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Andy Serkis as Caesar in WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES 2017

Catch “War of the Planet of the Apes” on July 12

The latest chapter of the critically acclaimed blockbuster “Planet of the Apes”, “War for the Planet of the Apes,” comes with an extremely impressive cast that includes Woody Harrelson, Amiah Miller, Andy Serkis, Judy Greer, Steve Zahn, Karin Konoval, Devyn Dalton, Terry Notary and Ty Olson.

Andy Serkis as Caesar in WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES 2017

Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet.

“War for the Planet of the Apes” hits Philippine cinemas on July 12!

Watch the thrilling trailer below.

Colossal (vertical)

Anne Hathaway’s Colossal opens on May 17

Colossal (vertical)Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis and Dan Stevens stars in a (literally) humongous sci-fi treat, Colossal.

The exciting fusion of science fiction, romance, and comedy movie tells the story of Gloria (Anne Hathaway), an out-of-work girl who, after getting kicked out of her apartment by her boyfriend, is forced to leave her life in New York and move back to her hometown. When news reports surface that a giant creature is destroying Seoul, South Korea, Gloria gradually comes to the realization that she is somehow connected to this far-off phenomenon. As events begin to spin out of control, Gloria must determine why her seemingly insignificant existence has such a colossal effect on the fate of the world.

Varied reviews of the movie are aplenty but the best ones clearly stood out. The movie is rated 4 out of 5 stars by Rotten Tomatoes, and Peter Travers of Rolling Stone noted that “Nacho Vigalondo’s giant-creature-run-amuck fantasy is a brilliantly bizarre satire of gender politics, featuring Anne Hathaway in a funny, fierce, fully committed performance that demands to be seen.” Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post also commented, “In this observant, entertaining, wildly imaginative movie, just about everything has more than one meaning.”

Watch the trailer at

Catch COLOSSAL in Philippine cinemas starting May 17, 2017. Don’t miss out and join the conversation at #SheIsColossal and #ColossalSolarPictures.


Eggsy heads to America in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”

After saving the world in “The Secret Service”, Eggsy travel to the US and discovers an allied spy organization called Statesman. In a new adventure that tests their agents’ strength and wits to the limit, the elite secret organizations Kingsman and Statesman band together to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world.

Saving the world’s certainly becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy…


The Kingsman sequel stars Colin Firth, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Mark Strong, Taron Egerton and strangely, Channing Tatum. Yep, I still don’t know why he’s there, but hey, my curiosity’s piqued.

Can’t wait to see the trailer that was shown at CinemaCon, and of course catch the movie when it opens on September 27!

“Tu Pug Imatuy” bags top Sinag Maynila 2017 awards

Congratulations to the finalists that made it! On March 12, Sunday, Sinag Maynila 2017 awarded the following:

Best Picture: “TU PUG IMATUY”

Best Director: ARBI BARBARONA – “Tu Pug Imatuy”

Best Actor: KRISTOFER KING – “Kristo” and RAYMOND FRANCISCO – “Bhoy Intsik”

Best Actress: MALONA SULATAN – “Tu Pug Imatuy”

Best Supporting Performance: JULIO DIAZ – “Kristo”

Best Production Design: JAMES ARVIN ROSENDAL – “Kristo”

Best Screenplay: ARNEL MARDOQUIO – “Tu Pug Imatuy”

Best Cinematography: BRYAN JIMENEZ & ARBI BARBARONA – “Tu Pug Imatuy”

Best Musical Score: ARBI BARBARONA – “Tu Pug Imatuy”

Best Sound: ALBERT MICHAEL IDIOMA – “Kristo”

Best Editing: DIEGO MARX DOBLES – “Kristo”

Also, Sinag Maynila 2017 honored the following:

Best Documentary – “Hango” by Avelino Balmes Jr
Best Short Filmm – “Aliens Ata” by Karl Barit
Sinag Box Office (top grossing film) – “Bhoy Intsik” by Joel Lamangan
SM People’s Choice Award (based on exit survey) – “Beyond the Block”

hugh jackman in LOGAN

Logan: A Fitting Closing Chapter for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) once again takes on the role of the reluctant hero in this film set more than 50 years after the events in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Depicted as a standalone movie about family, “Logan” tells a gritty tale about the titular character’s plight as his immortality brings him down the road to depression and despair. As expected from any superhero movie, it is packed with high-stakes action scenes, and a bunch of mutants (who are in most cases, more human than the humans themselves).

hugh jackman in LOGAN

When the film opens, Logan is shown to have chosen a mundane existence as James Howlett, a regular limo driver. Along with an albino mutant-tracker, Logan cares for a weakened Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) in a derelict smelting plant at the edge of an abandoned oil field. Eventually he crosses paths with a young girl (Dafne Keen), whose abilities–and adamantium claws–remind him of his own. As he protects her from the murderous cybernetic criminal Donald Pierce (Boy Holbrook), Logan ends up finding the one true happiness he’s always dreamed of.

With themes about family, humanity and survival, Logan is a must-see movie even for non-X-Men fans! HOT TIP: Watch the movie in Dolby Atmos, you won’t be disappointed.

Catch the midnight screenings on March 1 (12:01 a.m.) at the ff malls:
Century 2D
Eastwood 2D
Fishermall 2D
Gaisano Davao 2D
Gaisano Tagum 2D
Gateway ATMOS
Glorietta 4 2D
Greenbelt 3 2D
Newport 2D
Powerplant ATMOS
SM Aura 2D & IMAX
SM Clark 2D
SM Fairview 2D
SM Light Mall 2D
SM Mall of Asia IMAX
SM Megamall IMAX
SM North Edsa IMAX
SM Pampanga 2D
Starmall Alabang ATMOS
Starmall EDSA 2D
Starmall Las Piñas 2D
Starmall San Jose ATMOS
Trinoma 2D
Vista Bataan ATMOS
Vista Pampanga ATMOS
Vista Sta. Rosa ATMOS
Vista Taguig ATMOS

mia goth and jason isaacs A CURE FOR WELLNESS

Psycho Thriller “A Cure for Wellness” hits cinemas Feb 15

Isn’t a psycho thriller just the film you need for a good post-Valentine’s date?

The actor that portrayed Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series has taken another ominous role in “A Cure for Wellness,” a chilling and mind-bending psychological thriller.

Dr. Volmer (Jason Isaacs), runs a remote alpine medical spa where residents can purportedly receive a miracle cure. Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) visits the place to retrieve his boss, Pembroke (Harry Groener), who happened to be a patient at the spa and who has told his staff about his intention to never return to New York. Lockhart arrives at the tranquil sanitarium where the residents are supposedly receiving a miracle cure. As Lockhart learns more about the dark and baffling secrets behind the spa, he meets a female patient, the hauntingly beautiful Hannah (Mia Goth). He also gets to know another patient, the eccentric Mrs. Watkins, played by Celia Imrie, who has done some detective work of her own. Soon, Lockhart is diagnosed with the same condition as the other patients, and finds that he is trapped in the alpine retreat. Lockhart begins to lose his grip on reality and has to endure unimaginable ordeals during the course of his own ‘treatment’.

mia goth and jason isaacs A CURE FOR WELLNESS

Embarking on the movie, Gore Verbinski wanted to make a thriller with the depth, insight and power of classics in the genre that he admired, such as “The Shining” (Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film), “Don’t Look Now” (Nicolas Roeg’s 1973 film) and “Rosemary’s Baby” (Roman Polanski’s 1968 film). The idea of a quick fix cure, together with society’s malaise and the obsession with perfect health were topics that fascinated Verbinski, whose films include the hugely successful “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise and the Academy Award® winning animated film, “Rango”.


“We started exploring the notion of a health spa in the Alps, a wellness center that doesn’t actually make you well,” says Verbinski, “and it slowly evolved from there. It became pretty clear to us that this was going to be a genre piece, and we started playing around with the concept of inevitability. It’s the sense that there is a sickness, a sort of black spot on your x-ray that won’t go away!”

One of Hollywood’s most exciting young actors, the gifted and charismatic Dane DeHaan (“Kill Your Darlings”, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, “Life”) was thrilled about taking on the role of Lockhart and working with Verbinski. “To listen to Gore’s vision and hear how passionate he was about it, and then to read the script and understand what a challenging role it was—that was irresistible,” says DeHaan. “My character goes through so much in this film, it’s crazy. And this was an opportunity to work with a great filmmaker.”

“A Cure For Wellness” opens February 15, 2017.
Rated R-16 by the local censors board (MTRCB).

New Chris Evans Movie “Gifted” Trailer

Chris Evans plays another kind of hero in the upcoming deeply touching family drama “Gifted” as a doting uncle to McKenna Grace.

“Gifted” trails the joyous journey of Frank Adler (Evans) and Mary Adler living peacefully on their own but is interrupted when Frank’s mother, Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), discovers that Mary is a prodigy like her mother. Fighting against his mother for the custody of Mary, Frank is determined to give the child a normal upbringing as opposed to the plans of Evelyn.

Supported with an impressive cast, “Gifted” also includes Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer and Critics’ Choice Best Actress (Comedy) Jenny Slate directed by Marc Webb who also helmed blockbuster favourites such as “500 Days of Summer,” “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

“Gifted” opens May 3 in cinemas nationwide!

Catch Micheal Fassbender in “Alien:Covenant”

Micheal Fassbender, the star in “Prometheus” and “Assassin’s Creed” will showcase his acting chops yet again in the Prometheus prequel “Alien: Covenant”. He’ll star alongside Katherine Waterstone, Billy Crudup and Danny McBride.

Connecting directly to Ridley Scott’s 1979 seminal work of science fiction (Alien), “Alien: Covenant” begins with the colony ship Covenant which is bound for a remote planet in a far region of the galaxy. Upon reaching the planet, the crew discovers “synthetic” David, the sole survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.