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Bangs Prime Salon SM Marikina Branch StoreFront

Quick Mommy Makeover at Bangs Prime Salon by Tony & Jackey

Hats off to working moms. As I went back to the workforce last month, I quickly realized how important multitasking really is for mothers everywhere. While staying at home and taking care of the baby is easy, going through Metro Manila traffic to work in the office and later taking care of the baby is tiring and time-consuming.

The daily tasks that need to be done every day often causes me to run out of time for myself. Sometimes I forget lunch. Other times I forget my laundry. And I haven’t had my hair done in months!

But recently I got a break. Bangs Prime Salon is heaven-sent! It recently gave my lifeless hair its much-needed pick-me-up—a new cut and color that suit my hectic mommy lifestyle!

The Salon

Bangs Prime Salon SM Marikina Branch StoreFront

There’s a Bangs Prime Salon in SM Marikina, about 30 minutes away from my house even with moderate traffic. I popped by on a weekday, a few hours before rush hour, which meant I didn’t have to wait for hours for my turn!

Kax Uy at Bangs Prime Salon SM Marikina

Although to be fair, I wouldn’t mind waiting for hours. The salon has nice comfy lounge chairs covered in luxuriously soft fabric—so comfortable—and there’s wi-fi to keep me amused. I can browse Instagram or laugh at Reddit posts while waiting.

Bangs Prime Salon Marikina Interior

The Session

Before my makeover sesh began, Ms Angel, my stylist, asked me about my preferred hairstyle and color. I told her I wanted something suitable for me. She told me about the best color for me, and I ended up picking a nice golden brown shade for my hair, and a medium-length cut, so it would be easier for me to wash and dry everyday (this is most important, since time is more precious than gold for moms like me!)

Before Pic

I knew in advance that the whole session would take at least 2 hours to complete—that’s a lot in mommy time. To get a lot of things done, I brought my laptop with me, and thankfully the staff was very accommodating! They let me use their own computer table and even gave me a drink. I got to choose between their Korean tea and coffee (Nescafe original blend and brew). And in case my laptop ran out of juice, I could have also connected it to one of their power outlets, no question.

The Haircut

I wanted a medium-length that was easily wearable, but I didn’t have any photos with me. So the staff showed me a set of photos for ideas on the look that I wanted. Getting my haircut felt quick! It probably only took 20 minutes to complete.

Before cut and color

The Color

My head had lots of silver hair, and I wanted to get rid of them or at least hide them. The staff showed me the colors available and Ms Angel explained how the color I chose (golden brown) could end up looking a little darker than the sample. I was cool with it, since having to bleach my hair would take a lot more time to do.

Working at the Salon with wi-fi tea computer

I was surprised about the ear caps—I’ve heard about shower caps protecting the entire head of hair, but it was my first time to encounter ear caps to protect the ears from getting hair color.

I’m also happy to share eyebrows were colored to match my new hair.

The Hair Treatment

Exposing hair to too many chemicals—through hair coloring, straightening or perming—can cause severe damage over time. Since I was no stranger to hair conditioners and masks, I knew that moisturizing hair treatments every so often was necessary to maintain healthy hair. So what should be done right after coloring hair?

The answer: Get a 6-step repair treatment system called the Mucota Scena Clinic. At first I was a little scared to try the moisturizing treatment out, because I thought it would cause my hair to go flat and limp. Thankfully it didn’t!

Mucota Scena Clinic Adel Brava Calore at Bangs Prime

After a good, thorough shampoo and rinse, Scena Ethos was applied to remove the unnecessary chemicals from frequent hair coloring and styling. It also helps maintain hair pH levels. It smelled so nice! After several minutes my hair was then rinsed.

Scena Adel was then applied to my hair. It was the moisture base before the treatment, meaning it helps damaged hair retain moisture and in great condition for the rest of the treatment. Adel’s ceramide, cholesterol and amino acids help make sure my hair retains the moisture it needs. To make sure my hair absorbed all those good stuff, they used a steamer for about 10 minutes or so before rinsing.

Working mom at salon

I was then treated to Scena Brava, which contained five different hair repair ingredients to cover all kinds of hair damage. It not only repairs damaged hair, but also maintains hair structure. Brava was sprayed evenly all over my hair, let sit for a few minutes and then slightly rinsed.

After that Scena Calore was applied to repair cuticle damage, sealing hair ends and protecting the entire hair shaft in the process. Calore has two cuticle repair ingredients to encourage smooth and shiny hair. There was no steaming required for this step.

After several minutes, all the good Mucota Scena ingredients were rinsed off and a great conditioner called Aire was applied then washed off. Cold water was used to avoid unnecessary hair damage.

All in all the Mucota Scena Clinic treatment took about 40-60 minutes to complete. My hair was then dried, and I noticed that even with the blow dryer and hair straightener, my hair kept its beautiful, healthy appearance. I was so impressed!

Beautiful hair after Mucota Scena Clinic

The Aftermath

Of course as soon as I got home, I sent my husband a picture of how I looked after the makeover. I myself couldn’t believe how a 2-hour session at Bangs Prime Salon could bring back my “youthful glow”—I didn’t look like I was a tired mess anymore. My hair was finally smooth and healthy looking!

Over the weekend my husband and I went out and I was surprised that he could not stop touching my hair! He didn’t do that often, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

The Verdict

5 out of 5 stars! From the accommodating staff and skilled Korean Hair stylist, to the free wi-fi and drink, everything about Bangs Prime Salon focuses on keeping clients happy and relaxed. I still can’t believe the salon let me use the computer table so I can work while getting my hair done! It’s such a great help for moms—or even any busy career woman—like me.

Official Website:     

Facebook Page:        



YouTube Channel: 

SM Marikina branch:      706 2554

Head Office:                       526 1965 local 105, 113-114

with Ms Angel at Prime

Thank you so much!!! I’ll surely be back.

Beauty Basics 101: How To Start Looking And Feeling Your Best

n today’s world, many individuals wake up and realize that their lives would be significantly better if they felt more confident about their appearance. There are many reasons why an individual might neglect the aesthetic optimization process, two of which include lack of time and lack of knowledge. Irrespective of the reason that an individual neglects their appearance, there are always multiple strategies they can begin deploying for the purpose of looking and feeling their best. Here are some of them:

Whipped Lounge Fairview Terraces

1. Try A Monthly Facial.

Because your face is the most visible region of your body, this is definitely an area that you want to pay close attention to once you get serious about optimizing your appearance. While there are numerous strategies you can deploy to enhance the appearance of your face, it’s important to know that obtaining a monthly facial can be particularly empowering. This technique is helpful because an aesthetician will be able to utilize customized, cutting edge strategies to eliminate any facial problems that are detracting from your appearance. Note that your issue could be anything from dark spots to premature aging to acne to wrinkles. To ensure that you can find the ideal aesthetician, do some internet-based research and ensure that she or he regularly receives great reviews.

2. Eat Life-Giving Foods Regularly.

In addition to trying a monthly facial, make sure that you get in the habit of eating life-giving foods regularly. This technique is incredibly empowering because eating the right foods optimizes a wide range of physiological processes that are linked to physical appearance. For example, eating fiber-rich foods engenders a feeling of sustained fullness, with this reality decreasing your likelihood of overeating and thereby putting on excess weight. Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants is also linked to fighting the aging process. Some of the most life-giving foods on the planet are fruits and vegetables, so make sure that these items are a central component of your food plan. Working more veggies and fruits into your lifestyle can be incredibly easy. Two simple solutions include green smoothies and large dinner salads.

In addition to regularly consuming life-giving foods, make sure you consider the value of using supplements. These supplements can provide you with nutritional support in the event that you forget to consume the wide range of foods required by the body for optimal function. Note that you can now shop online to attain the supplements you need. For example, you can shop at for iron supplements.

3. Exercise Consistently.

A third strategy you can deploy to get on track to optimizing your appearance is exercising consistently. This technique works in multiple ways. For example, exercise induces sweating, which in turn ensures the ongoing release of toxins from the body. Once this happens, you can obtain great beauty outcomes such as accelerated weight loss and clearer skin. Exercising consistently is also a great way to enhance your posture and cultivate a leaner, more sculpted appearance. Some forms of physical activity that you may be interested in utilizing include:

• jump rope
• cycling
• weight-lifting
• yoga
• pilates
• running


Individuals who are serious about leading incredible lives should know that feeling confident about their appearance is a wonderful way to realize the goal. Some of the beauty strategies that an individual can utilize to begin enhancing their look include trying a monthly facial, eating life-giving foods regularly, and exercising consistently. Start utilizing some or all of these beauty techniques now so you can take your physical appeal to the next level!

Hello Kitty Pads Variety

Happy Days Club Surprise Me Box Review

Have you ever suffered from irregular periods? I have. Back in high school it wasn’t easy for me to eat much, so I was underweight and my body adjusted by only shedding my uterine lining as seldom as twice a year! I didn’t bother monitoring my periods monthly, so the first day of bloody discharge always came as a surprise.

So for those emergency situations, would any young lady with an irregular period be ready? Probably some girl scout types would. In my case periods still happen at very inconvenient moments. Since I was too busy as a high school student and too young to understand the monthly flows, I often found myself without a napkin on hand.

At least nowadays there’s the Happy Days Club! The company solves this problem with its monthly subscription boxes, so you can be ready for those unexpected first days. I’ve raved about the company in these previous sponsored posts.

I recently got a Surprise Me box (Php 345 at a special discount as of July 2018). A lady once inquired and sent me a private message about the contents of the boxes, and I couldn’t give her a good answer, so here it is:

Depending on your needs, a Surprise Me box can contain an assortment of goodies including seven napkins and a sampler box of tampons. Of course, I can’t expect the same number of goodies in a box every month, but I know the most affordable Happy Days Club box gives me enough for at least the first two days of Aunt Flo.

Check out my July Surprise Me box:
EZ Wipe PH Care Papaya

An Ezywipe compressed towel that expands when you add several drops of water, a 50 ml bottle of PH Care’s latest Papaya variant.

Hello Kitty Pads Variety

Softex Hello Kitty pads in different kinds to try!

Whitening Face Mask

An iWhite whitening mask.

Ladouce Tampons

Ladouce tampons to try as well.

Skittles Koko Chocolate

Chocolates to reduce stress hormones! Yum!


Now I can’t wait for Aunt Flo to arrive so I can try all these great stuff. The Php345 discounted price is not bad considering there’s free shipping and I get items that are normally unavailable at my nearest grocery store (I live deep in Quezon City).


✓ Convenient

✓ Fairly affordable

✓ Monthly surprises make me happy :)


✕ There’s a chance for the surprise items to be incompatible with me (although cross fingers this won’t happen).

✕ Can be addicting! :D

So there, try the Happy Days Club at your own risk, ladies!

New Dr Jart Ceramidin Serum

Dr Jart+ New Ceramidin Serum Review

Who doesn’t want skin as smooth as a baby’s bum? I know fairy tale characters who’ve killed for younger looks, and yes, that kind of vanity is still around even in 21st century reality.

Splurging on moisturizers has been my thing since hitting my 30s, so when my SO and I hit Olive Young in Gangnam last year, I bought some good ones. The unfortunate thing about going cosmetics shopping in SoKor that time was… well, as I was around 10 weeks preggers already, I was conscious about all the gunk I put on my face.

Dr Jart+ fortunately has this rep going that their products are safe for pregnant women. That was a good claim as any, since I bought it and took home the new Ceramidin Serum (in a bright yellow packaging). The freebies were a welcome surprise.

I love the packaging:

Ceramidin Serum New packaging
Is it demanding me to trust it?

Dr Jart New Ceramidin Serum Box

What exactly is the Dr Jart+ New Ceramidin Serum?

In a nutshell, the Ceramidin Serum is a cosmetic product infused with five different kinds of ceramides, waxy lipid molecules that help plump the skin and retain moisture. It’s what you would apply after toner and before sunscreen or moisturizing cream.

I turn to COSDNA to learn more about the different ingredients in every cosmetic product, and I’m happy to report that the Ceramidin Serum passes the safety test with flying colors.

New Dr Jart Ceramidin Serum

A full pump dispenses a lot of product, good enough to cover most of my face.

Dr Jart Ceramidin Serum One Pump

What did I like about the Dr Jart+ New Ceramidin Serum?

Apart from the mild, balmy scent, I absolutely love that the serum makes my skin smooth and soft overnight. Granted, my skin felt better and less sticky in the cool SoKor climate, but the effects remain the same in humid Manila. My skin feels hydrated.

It’s worth noting that the serum also works great with other moisturizers! It does smell stronger than the Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Cream I got for free as a sample, though. The cream also looks a shade lighter than the serum (see below pic of cream).

Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream Sample

OK, so what did I dislike about the Dr Jart+ New Ceramidin Serum?

The first few weeks of using it, whiteheads started appearing on my forehead. Not sure exactly why. I suspect because I have an oily T-zone, and with the serum containing multiple kinds of fatty acids, my skin got a little irritated.

The whiteheads bothered me a bit at first, but with a little exfoliating and reduced serum use (just once a day is enough!), the pesky blemishes vanished in about two months. :)

The Verdict

PRICE 3 out of 5 stars since a 40 ml bottle set me back about Php2,037 (40USD)
MOISTURIZING QUALITY 4.5 out of 5 stars
VALUE FOR MONEY 4 out of 5 stars

While I have received the entire Ceramidin line as samples, I wasn’t able to use most of them in Manila. I can say that they work well in cooler weather. For those living in Manila, I recommend picking just a product or two from the line instead of using the entire system altogether unless you have extremely parched skin.

Olive Young Freebies

My First Olive Young Freebies!

Late last year I got to spend my first trimester at South Korea with my localized Benedict Cumberbatch (my husband!) Since this was our first trip out of the country, we both agreed to be more willing to drop cash on food and personal goodies. That was a relief, because I am (and have always been) a worry wart when it came to nearly everything, especially my financial security. The only time we began worrying about on-hand cash was halfway through our stay!

When we toured Gangnam a bit, there was a big Olive Young branch that got my attention instantly. At that time we’ve both neglected to slather moisturizers all over our bodies, and since South Korea in November is usually 0 degrees cold, our skin were already dying for something soothing.

Olive Young Freebies

My husband let me swipe my card for about KR84,000 worth of Dr. Jart beauty products (not a lot), and luckily it happened during Black Friday week. Olive Young was doing some promo that I couldn’t really tell, but I was happy to receive a bunch of beauty stuff from the “2017 Health and Beauty Awards”.

Olive Young Freebies Shots

I got a Tea Tree mask, some makeup sponges, feminine cleansers, toothpaste, moisturizers, serums, shampoos and even facial washes for men. I’m not sure if I had given those to my husband. I’m pretty sure I gave away most of the samples to my mom, keeping just a handful of stuff for myself. Here are some of the stuff that stood out for me:

Olive Young Makeup Case

All the goodies came in this denim beauty case. I love that I got it just when I needed to throw away my old makeup cases!

Olive Young Dr Jart Ceramidin Kit

Ads for Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin line had been nearly ALL OVER Olive Young stores when we were there, and by the third or fourth time I saw the little yellow penguins I was already curious. I like that the freebies I got came with sachets of the entire product line, plus a 30ml tube of the body lotion.

Olive Young Dr Jart Goodies

I’ve already finished using the Ceramidin body wash, scrub, serum and liquid–got to use them on my chaffed thighs and face at SoKor. The ones left are the cream and lotion. Smell- and texture-wise they’re all a little different from each other, but efficacy-wise, I’d say my favorites are serum, cream and lotion. The lotion tube, I have to say, protected my thighs pretty well at SoKor (though they had some help from my fave Cicapair cream)!


Overall I’m pretty happy with the freebies I got from Olive Young! I can’t wait to try the other samples.

Simple Glam Makeup Workshop

Be your own makeup artist with Simple Glam Makeup Workshop

This September, is kicking off the season of glitz and parties early with Simple Glam Makeup
Workshop with makeup artist Gail Sarion on September 30, 2017 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at Roof Deck Prestige
Tower, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Simple Glam Makeup Workshop

Whether you’re a makeup newbie, or you already know how to apply makeup for your everyday look, you can
learn how to glam up for parties and events this coming holiday season!
Learn how to be your own makeup artist! The holidays are the perfect time to doll up, and you don’t need to
hire a professional makeup artist to look your best.
In this workshop, makeup artist Gail Sarion will teach you:
1. Proper foundation application, how to find the right shade of foundation, and how to cover flaws for
perfect coverage
2. Smoky eye application
3. Eyeliner application: achieve the perfect cat eye!
4. False lashes application
5. Contouring and highlighting
6. How to apply makeup that stays put all day or night
Workshop fee is only Php 500.00 per person. Attendees will also get 10% discount on Naturactor, Octard, and LB
Cosmetics exclusively distributed by Matsui Cosme (Matsui Cosmetics Japan Beauty).
Limited slots only! Enroll online at!
About is a Training Course Finder where you can search for short courses, training, seminars,
workshops or learning events.

About Gail Sarion
Gail Sarion is the Chief Make-up Artist for Sarion Films (an independent production company), Regular Stylist for
Alabang Town Center, and Make-Up Workshop Facilitator for corporate personal development programs. She is
also a freelance make-up artist for all types of events.

About Matsui Cosme (Matsui Cosmetics Japan Beauty)
Matsui Cosmetics Japan Beauty (Matsui Global International Corporation) is the exclusive distributor of Japanese
cosmetics such as Naturactor, LB Cosmetics, Octard, and other Japan-made beauty products in the Philippines.

Bed Head TIGI styleshots epic volume

Birthday Haul: Scentsational Edition

Don’t tell my husband, but for my 31st birthday I splurged on bath items instead of my usual food-clothes-makeup combo. The reason? Living in Mandaluyong has given me access to a variety of products that would have usually cost me an arm and a leg if I had lived elsewhere, and my birthday weekend was perfect opportunity to unwind after back-breaking, eye-luggage-inducing work.

A major sale (“up to 80% off!”) that happened recently put hair care products from Bed Head and Davines a whole lot more affordable so I made sure to get my own stash of goodies for my birthday. I figured I also needed to buy something good for my dad, anyway.

Bed Head TIGI styleshots epic volume

Bed Head TIGI styleshots epic volume shampoo and conditioner – Php 999

You can’t use one without the other. Both smell a lot like strawberry candies, and while the shampoo strips the root cause of my hair’s limp and lifeless appearance, the conditioner brings back the lost moisture and helps give my fine hair some bounce. Once my hair is dry, the sweet strawberry scent becomes a lot fainter. The smell only lasts about 2-3 hours in the polluted wilderness of Metro Manila, but the limp and lifeless hair look doesn’t return until more than 24 hours later.

DAC London Rose Blush Whitening & Firming Facial Foam – Php300

I have serious questions about this product, since I’ve never seen any article about it aside from those from BeautyMNL. I’m not sure if this is a legit imported product, but I really like the novelty of dispensing foam flower everyday. Unfortunately, sources say that it’s best used as the second step in a 2-step cleansing regimen, and most working gals ain’t got no time for that.

LUSH Maypole – Php275 per 100g, I got 170g = Php467

As expected, this Lush product is expensive. But it stole my heart right away, with the delicious, warm combo of peppermint and maple syrup too much to resist. And who knew that combination would turn out something like inedible minty candy? I happily purchased the big slab of soap immediately after taking a good whiff of it. It was that incredible.

Note to self: Grab a tub of Maypole body lotion as soon as it’s available.

LUSH Sex Bomb Ballistic – Php325

I did a little research before making this important purchase, because I knew I could make bath bombs myself. There were cheap brands available online too.

Lush sex bomb packaging

But I didn’t want to risk disappointing myself when I drew a relaxing bath on my birthday, so I went with a Lush product.

Lush Cosmetics Sex Bomb Ballistic

I chose Sex Bomb because it was one of the more popular bath bombs (just think: jasmine, ylang ylang and sage wafting in the air!) and it wasn’t too glittery for a jacuzzi.

LUSH Brightside Bubble Bar – Php375

I love citrus scents although most citrus perfume don’t agree with my skin.

Lush bubble bar packaging

I picked this up on a whim since I figured I would also want a bubble bath. Before use, this little treat was stashed in the closet with Sex Bomb, a great surprise each time my hubby and I went through our wardrobe.

Lush Cosmetics Brightside Bubble Bar

Here’s the bubble bar doing its thing:

Davines NaturalTech Energizing Superactive and Shampoo Set – Php3500

My dad already has the stuff he needs for everything he likes, and most of the stuff I’ve given him, too, were often left unused until expired. Yes, I was hesitant when I purchased this set. But the set is designed to help improve thinning hair. I decided to make a giant leap and went ahead with this product for his 59th birthday. <3

Davines NaturalTech Energizing Shampoo

The Damage? Php5,966 total.

I charged all these to my credit card, since I’m hoping to use my overtime pay for all these scentsational items. :D

Fashion Show Director Robby Carmona

Zalora Style Awards 2017 Winners Announced

Asia’s top online fashion site, ZALORA, has just celebrated its 5th year in the region. To celebrate the momentous event, ZALORA partnered with local tastemakers and creatives for this year’s campaign entitled #ZALORAICONS.  These stylish icons have also been invited to form part of the judging committee of the annual ZALORA Style Awards, which culminated early this evening!

Fashion Show Director Robby Carmona

This week, catch these style icons online: Preview Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Isha Andaya-Valles, Metro Magazine’s Beauty Editor Kate Paras, Beauty Guru Jigs Mayuga, Fashion Show Director Robby Carmona and philantropist Nanette Medved-Po. These influential style icons–models, fashion editors, designers and entrepreneurs–form part of the #ZALORAICONS campaign, appearing in videos to share their creative inspirations and favorite fashion tips and hacks.

Preview Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Isha Andaya-Valles

This year’s ZALORA Style Awards Winners are:

    • Jake Ejercito – Male Style Star of the Year
    • Lauren Reid – Female Style of the Year
    • Vania Romoff – Fashion Designer of the Year
    • Team Rain X Em – Stylist of the Year
    • Mickey See – Makeup Artist of the Year


Congratulations for being true style icons, guys!