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Mommy Bloggers for Tide

White is in! These mommy bloggers share their holiday must-haves this 2018

Mommy Bloggers for Tide

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re like most homemakers, you’re probably thinking of how to make your celebrations extra fun and memorable for your loved ones this year.

Mom bloggers Anne, Kris, and Isha, all known for their housekeeping and other practical tips, are one in saying that planning is important so that you can be ready for the whirlwind of activities that come with the holiday season.

Here are some of their must-haves so that you can have an awesome celebration:

A hardworking smartphone and data plan. Share your holiday adventures by taking lots and lots of photos. Make sure your smartphone has a good camera and plenty of storage so that you can take all the photos you want – from the food you served to the selfies and groufies you’ll have with the family and friends. Upload your photos quickly on social media so that everyone can partake of the fun, even virtually.

Healthy food. With all the partying going around, some people may overindulge and break their doctors’ orders. To make sure that even those who are on a diet or have special medical considerations also get to enjoy the holiday feast, have something prepared especially for them. Fruits and vegetables are always be good to have and are healthy for you too.

Christmas-themed décor. To evoke that holiday feel, make it a white Christmas! The mom bloggers all agree that white is in this Christmas. Have some white table runners and white napkins for a wintery look. While you’re at it, bring out your white pillow cases and throw pillows as well, and combine them with reds and golds. You can have a holiday wonderland right in your own home.

Extra gifts. The last thing you want to happen is to find out you forgot to put someone in your Christmas gift list. Since you can’t really tell who this person will be and when you’ll need the item, prepare one or two gifts that you can easily pull out anytime. Some ideas would be plain white shirts (one size fits all), white hankies, and face towels.

Holiday frocks. You want your family members to have the right holiday gear so that they can be comfortable yet presentable in the rush of holiday activities. When choosing clothes, go for classic colors such as white, which is easy to mix with just about anything and never goes out of style. Just because your family members haven’t worn some clothes for a long time doesn’t mean you should throw them away. By using a deep cleaning detergent with intensive cleaning power, putim shirts can be brilliant white again, just in time for the holidays.

Our blogger moms all swear by Tide, whose intensive cleaning power keeps clothes so white that they actually look new. Enjoy white clothes you’ve always loved, as well as those lovely colors you enjoy, by using detergents that have been especially formulated to bring out your clothes’ whiteness.

Just like Melai and Alex Gonzaga who kept everyone guessing who among them was wearing BagongBili o BagongLaba with Tide, the mommy bloggers noted that despite repeated usage, clothes washed with Tide look new.

“Sobrang amazing ang Tide! Ang dating luma, mukhang bago sa kaputian. Gumamit kayo ng Tide para hindi na kailangan bumili ng bago,” says mom Isha.

“Filipino moms are practical, so we are happy to bring them Tide, which allows them to keep their families’ clothes looking and smelling new. At the same time, they are able to save money by not having to replace clothes so often,” ends Procter & Gamble’s Country Marketing Manager for Laundry, Jonn Terence Dy.

With Tide, white is in. “Kikinang-kinang ang damit nyo sa kaputian ngayong Pasko,” concludes Mommy Anne.

Cocoline body wash

COCOLINE Naturals Body Wash: Smells like my childhood

I grew up in a little corner in Quezon City, away from the beach where coconut trees tower over everything and sway to the breeze. But I remember the sweet smell of coconuts wafting in the air as my mother roasted grated coconuts and curdled coconut milk. I remember my dad getting hot coconut oil massaged onto his scalp. I remember all of these because of that strong coconut scent.

Nyogi Coconut Cocoline

All these memories came back when I first used COCOLINE Naturals Intense Moisturizing Body Wash. I received it through my Happy Days Box together with the other coconut goodies (shown above). Coincidentally I got it several days before my birthday. DEFINITELY THE BEST BIRTHDAY TREAT EVER! :)

Here goes my first thoughts

This was my first ever COCOLINE product, and I was very surprised by the real coconut scent it had. The scent wasn’t similar to other coconut goodies I’ve tried in the past–Chapstick’s tropical lip balm, Hershey’s Almond Joy and Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme. COCOLINE’s had a strong coconut scent that reminded me of mature coconuts. It certainly wasn’t off putting to me, it was just strong and reminded me of the past.

Cocoline body wash

Aside from virgin coconut oil, which has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties, the intense moisturizing body wash is formulated with hydrolyzed milk protein which naturally hydrates and moisturizes skin, as well as licorice extract which helps soothe irritated skin and lightens blemishes.

After first use, I emerged from the bathroom all squeaky clean.


Very moisturizing – The body wash has a silky texture that easily spreads all over

Affordable at only php192 for 340 ml (That’s 56 centavos per 1 ml!)

Leaves a mild, milky coconut scent.

Very handy pump – The 340 ml bottle comes with a pump so you can use the same amount of product every time you take a bath!


The coconut-y scent might be too strong for other people.

Can require a lot of water to rinse out.

My Final Thoughts

Overall I enjoyed using the COCOLINE Naturals Intense Moisturizing Body Wash. I’m happy to note that I didn’t break out, it looks like the 340 ml bottle will last me several months of daily use. Very affordable! Sa panahon ngayon, mas maganda nang maging matipid.

Review: pH Care with Papaya Extract

en it comes to personal hygiene, taking care of our lady bits definitely tops any girl’s list! You know why, we’re so delicate that even stressful events, terrible diet and menstrual pads can cause discomfort down there. So it’s important to maintain good hygiene.

Best way to make sure our lady bits aren’t bothering us at all? A good feminine wash, like pH care! The brand has been around for a long time, and there are a lot of variants already available in the market. If you like natural scents, you can pick either the Papaya or Guava version.

PH Care Full Size

For my review, though, I’ll share my experience with the pH Care Naturals Intimate Wash with Papaya Extract. (Papaya has papain, which is known for softening stools and of course lightening skin.)

First time I glanced at the box and I loved the pastel orange packaging! It’s so cute and pleasant to look at.

PH Care Travel Size

As a long-time pH Care user, I can say that the consistency/texture of the feminine wash as well as its cleansing ability is the same as the rest of the pH Care feminine wash family. The only real difference is the fruity scent that’s almost as sweet as Orange Swits.

Orange swits

A generous drop is enough and lathers well, so a 150ml bottle can last you about two and a half months. The fruity fragrance is not overpowering and leaves only a faint and pleasant scent on my skin.


- Light fruity scent

- Works as a feminine wash! Cleans and refreshes.

- Comes in 150 ml and 50 ml sizes, so you can have a stash at home and even your handcarry when you board the plane :)

- Non irritating

- Affordable


- No noticeable lightening after five days of use (will report back if anything has happened after).


If you like fruity scents, I suggest you get this feminine wash! While it didn’t lighten as I hoped, it’s affordable (the 50ml bottle costs only Php53 in grocery stores!) and does the job at maintaining feminine hygiene.

Wellness And Strategic Planning: Health Strategies That Can Really Work For You

Wellness And Strategic Planning: Health Strategies That Can Really Work For You

marc nelso and rovilson fernandez_ han solo scrg

People who have decided to live on purpose and with passion will eventually realize that doing so requires that they have a lot of mental and physical energy. Yet without paying attention to health, this will not happen. In many cases, people make this connection yet don’t know what lifestyle changes they need to implement for the purpose of attaining more energy. If this is one of your primary dilemmas, no worries. Incorporate some or all of the following wellness strategies into your strategic plan so that you can take your energy levels to an all-time high:

1. Stop Playing Around With Processed Foods.

In many cases, food is the factor that holds people back from the experience of profound health. If you’ve recognized this reality and are ready to change, start considering whether processed food is an integral or peripheral component of your eating pattern. If so, now is the time to clean out your cupboards and eliminate any behaviors or mindsets that are causing you to continually come in contact with these types of foods. Note that the problems with processed foods are many, some of which include the fact that they tend to lack nutrients, induce brain fog, and detract from your energy levels. If you think that you can’t kick your junk food habit on your own, know that it’s always ok to ask for help from health coaches, friends, or any other trusted member from your community who can provide you with the motivation and accountability necessary to make processed food consumption a thing of the past!

2. Incorporate Stretching Into Your Workout Routine.

Oftentimes, people start thinking about exercise when conversations turns toward health. In many of these cases, individuals are already taking steps in the right direction by running on a treadmill, cycling, swimming, etc. However, it’s important to know that you’ll attain even more health benefits by incorporating weight-bearing activity into your workout routine. This step is important because lifting weights builds muscle, which in turn will boost metabolism. Once this happens, your body will become more effective in burning calories while you are at rest. Also know that weight-lifting is linked to other wonderful health outcomes such as the cultivation of a more sculpted physique and better posture!

3. Don’t Neglect Your Teeth.

As many wellness experts know, oral care plays an integral role in facilitating and sustaining health. This is the case for many reasons. For example, things like a missing or rotting tooth can adversely impact your self-confidence, comfort, and appearance. The end result is compromised mental health and increased susceptibility to bodily disease. With this in mind, note that taking good care of your teeth is imperative rather than optional. In the event that you’re in search of a dental implants Peoria AZ company, know that professionals such as Johnny L Smith DMD can assist you.


Three strategies that you can use to optimize your health are outlined above. Begin making behavioral and lifestyle changes now so you can attain more energy and thereby accomplish more in your personal and professional life!

Softex 2 in 1 20 pads Happy Days Club

Softex 2 in 1 comfort slim pads review

In another post, I mentioned the Softex 2 in 1 pads I received from my April Happy Days Box, and how I plan to publish a video about its absorbency. Unfortunately I was not able to record a good video, so here’s a quick blog review instead. :D

The Sanrio and Softex Collaboration

Parent company Sanrio Inc. teamed up with Softex (sanitary brand) in 2014 on Sanrio’s 40th anniversary to launch a series of Hello Kitty sanitary pads. The Softex 2 in 1 pack contains 12 daytime pads that are 23 cm long and 8 day-to-night pads that are 29 cm, and costs Php190 online.

Softex Comfort Slim Day Use with Wings

Softex 2 in 1 day time

Strangely, though, the pad I got to open and spread on my ~testing area~ was a little shorter than advertised. I tried to spread it out a little more, but the length remained almost a cm short.

Other than that, here are the pros I noticed:

  • Cottony cover is soft, hypoallergenic, non-irritating and breathable.
  • Multiple layers of cotton fibers absorb liquids fairly easily.
  • Best used during medium flow days where you often stand, sit upright or move around.
  • Adhesive and plastic back cover don’t rip apart when being removed (unlike other brands I know).

Softex 2 in 1 day time wet

To test the napkin’s absorption, I poured 50 ml of colored water into the middle part of the day-time use napkin. Surprisingly, it took the napkin a while before fully absorbing the liquid.

Softex Comfort Slim Day/Night Use with Wings

Softex 2 in 1 night time


The night-time use napkin, meanwhile, features a more accurate sizing. The one I tested indeed measured 29 cm, and it appeared to be slightly thinner than the day-time use version.

Other pros:

  • Cottony soft cover that’s hypoallergenic and breathable.
  • Multiple layers of cottony fibers that absorb liquids easily.
  • Longer to prevent front and back leaks.
  • Best used when sleeping or when doing activities that require a lot of laying down.
  • Adhesive and plastic back cover don’t rip apart (unlike cheaper brands I know).

Softex 2 in 1 night time wet

In the above picture, the napkin was able to absorb about 70 ml of liquid–a lot more than the day-time use napkins! So this is a good choice for heavy days where you normally bleed about two to three chunks of blood in two hours–alam nyo yan! :P


Pretty decent napkins for about Php9.50 apiece. A little on the expensive side, but the quality makes up for the cost. If you like thin napkins with hypoallergenic covers–the ones that don’t cause rashes–then the Softex Comfort Slim napkins are a good choice.


P.S. This has been a #sponsored post. The product was sent to me for free, however this post contains my real, honest feedback.

April box Happy Days Club Philippines

How to Deal with PMS

Ever been in a masungit mood right before your monthly period? Ever felt bloated, finding your favorite jeans are a little snugger, right before Aunt Flo paid you a visit? Craved a lot of sweet or salty treats a few days before you “rode the crimson wave”? Have you suffered from lower belly cramps about a day before “shark week”?

Avoid showing a sad face like this:


If you answered yes to at least one of my questions, then you could have been experiencing pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). PMS is pretty common to Filipinas, though, so don’t worry.

As someone who has had to deal with PMS for more than half of my life, I can say that we Filipinas just need to properly manage this monthly experience. Here are some of my top 5 tips for better monthly periods:

  1. Exercise more often. Learn to relax and be physically active! I’ve got this theory that we experience cramps when there’s something that prevents an easy flow down there. The cause could be stress, which leads to tensed and tight muscles. When I started being more active, and I mean walking, stretching and lifting weights about four times a week, Aunt Flo just arrived without any warning. No cramping at all! If walking and lifting weights are not your thing, try swimming, yoga and cycling.
  2. Drink more water, avoid salty foods. Our bodies tend to retain more water when dehydrated, so to avoid bloating during your periods, I recommend making sure you’re well-hydrated and cutting down on water-retaining salt.
  3. Up your fiber intake. Eat more fruits and veggies to help ease your PMS. The natural vitamins and minerals you get from these can help ease the pain you feel and, in turn, the sudden outbursts that scare your boyfriend/girlfriend/family. The extra fiber also helps you prevent constipation or watery diarrhea, which could happen on your period.
  4. Take more iron. You need the extra iron to prevent anemia and improve brain function, helping you feel happier and more active on your period.
  5. Have a stash of goodies. Lift your cranky spirit up and avoid stressing out when you’re on your period by having a stash of goodies at the ready. Goodies can be as random as treats you haven’t tried yet and new products you’ve never heard of. Anything that catches your fancy can distract you from the bloated belly and the cramping.

Speaking of goodies, my recent stash from the Happy Days Club is awesome! Check out the quick #unboxing video I made:

I got Softex sanitary pads and pantiliners, Snickers, HI-CHEWS from Japan, Kokoo instant hot chocolate from Malaysia, Bobbie nail polish in Bluenciaga, Twinings Four Red Fruits tea and PH Care. Everything I need to feel good on the worst week of the month.

April box Happy Days Club Philippines

The April box features goodies I’ve already tried–PH Care, which is pretty awesome and affordable; the Kokoo drink, which is nutty and addicting; and the HI-CHEWS candies which are sweet, fruity and chewy.

Softex 2 in 1 20 pads Happy Days Club

What I’m especially excited to try are the Softex pads as I have never tried one yet! I might also publish a video about the absorbency soon (just like the diaper ads). The April box got me some stuff from the Softex Hello Kitty 2 in 1 pack (pictured above), which is available online for Php 190. It contains Softex Comfort Slim sanitary pads for day and night use–12 (23cm long) pieces for regular flow and 8 (29cm long) for heavy. As you can see in the video, the pads are actually thin.

Want to get your own Happy Days Box? 

Pick the one that’s right for you and your budget, at a special discount through Lifestyle Manila:

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Happy Days Club Giveaway
Happy Days Club Trial Box

Happy Days Club makes it easier to deal with monthly periods

You can probably relate to this, ladies.


I remember my first year dealing with Aunt Flo–the first few months were simple, there was little blood and it was fairly easy to count when the next one would arrive. Eventually, things progressed to a monthly agony fest of lots of bloody discharge on the first three days and lots of cramping throughout.

I wanted to spend my monthly periods in bed all curled up. The pain around my belly also made it difficult to get a good sleep. Worse, the blood can get so out of hand most times that I’ve been tempted to use diapers. I resort to using two pads at once instead–with one covering my bum to protect my bed from annoying leaks (tagos).

Possible Solution?

OK OK I just recently found out about the Happy Days Club. They’ve just officially launched last week, and the idea behind their subscription offering is that their curated treats make it easier for us ladies to deal with our monthly egg-shedding. Who doesn’t want free sanitary pads and pampering treats? I definitely wouldn’t pass up the chance to forget my monthly cramps. :)

Happy Days Club Trial Box

Currently, the company is sending out trial boxes, but by April 2018 they’ll be shipping the awesome premium ones! They’ll make sure to customize each box, since not all girls are created equal. We all have different needs and wants after all!

A Happy Days premium box includes:

  • 3-5 tasty snacks
  • 2-3 feminine essentials
  • 2-3 pampering or beauty items
  • 1-2 surprise items

Rumor has it that the premium box contains goodies can worth almost Php2,000 total, from the premium feminine pads to the assorted beauty treats. If you haven’t tried all kinds of goodies and feminine products yet, get a Happy Days box so you can also literally feel the difference. :D

If you want a free trial box, visit the Happy Days Club website and order.

Enjoy discounts on your Happy Days subscription! Just use our promo links below:

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Join the #HappyDaysClub now, ladies!

**This is a sponsored post.**