PRICE RANGE: php450-php3000 for Simple Wishes and other more expensive brands

Lactation Aids

If you don’t have a malunggay tree in your backyard, you can help your body produce a lot of milk by eating/drinking/swallowing lactation aids. There are mommies on Instagram who know how to bake cookies and brownies filled with galactogogues like rolled oats, flaxseed and brewer’s yeast. Plust, they are yummy and filling! Shopee sellers offer M2 tea, Mother Nurture drinks and a lot of other good stuff that can help with mommies’ milk supply.

But of course, if you don’t think you’ll have any problem breastfeeding your baby, you can opt to skip taking lactation aids altogether.

Legendairy Milk Liquid Gold Cash Cow Pump Princess


Legendairy Milk Liquid Gold – a blend of organic goat’s rue, milk thistle seeds, shatavari roots, fennel seeds, alfalfa leaves and anise seeds are believed to help increase supply, and it works for me. You can order a 60-capsule bottle for Php1499 or less online, at or Shopee.

Milo/ Ovaltine - the malt in these drinks are believed to help with the supply. I’m not sure if drinking any of the variants really works, but I suppose it does help. Why? Because these are delicious energy drinks I can’t get enough of. Calories help the body with milk production, so anything that can help breastfeeding mothers retain weight earns my vote.

Moomy Lactogenic cookies/brownies – one of the cheapest baked goods so far! I love the brownies which cost around php480/pack of 24pcs. A pack only last me 5 days at best, because they’re so good! Plus, they’re less sweet than the others I’ve tried. I notice a consistent supply of at least 5oz on my left boob per session whenever I’m on any of Moomy Lactogenic’s awesome goodies. These are available on Moomy’s Instagram.

Final Thoughts

On these breastfeeding equipment/accessories alone, expectant moms should expect to spend perhaps php2,000 or more a month. I wasn’t aware of these when I was pregnant, so hopefully this post will help future moms out there to better plan an enjoyable breastfeeding journey.

Sacred Newborn Cleanser with Pampers

My Favorite Budget-Friendly Baby Essentials

Out of gratitude, I’m giving a shout out to all these baby care essentials I discovered mostly online (because I’m millennial like that). I’ve made lots of shopping mistakes over the past 9 months, but here are some of the goodies that I don’t regret having tried/purchased at all. And I don’t mind purchasing these again!

Sacred Newborn Cleanser - You know how babies should stay away from chemicals as much as possible? If you use Sacred then you are cleaning her skin with possibly the mildest cleanser ever! It’s fragrance-free, paraben-free and definitely hypoallergenic. A bottle can last several months, so it’s sulit.

Sacred Newborn Cleanser with Pampers

Smart Steps Baby Bottle Cleanser – The Smart Steps brand is actually extremely affordable. I like that the bottle cleanser leaves a clean, nearly unnoticeable scent, and baby bottles are left squeaky clean. Only php483 for a set of 250ml refills is not bad, right? Plus its 900ml liquid laundry detergent costs only php99. Got to be the cheapest in the market!

Smart Steps Baby Bottle Cleanser

Tiny Buds Newborn Laundry Wash – This brand is on the more expensive side, but its liquid laundry wash just smells so heavenly, indulging in some clean baby clothes that smell so good wouldn’t hurt right? An 850ml refill pack costs Php250.

Watsons Cotton Balls - A pack of 300 will only set you back php66 so this is such a good deal especially if you have an SM Advantage or BDO Rewards card.

Oyako Baby Nail FileThis glass nail file is waaay cheaper than the Baby Goal ones, and yet they’re essentially the same. I got three pieces in various colors in case I lose one. I did lose one, unfortunately, and every chance I get, I trim baby’s little nails! The only downside is that it can take a long time to trim each nail. Using an electric nail trimmer will make the job done faster.

So there. Those are the babycare items I really like so far. I’ll be updating this post to remind me to repurchase these things when needed.


6 Things New Moms Must Know

Yesterday my husband and I went to Babymama’s latest branch, and I soon realized that, contrary to what I previously believed, there are first-time moms even more clueless than I am. And I’ve taken much of the help I received during my pregnancy for granted. So here’s a quick list of the stuff I regret not knowing early in my mommyhood journey.


1. Less is better. Does baby really need her clothes saturated with fabric softener? Does she really need to smell like how a baby is “supposed” to smell? I don’t think so. And so does fragrance-free baby cleansers like Sacred and Physiogel.

2. Skip the manzanilla. No matter what your dear mother tells you, SKIP PUTTING MANZANILLA ON YOUR BABY. It isn’t necessary, baby’s skin is too sensitive, and she might absorb chemicals through her skin that her liver would have to work extra hard to get rid of.

3. Introduce tummy time right away. I’m not sure why, but most parenting websites and videos I’ve seen recommend tummy time as soon as baby is born. It helps the baby get more used to laying on her tummy, and it also strengthens her tiny muscles. I suppose not everyone recommends doing this ASAP because baby isn’t supposed to lay on her tummy for too long. Just 1-2 minutes at a time, with someone to watch over her, is all she needs each day, then the length of time gradually increases as time goes on.

4. Feed baby as soon as you see her getting flustered. You know how she starts looking at you with arms flailing and her mouth making smacking noises? She most likely needs your milk in her tummy right about now! Don’t wait for her to start shrieking–she would already be famished by then. And you wouldn’t want her to be ravenous at all, because 1) it will make breastfeeding a little more painful (because she will be really sucking your nipples hard!) and 2) WHY WOULD YOU WANT YOUR BABY TO BE HUNGRY?!

5. If she cries while feeding, try burping her! No need to get nervous, just pick your baby up and try burping her. If this doesn’t work and she’s still crying, her other issues could be:

  • She’s feeling too cold/hot. Touch her head, tummy and toes to check her temp.
  • She’s overtired. She wants to sleep, but she can’t, and she needs you to help her. Try swaddling her.

6. If all else fails, seek expert advice. While you will still need to trust your intuition, it wouldn’t hurt to seek some advice from experienced moms, join support groups online, and attend events on parenting and motherhood.

Hopefully these 6 tips will help new mothers out there. :) Congrats and good luck!