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Chocolate bouquet valentines

Picking the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Are you the kind of person that plans out your anniversary months in advance? Have you been guilty of waiting until the last minute to pick up your significant other an anniversary gift? Whether it’s 2 months or 2 days from your anniversary, these are the perfect gifts to make your honey say those 3 special words.

Chocolate bouquet valentines

Spoil Their Sweet Tooth

There’s nothing better than satisfying your sweetheart’s sweet tooth. Get them chocolate candy bouquets. Chocolate makes for a much better gift than flowers. Take them to an old fashioned ice cream parlor to get their favorite flavor of ice cream. Bake a homemade cake together from scratch to celebrate the occasion. If you want to make your sugary gift more personal, ordered customized candy hearts with your names and faces on them.

Craft a Homemade Gift

The most meaningful gifts are the ones that you make yourself. Print out pictures of all the activities you did in the past year and put them in a scrapbook. Write a poem describing all the reasons you love your sweetheart and paste it on a big red heart. Make a list of inside jokes you made together in the past year and compete in a scavenger hunt to find items that relate to the jokes.

Take Them On a Day Trip

Making new memories is a great way to celebrate and add to the history of your relationship. Take them on a day trip to a part of your town that you’ve never been to. If you have the whole day, travel to a nearby city or even a neighboring state. If you have a more limited timeframe, try an activity you’ve never done before like bungee jumping or go-karting. If you’re not an adrenaline junkie, treat yourselves to a spa treatment that you’ve never done before.

Your loved one deserves the best gift for being the most special person in your life. However, no matter which gift you give them, they will love it because it’s coming from you.

Auroras Choice Choco Nutso

Aurora’s Choice: Delicious Treats When Craving Sweets

Period cravings are strange.

Anyone who’s ever had a period knows how cravings happen during the days leading up to their period. Cravings are so diverse, too, that they can range from hankerings for half-dozen Krispy Kremes to entire tubs of Carmen’s Best. In my case, my cravings vary on each and every period. But it’s usually fondness for savory-sweet snacks. Sometimes I go for junk like Payless XL pancit canton, sometimes I devour chocolate bars. Whatever it is, it guarantees an extra 3 pounds after a week!

The new guilty pleasure

Local find Aurora’s Choice Nutsos come in different flavors, but they all do the same thing: Satisfy your craving. Love that I got two packs of these Nutsos via my Happy Days Club package. (#sponsored!)

Auroras Choice Choco Nutso

I simply love this locally made treat! While the high-protein Choco Nutso variant has a somewhat bittersweet taste, the Honey & Sea Salt flavor offers the ideal sweet-salty balance that I crave. The crunchy-chewy texture of every peanut complements the crunchiness of the honey and sea salt coating, as well.

Auroras Choice Honey and Sea Salt Nutso

It’s recommended for surfers, perhaps because it’s a perfect snack when laying on the beach. But I highly recommend this snack anytime, anywhere! 

5 out of 5 stars for me!

Addicting on its own!

I have to be honest here–I tried Aurora’s Choice Salted Caramel Spread with Sky Flakes, and it was a nice afternoon snack. Considered using it to top vanilla ice cream, but I had to go to the store to get one. So I decided against it.

Auroras Choice Caramel Spread

I tried the spread on its own and I had to stop myself from eating another spoonful because it was so sinfully sweet! My older brother tasted it, and ended up finishing the entire jar.

It has the consistency of condensed milk, but it has the flavor and color of my childhood favorite yema. I can imagine my period-stricken self quietly enjoying this at home. It’s just ridiculously good on its own!

5 out of 5 stars from me as well!

Final Thoughts

I can’t stress this enough: Support Local. If you can’t find Aurora’s Choice snacks in the supermarket, contact the manufacturers directly on Facebook.

Nyogi Coconut variants

Have You Tried Nyogi Coconut Water?

My birthday is on Sunday, and coincidentally, I received a nice surprise from the Happy Days Club to try:

  • Nyogi Coconut Water
  • Nyogi Coconut Water with Real Lime
  • Nyogi Coconut Water with Watermelon
  • Cocoline Naturals Body Wash

YASSS! Thanks so much <3

Nyogi Coconut Cocoline

Don’t you think it’s nice that there’s an abundance of coconut water in the Philippines? I like that Nyogi has packaged coconut water so you can easily have a refreshing drink on the go. I also like the package design and the cute copy on the back of every pack! The watermelon variant has “You are one in a melon,” while the lime one has “We put the lime in the coconut”. It might sound corny to some, but the copy can lift your spirits up even if just a little bit.

Nyogi Coconut variants

I also like that Nyogi coconut water never uses concentrate. I can go on about this. It’s pretty common for manufacturers nowadays to use concentrated fruit juices, and it’s a little sad because concentrates are mostly made of sugar. So if you’re on a diet, here’s a tip: Check out the ingredients list on the bottle or tetra pak before buying. You’d be hard-pressed to find one that’s made of real, pure fruit juice, but there are several gems still out there. :)

Don’t be fooled though–Nyogi coconut water is artificially sweetened with real fruit juice (aka fructose). So diabetics may want to watch the amount of Nyogi they guzzle.

Nyogi coconut watermelon

SO Which Is The Best Flavor?

I tried all variants and I must say I loved the original one the best. Nothing beats the original! A close second is the one infused with watermelon, since it’s just so refreshing! To be honest I’m on the fence with the lime version because not everyone likes coconut water with a sour note. The mild tart flavor comes from the calamansi juice, and since I’m pretty sure that calamansi is called Philippine lemon, there might be people who would be angry about the misleading packaging/marketing. Limes are not lemons, after all.

So to recap:


  • Cute packaging
  • Delicious coconut taste
  • No juice concentrate!


  • Lime (Calamansi) variant may be too sour for some people
  • Has fructose which may be bad for diabetics

The Verdict

Overall I liked Nyogi. It’s a good fruit juice pack mothers can give their gradeschoolers, it’s a refreshing drink for grownups. With a few exceptions, it’s a drink for everyone! So yeah, give Nyogi a try. (I think they’re available at all leading supermarkets.)

Discovery 22 Prime Beef and Tomato Salad

Australian Grassfed Beef Shines in Manila

My husband and I have always adored beef–burger, steak, bistek Tagalog, you name it! So much so that I did not pass up the chance to join the Australian Beef Embassy’s culinary trail promo last week. The promo showcases the delectable Australian Grassfed Beef, naturally low in cholesterol and high in Omega 3 fatty acids, making it arguably better than the beautifully marbled Kobe and Wagyu varieties.

Being a Mandaluyong resident, I picked the trail where I only had to go around the Makati-Mandaluyong-Ortigas area. Out of the 41 dining spots offering Australian Grassfed in the Philippines, I got to visit five in one day! Details about the trail below!

Dean & Deluca

Located at the posh Rockwell Center, the upmarket Dean & Deluca serves delightful desserts and dishes to its discerning, worldy patrons. Five new items on the menu feature Australian Grassfed beef:
Roast Beef Marmalade (Php420) which is made of tangy sweet pulled beef and onions slathered on crostini slices and topped with pickles.

Dean and Deluca Braised Beef Ragu

For pasta lovers, there’s the Braised Beef Ragu (Php560, pictured above), made of slow-cooked beef shank ragu ala Milanese mixed with tender pappardelle and Italian spices and topped with some savory tendon puffs. The tendon puffs are delicious, though sparse!

The Natural Beef Hash (Php490) meanwhile has some fairly-tender slowly-braised grassfed beef mixed with heirloom tomatoes, chopped bell peppers, onions, parsley and tomatoes and topped with some tangy-sweet basil pesto, poached eggs and parmesan cheese.

If you’re into steaks, try their Rib-eye (Php1600) with flaky sea salt and sweet bone marrow butter. This dish is served with tabbouleh salad (kale greens).

My favorite among the bunch is the tender Roasted Beef Short Ribs (Php1800) which is, despite the steep price, a must-try! Served with red rice, green shallot kimchi and jalapeño puree that tastes like creamy mashed potatoes, the dish can probably easily fill up more than two people.

22 Prime

Discovery Suites’ steak restaurant proves that good beef needs careful preparation with its three offerings: Steak and Tomato Salad (Php800+), Oven-braised Short Ribs (Php1150+) and Sous Vide Grass Striploin (Php1200+).

In the Steak and Tomato Salad (pictured below) the Australian skirt steak had first been marinated in sake before being grilled and served with heirloom tomatoes, basil and feta cheese with extra virgin olive oil.

Discovery 22 Prime Beef and Tomato Salad

The meltingly tender, boneless Short Ribs (pictured below) had been slow-cooked for several hours in a rich stock before sliced and served with seaweed puree and wilted garlic spinach. This is divine, and yes, highly recommended!

Discovery 22 Prime Braised Roast Beef

Last but not the least, the Sous Vide Grass Striploin had been, as the name implies, cooked sous vide style to ensure that its flavor remained intact. The striploin dish is served with roasted potatoes, mushroom ragout, asparagus and slathered with some sambal hollandaise.

Mushroom cappuccino (Php290+), a rich concoction of mushrooms, cream and truffle foam, served as a great appetizer to start off the meal at 22 Prime. And of course, not to be outdone, the Dark Chocolate Marquise, the restaurant’s signature dessert made of dark chocolate mousse, English cream and saccharine pistachio bits, did not disappoint as well.

Papa Diddi’s

Papa Diddi’s, the newly established dining haven that good local produce built and a farmer lawyer inspired, offers two delectable dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. And each dish only costs Php280 a pop!

No need to go all the way up north to taste the pride of Cagayan! Papa Diddi’s take on the local favorite, Pancit Batil Patung, is just as filling and chock-full of tasty ingredients as the original. This version though is made of handcrafted linguini noodles mixed with bagnet, Australian ground beef, beef broth, cabbage, onions, spring onions, and topped with a poached egg. The broth makes this hearty bowl of goodness.

Papa Diddi's Fusion Burger

If you’re up for some party in your mouth, spend your Php280 on Papa Diddi’s Fusion Burger (pictured above)! It’s made of Australian grassfed beef burger, banana blossom burger(!!!), lettuce, a thinly-sliced pineapple ring, a (runny) sunny side up egg, pickles, kesong puti and honey mustard. The lightly toasted bun comes in three flavors: Ube, Malunggay or Pandan. You get to choose which one to try, and since I’ve only been able to try the ube and malunggay variants, I can’t vouch for this, but the owner prefers the pandan bun. Personally, I like the ube bun as is or with Papa Diddi’s delicious ice cream. The crispy sweet potato chips on the side taste light, low-cal and heavenly too.

Chef Jessie Grill

By now, my tummy was already full, but I knew I still had to go on and experience how the two other restaurants on the trail bring out the beefy flavor of real Australian grassfed.

And thankfully, we reached Chef Jessie Sincioco’s Pasig resto, which is already known for setting Pasig ablaze (figuratively of course) with her little bro in the kitchen! Their three latest creations bring out the savory, slightly gamy flavor of the happily grazing cows of Australia.

The Charcoal-Grilled Grassfed Oyster Blade Steak (Php1,000 + 10%, pictured below), for instance, may be featuring an unusual cow part, but has a strong flavor and a tender texture. It tastes great with the accompanying mustard sauce, mesclun green salad and French fries. The fries, I’d like to note, taste nothing like I’ve had before–they’re cooked through, not oily at all, and tastes like it’s been soaked in a good dose of saltwater before fried. Not sure if they’re homemade either–never got to ask the Chef herself, and they taste light–but I guess you’ll just have to try them for yourself!

Chef Jessie Grill Charcoal-Grilled Grassfed Oyster Blade Steak

The Charcoal-grilled Beef Striploin Steak (Php1,400 + 10%), meanwhile, comes tender, hearty, and medium rare to preserve the delicious beefy flavor. It’s served with grilled leeks and potato wedges.

Another favorite, the Slow-Roast Grassfed Beef Cheeks (Php1,000 + 10%) is one dish that features tender and flavorful beef cheeks–another unusual cow part–that one can easily chow down in one sitting. This dish is served with poutine (fries and gravy) and sauteed spinach.


Last stop on the trail: Epicurious. The restaurant–with its portmanteau of Epicurean, which is about indulgences of sensual delights, and curious, which means peculiar–offers a wide assortment of ingredients you can have cooked on the spot. But the novel dining destination also offers Australian Grassfed Beef cooked to make:

Beef Fajitas (Php349), a delicious make-your-own appetizer dish made with Australian beef strips, bell peppers and onions.

Fetuccine Stroganoff (Php399, pictured below), a pasta dish that’s loaded with strong beefy flavor. The pasta is al dente, sauce creamy, and beef savory. You can taste the cow in every bite.

Epicurious Fetuccine Stroganoff

Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce (Php699), a good, ole-fashioned slab of roast beef that comes served with mushroom sauce. (Hot tip: This dish is best paired with some Chilean red wine at Epicurious!)

Final Thoughts

After several hours running around my area, I’ve had some of the best ways to enjoy Australian beef. My fellow diners have also begun to speak with an Aussie accent (It was a g’day, mate!)

I soon realized why the favorite beef at home is a little on the pricey end. But with a bunch of restaurants in Manila (and Cebu and Davao, mind you) offering grassfed beef on the menu, I don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen all the time anymore. Huzzah!

8 Cuts, Abuela’s, Blackbird, Bondi & Bourke, Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano, Chef Jessie, City of Dreams’ Crystal Dragon, Dean & Deluca, Discovery Primea’s 1824, Discovery Primea’s Flame, Discovery Primea’s Gilarmi Lounge, Discovery Suites’s 22 Prime, Downtown & Halsted, Epicurious, Green Pastures, Hyatt City of Dreams’s The Cafe, New World Manila’s The Fireplace, New World Manila’s The Marketplace, New World Makati’s Cafe 1228, Papa Diddi’s, People’s Palace, Pink’s, Prime 101, Sala, Sala Bistro, Shangri-la The Fort’s Raging Bull, Smith & Butcher Grill Room, The True Grill, Vask Tapas Room, Wildflour and Dusit Thani Manila’s The Pantry.

Anzani, Anzani Prime and Circa 1900

Bondi & Bourke

Limited Edition Taters Items Superpop Scarf VIP pass and Superpop Notebook

Taters and Cheetos Snack Combos Available Until May 2017

Taters and Cheetos have joined forces to offer movie-goers and snack afficionados wonderful treats that we will enjoy until the end of summer!

Taters Cheetos Snack Fest Launch

Are you ready to get orange-crusted fingers?

Taters Cheetos Chik-a-Chips

Taters Cheetos Chik-a-Chips

Earlier, at the Glorietta Activity Center, Taters launched its latest creations in collaboration with Cheetos: Crunch ‘n’ Pop (Cheetos-flavored Superpop and Cheetos Crunchy), Crunchy Overload (Cheetos Crunchy and Cheetos-flavored Tater chips), Cheetos Chick-a-Chips (chicken fingers, Cheetos Crunchy. Cheetos Tater chips and a tub of Cheetos dip), Cheetos Fish ‘n’ Chips (juicy fish fillets. Cheetos Crunchy, Cheetos Tater chips and a tub of Cheetos dip), and Cheetos BBQ Crunch Dog (a beef hotdog topped with Coney Island Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Cheetos dressing and Cheetos Tater chips with Cheetos Crunchy on the side.)

Taters Cheetos Crunchy Overload

Taters Cheetos Crunchy Overload

Apart from these tasty Taters treats, Taters also released some nice, limited-edition goodies like VIP passes which allow patrons to purchase Taters products at a discounted price, Chester plushies, Taters pillows, Superpop scarves and even a hardbound Superpop notebook containing upgrade and freebie coupons!

Limited Edition Taters Items Superpop Scarf VIP pass and Superpop Notebook

Don’t forget, all good things must come to an end. The Taters Cheetos Snack Fest is on a limited run from January 25 to May 15, 2017.

BKK Express Chicken Satay and Pork BBQ

Bkk Express: Quick-serve Thai Food for Less

There’s something different on the 4th floor of the snazzy Food Hall in BGC’s Uptown Mall. What just opened in the early part of November is helping endear Thai food to the Filipino palate.

BKK Express Storefront BGC

The regular Thai food comes very spicy, usually flavored with ingredients like lime, peanuts, basil, coconut milk, garlic and chili peppers. Dishes are bursting with flavor, though they do tend to run a little too overpowering for our taste.

Enter BKK Express, which offers a little toned down Thai food to suit the Filipino taste buds (that have been used to fast food burgers and sweet spaghetti).

LifestyleManila has tried:
Pad Thai, which, priced depending on meat topping, starts at Php210. Although a little on the pricey side, one serving is enough to fill two people. I like the tamarind flavor and the available options: tofu, chicken, crabmeat and Singaporean style. Hot tip: Ask for chili flakes and some Thai seasoning like sugar or vinegar to boost the flavor.

BKK Express Pad Thai Crabmeat

Pad Thai Crabmeat pictured above

One serving of Thai Fried Rolls is a filling snack/meal on its own at a reasonable price of Php120.

BKK Express Spring Rolls

Thai Sweet Pork BBQ should not be missed even at Php330 per plate of 10 skewers. The spicy coconut sauce that comes with each order is a win in my book.

BKK Express Chicken Satay and Pork BBQ

Really good Pork BBQ pictured above with some Chicken Satay.

Thai Iced Tea (Php55) and Pandan Iced Tea (Php45) are refreshing. They pair well with the Thai dishes.

BKK Express Pandan Iced Tea and Thai Iced Tea

Don’t let the perspective fool you on the size of these tumblers. They’re about 260 ml.

Sticky Rice Mango Sundae is a cool and sweet treat composed of sticky rice, sweet coconut milk, mango cubes, macapuno sorbet and some coconut shavings. It’s another filling snack to get you by the coming summer months for only Php135 a pop.

BKK Express Sticky Mango Rice


Thai Taste 4/5
Price 3/5
Service 4/5
Value 3.5/5
Overall 3.5/5

Fast food is fast food, and anyone craving Thai on a budget within Uptown Mall now has better access with some really quick and clean service. The only concern here is that while the authentic Thai ingredients are there, some offerings leave a little punchier flavor to be desired. Prices are a little on the expensive side, but since it’s in posh BGC we can forgive them a little bit. Hopefully after a month or so passes, the crew will be able to serve up some really good and authentic, quick serve Thai meals.

Check them out at the Uptown Mall Food Hall in BGC.

Cabalen Pork Sisig Classic

Cabalen Buffet: Good Filipino Food

What started as a Filipino delicacies kiosk called “Bahay Pasalubong” in San Fernando, Pampanga, turned out to be a family venture spearheaded by a strong-willed housewife. Inspired by her business’ success, Maritel Nievera eventually opened the first Cabalen Eat-All-You-Can restaurant in 1986. From that West Avenue branch grew several others, including the one that first offered Filipino-Asian cuisine, Cabalen Megamall.

Isn’t that quick history lesson just awe-inspiring? And to think Cabalen now exports these delicious goodies:

Cabalen Export Goods

Rows of rapture: Bagoong and smoked fish jars line one side of the cashier area.

When I stepped into the Megamall branch I was amazed by all the familiar and not-so-familiar Filipino dishes lined up on two long tables. Near the doorway there was a spread packed with various Japanese favorites: lots of different tempura and maki sushi. Adjacent to that spread was the buffet table filled with all sorts of Capampangan delights, from burong hipon (I’ve always loved since my younger brother’s girlfriend shared some with my family) to the all-time Filipino favorite Kare-Kare. The accompanying bagoong was rightfully salty with a little sweet chili kick.

Cabalen Filipino Asian Choices

Across the Asian table sat the dessert table, filled with an assortment of truly Filipino panghimagas: Minatamis na saba, biko, tibok-tibok and fresh fruits. I particularly liked the make-your-own halo-halo and guinomis section that offered fresh milk along with real coconut milk.

Cabalen Filipino Dessert Spread

Cabalen Megamall Buffet

We quietly enjoyed our Filipino feast with friends!


Here are my most highly recommended dishes from Cabalen:

Cabalen Pork Sisig Classic

Pork Sisig - Traditional sisig made of tender pig’s face, served hot on a sizzling plate with calamansi and chili pepper. This has always been my favorite, even before the Sisig Hooray versions became mainstream. This is exactly how I would love pork sisig to taste like, and it’s just plain awesome.

Cabalen Bulalo

Bulalo - A.k.a heart attack in a bowl. The soup tastes just right, had a hint of corn, had the right amount of savory-salty flavor, it’s just mind-boggling how the chef did it! The meat was nice and tender, too. I felt lucky to be served with a gigantic bone marrow– I didn’t care for my heart that night.

Cabalen Kohol and Kare-Kare

And of course, the Kare-Kare and Ginataang Kohol were delightful. Although I would have prefered a creamier ginataan, the kohol didn’t have the iffy sandy texture one might sometimes encounter when the snails weren’t cleaned well. And the  Kare-Kare was just a little bland enough for the bagoong to really help the flavors shine through.

Best thing about all this? With all the fancy buffet restaurants charging four-digit rates, Cabalen’s regular buffet only costs Php398 and there’s no extra charge!


Ambience - 3/5
Food - 4/5
Cleanliness – 5/5 (I don’t usually rate this, but ever since I saw Gordon Ramsay saying that a restaurant’s toilet reflects the kitchen, I’ve always been on the lookout for a nice toilet. Ans Cabalen in Megamall is great!)
Overall - 4/5

Curious to try this 30 year old Filipino restaurant? Join my GIVEAWAY by December 4!

Cabalen Giveaway

Check out the branches (in chronological order):

West Avenue
SM City Megamall
Robinsons Place Manila
Robinsons Pampanga
SM City Clark
SM City Cebu
SM Mall of Asia
Market! Market!
Glorietta 2
Alabang Town Center
San Bruno, USA
SM City North Edsa
SM City Fairview
SM City Bacoor
SM City Pampanga
SM City Lipa
SM City Cabanatuan
SM City Bacolod
SM Seaside Cebu
SM City Baliwag Bulacan
SM City Dasmarinas
SM City San Jose Del Monte
SM City Trece Martires
SM City San Lazaro

Pinac Capampangan Cuisine

Pinac Buffet Serves Top Capampangan Dishes

UP Town Center has become the go-to haven for the collegiate crowd, and it’s been teeming with A LOT of restaurants as of late. For some truly Filipino comfort food in the expansive restaurant mecca that is the UP Town Center, Lifestyle Manila suggests you head over to Pinac!

Pinac boasts delicious Capampangan dishes from treasured recipes passed down through generations. It’s also worth noting that while the restaurant has preserved the cultural heritage of Capampangan cuisine, it has also made some interesting improvements on familiar classics, like sisig and puto bumbong.

Pinac Store front UP Town

Sure, Pinac’s interior gives off a comfy, heritage home feel, with the old-timey details on the furniture setting the mood for an afternoon siesta in your grandparents’ home in the province. Even the color palette composed of whites, greys and browns gives off a relaxed, vintage feel.

Pinac Chicken Skin with Potato Crisps

Crispy Chicken Skin is so sinfully fattening yet addicting! Ala carte Php325)

I was lucky enough to try the dinner buffet promo one night, and enjoyed some of Pinac’s bestselling Capampangan classics. The Pinac Crispy Pata stood out with its delicious sauce, and the Overloaded Pinoy Paella had the seafood flavor that can make anyone crave for more. Of course, Beef Kare Kare will always be a true Filipino’s favorite, and Pinac’s version hits the right spot for me. The peanut sauce is neither too bland nor too salty, and the bagoong tastes so good and has the sweet-salty taste that complements the Kare Kare beautifully. The beef is tender, too!

The dinner buffet also serves up Suam na Mais, a delectable corn soup; Crispy (non-greasy) Chicken Skin that tastes great with the tart, spicy sauce; tender Callos and Chicken Pastel. All this for only Php359!

Pinac Capampangan Cuisine

Center: Chicken Pastel (Ala Carte Php295), Clockwise from top right: Flat top smores (Php255), Puto Bumbong, Ensaladang Pako with Fried Duckling Floss (Php165), Callos, Fried Chicken Skin, Overloaded Pinoy Paella (Php645), Beef Kare Kare (Php395 for sharing), Eggplant Parmigiano (Php295)

Pinac Cucumber Mint Dalandan

Another hit: Cucumber Mint Dalandan Shake

Dinner Buffet is available Monday-Friday, 6-9pm.

Lunch buffet is also available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For Php259, guests can enjoy Pinac favorites such as Cripsy Chicken Skin with Potato Crisps, Chicken Parmigiana and Mashed Potatoes, Sinigang na Salmon Belly, Beef Kare Kare, Lumpiang Ubod Taquitos and Happy Sisig Rice for lunch!

Two thumbs up!

Location: U.P Town Center, Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila

For more details, visit