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New Local Shoe Brand Find: Blooms & Petals PH

In today’s trying times, the only way we can survive this pandemic is by helping each other into economic recovery. No better way to do this than to support local businesses.

Blooms & Petals PH is a new brand in the market, having started only in June this year over coffee with a friend. The brand specializes in customized shoes and accessories.

blue blooms and petals shoes 2

Wanting something unique for myself, I had a blue pair of ballet shoes with pom-poms from the brand. I was pleasantly surprised that the ballet shoes featured a buttery soft faux suede upper and the sole was moderately soft, too.

blue blooms and petals shoes

Shoe prices range from PHP549 to 1,199 depending on the materials used. Customized shoes start at PHP650. WHat’s unique about her team is that they ask for the clothes that will be worn with the shoes or the accessories that will be used. The owner wants only the best customer services for her clients, and even offers to replace the shoes if the customer is not satisfied.

Overall, I recommend Blooms & Petals PH if you want to support a local brand.

ANA Classica Solid Perfume Open Locket

ANA Classica Solid Perfume Rocks!

Cousins Amiel and Arriane had made scents named and inspired by their childhood heroines to re-introduce the age-old technique of solidifying perfumes. Did you know that solid perfumes were used from the Renaissance period and were even used all the way back to the Ancient Roman and Egyptian times? Now ANA Classica is bringing solid perfumes to the Philippines!

These homemade solid perfumes have been meticulously selected and sourced from all-natural and organic ingredients. No alcohol, preservatives nor petroleum!

ANA Classica Solid Perfume Open Locket ANA Classica Solid Perfume

This means that solid perfumes tend to be better than liquid perfumes in the sense that:

  • There’s no spillage!
  • Easy to use to apply to specific points of your body.
  • Scent is mild–neither offensive nor suffocating to other people.
  • Moisturizing and non-comedogenic.

The five vintage locket necklaces include a collaboration with Sining Seleste, a local artist who hand-paints one of the lockets. These lockets are made of stainless steel and are hypoallergenic and non-tarnish. They can even be worn by acidic people! Each locket contains 1.5 ml of solid perfume, and when worn, gives off a hint of the scent it encases.

The mini diamonds meanwhile contain 5ml of golden caramel solid perfume. The golden caramel coloring leaves a hint of sparkle on your skin–so it also doubles as a highlighter!

The scents

Victoria – Inspired by Queen Victoria, this classy scent is fresh and fruity–it has a fantastic pear note with a hint of rose.

Shelley – Inspired by author Marie Shelley, this scent is a chronicle of sweet and fruity with cherry, plum and vanilla notes.

Cleo – Inspired by Egyptian queen Cleopatra, this scent is an alluring composition of jasmine and vanilla notes.

Marie – Inspired by Marie Curie, this scent is a complex mix of rose and citrus notes.

Frida – Inspired by artist Frida Kahlo, this scent is a warm blend of vanilla, cherry and amber with a hint of milk. <–This scent I personally love!

Quick review


  • I like that it comes in a locket form–makes you smell good even when you’re not directly wearing perfume!
  • Lasts long on my skin–up to 6 hours, but for some people it can last as long as 8.
  • The scents are gorgeous–each one is perfect for every mood.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.


  • The solid perfume comes available in two sizes only- the locket which is 1.5 ml and the diamond which is 5 ml.
  • Because of the shape, it would be hard to scrape off the solid perfume in the diamond as soon as it’s about to run out.

Price list

Solid perfume locket PHP 399

Mini Diamond PHP 150

Locket Refill (not yet available) PHP 49

Where to buy




Break Down Your 2020 Goals with a Specially Made Viviamo Planner

A new year often marks a new beginning—and with it, a promise of hope, joy, and excitement. Goals are set and calendars are marked, whether it’s getting into shape, setting up a new business, or creating a travel destination bucket list.

It can be overwhelming when you’re faced with the reality of your decision. It isn’t as easy as you thought it would be.
Where do you start to make your dreams for the year come to pass? How do you ensure that you get to follow through on your commitments to yourself?

How do you get rid of being overwhelmed and stuck, fixing your eyes on the prize?

This October, Viviamo!, Inc., maker of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, is set to release a new line of products for their 2020 collection. Each planner is designed to fit different lifestyles and needs while helping its users achieve their goals for the year ahead.

Discover the Universe Within with the 2020 Belle de Jour Power Planner
Viviamo’s flagship offering, the Belle de Jour Power Planner, uses the theme “The Universe is in Me.” By discovering the universe within, you are opening up to the endless possibilities within your reach.
It features monthly activities that enable and challenge you to live life to the fullest. Also, weekly spreads provide enough space to write down lists, schedules, and even personal mantras.

The 2020 edition of the Belle de Jour Power Planner includes 2020 Goals Pages to ensure that you would stay focused, motivated, and on the right track. Other special pages include a Dream Board, a gratitude grid, and a daily Law of Attraction schedule.
The Belle de Jour Power Planner comes in four distinct and beautifully-designed covers.

Find Your Second Home with the Navi 2020 Planner
Built for the adventurer, the Navi 2020 includes stories from 12 travel bloggers who candidly talk about the places they consider their second home. These anecdotes are designed to inspire and invite veteran and newbie travelers to seek out their own adventures.
Navi 2020 includes a bucket list page, itinerary spread, and several checklists to make sure that you have everything you need to explore and discover a new or familiar destination.

Attract Abundance with the Everything is Possible 2020 Planner
Everything is Possible 2020 is equipped with special pages to help you set your goals, breaking them down into smaller chunks. The planner includes two 2020 Goals spreads, allowing you to list down tangible and actionable steps while setting deadlines for each.

Its cover features water-like elements, alluding to the ripple effect that one small action makes across a larger body of water.

Embrace Gratitude with the Focus 2020 Journal
The team at Viviamo believes that gratitude is one of the most important attributes to a life of success. The Focus 2020 Journal achieves just that, with monthly spreads that feature eye-catching and thought-provoking typography. Monthly check-ups allow you the space to reflect on different aspects of life that you’re grateful for. The spacious weekly layout is designed to help you maximize the space for schedules and other events.

Zero In on What is Essential with the Essentials Planner
Minimalists will enjoy using Viviamo’s Essentials Planner. Its clean and no-nonsense dotted spreads are specially designed for bullet journaling and creative journaling. The planner comes in two covers: classic and pattern.

Each Viviamo 2020 planner is equipped with a Life Declarations page, with the intention of igniting your goals, dreams, and passions for the year ahead.

Whatever your goals are for 2020, trust that Viviamo has a planner specially made for you. Get ready to set your goals and have a meaningful year ahead.

Viviamo’s 2020 collection is available at our one-stop shop for all things paper—Crazy About Paper. Shop for planners and journals at starting October 12. The planners will also be sold at all major bookstores beginning October 2019.


Three Ways to Help the Aging Process

The fact of the matter is that everybody ages, but there are ways to help you look and feel younger. Medical advancements have made it easier than ever to slow down the appearance of aging. There are also things you can do yourself to give your body more energy. Trying one of these methods can help you feel your very best.


Hair loss surgery

Most people will experience hair loss as they age. Some people may even go bald by their late twenties. While this is a natural part of the aging process, no one wants to lose his or her hair. If you’re experiencing hair loss, you might want to consider an experienced hair transplant Atlanta company. This is different from hair plugs, which were popular thirty years ago. This is a more modern technique that appears much more naturally than hair plugs did. There are a few options when it comes to hair loss surgery, so speak to a medical professional to find the right option for you.


Exercise may not sound like the most exciting way to feel younger, but staying in shape could potentially add years to your life. Working out doesn’t mean you have to lift weights followed by a fast-paced run. It can be as simple as a leisurely walk around your neighborhood each day. Motivating yourself is often the most difficult part when it comes to exercise, so try finding a fitness group to join, or ask some of your family or friends to help hold you accountable. Don’t be alarmed if within just a few weeks you notice you feel better and have more energy.

Wrinkle prevention

Fine lines and wrinkles eventually happen to everyone. While there is no way of completely preventing this process, there are ways to reduce their appearance. Injectables have become increasingly more popular and accessible. This is a treatment where a medical professional injects a drug into areas of the face where wrinkles are prominent. This can help to minimize their appearance and slow down the formation of more. If this option doesn’t sound right for you, consider investing in reputable wrinkle cream. Most beauty stores can help steer you in the right direction to find one that works best for you. While the aging process can’t be stopped, trying out the above methods could help slow it down. You should never feel embarrassed about getting older though. It is a completely natural process, and the best way to deal with it is by aging gracefully.

Leiana Organic Napkins

Happy Days Valentines Box – My Top Five

Super Late Post! A lot of things have happened since my first ever Happy Days Club TV appearance– my baby accidentally fell off the bed :( , workload increased for the next few days, and all the stress piled up until I woke up one early morning with gastroenteritis. It was terrible. I’ve always been curious about what it felt like to have diarrhea, but I don’t think I would want to discover it the hard way. I was still sick the following day, but I knew nobody would be able to work on the stuff I need to finish in the office, so against my doctor’s advice I went back to work the next morning. I was pretty sure I was still dehydrated because I screwed up at work the entire week. (So please, if your doctor told you to rest, rest!) It was such a super stressful month!

Now that the stressful month is over, here’s hoping March gives me fun, happy vibes for four weeks! But first, let me share with you this long overdue post. Happy Days Club was generous enough to send me a box filled with goodies back in February. It arrived about a week after my Happy Days Club TV gig–and a week before my period–so I was over the moon.

Valentines Box

There were lots of goodies that were sent to me, but on this post I’m sharing my top 5 favorites. If you’re interested, I made a quick post about the entire contents of the box in my IG here.

Leiana Organic Napkins

1. Leiana House of Beauty’s Organic Fresh Lady Bamboo Charcoal Anion Herbal Sanitary Pad – a mouthful to say, but each napkin is super thin (possibly the thinnest I’ve ever seen and used! The herbal scent for me was a little overpowering. I guess it takes a little getting used to, but I think it’s fine. I mean, the pad is super thin and absorbent–I don’t mind a little herbal scent down there if it means worry-free periods every month!

Aislin Ph Earrings

2. Aislin PH handmade earrings – Super intricately made, I love it! This pair looks like really cute statement pieces, though, so it makes me nervous. I mean, I love them, I just don’t know how to dress to match! I might probably throw on the oversized embroidered tunic my mom bought for me from Mexico.

Con Scents Scented Candle Rose

3. I luuurve rose scents, so this is hands down a shoo-in. Con Scents Me Time Candle - As soon as you open the can, sweet rose wafts through the air, lifting my senses. I don’t need (nor plan) to light it up. I want to just take a whiff of the scent forever!

Himalaya Herbals Facial Wash

4. Himalaya Herbals Oil Control Facial Wash - I got a pair of these babies, one for me and probably one for my hubby. He prefers using his own bar of soap though, so weeee this means more goodies for me. This facial wash has a very mild lemon scent, that it almost smells like it’s meant for men. I don’t know how to explain the scent, other than it’s not citrusy at all, very mild, clean and almost musky. Or maybe it’s just me. What I love about this facial wash is that it does’t completely strip my face of moisture. I always end up having a clean face with no breakouts whatsoever.

The Flower Pot Fem Bar

5. Last, but definitely not the least on this list: Leiana House of Beauty’s The Flower Pot Fem Bar. The packaging might need a bit of work, since it was incredibly difficult for me to read all the fine print on the back of the soap. Once unwrapped, the soap showed off an embossed five-petal flower, and a nice herbal scent (like woody, citrusy herbs). I like this bar’s scent–it reminds me of Mukti Botanicals’ facial wash. Mukti is an Australian brand of organic skin care line, and I’ve tried some of its products several years ago. I enjoyed that brand, although I cannot afford it now. Whenever I use this bar, it brings back great memories of that time I was thinner and younger (haha!) I love how it cleans, and it’s versatile enough to use on my body. It’s a little too soft, though.

Final Love Notes

The Valentines Box from Happy Days Club is terrific! Aside from these five products, I also got goodies from Dermcare, CocoLine, Nyogi, Softex Hello Kitty and Ladouce–items I already got from previous boxes. I love that I get local brands to try. It’s terrific. I learn about local products, I discover how awesome and world-class they are, and I help ladies handle their periods better. Love it! Thanks so much, Happy Days Club!

Scentswatch Pink Sherbet 30ml

Scent Swatch Pink Sherbet: Young, Fun and Flirty

Local brand Scent Swatch offers designer perfume scents at an affordable price. With designer scents being sold for at least php3,500 in malls, of course a quality “scent-alike” is a good alternative. (Shout out to my Happy Days Club fam for sharing this brand with me! #sponsored)

Here’s Pink Sherbet, a youthful fragrance inspired by Ferragamo’s Incanto Shine. It has a lot of fun fruity and floral notes–Fresh top notes of pineapple, bergamot, and passion fruit; middle notes of pink peony, freesia and peach; and rich base notes of cedar, amber, and musk. I’ve had different musky scents in the past, and I seldom go for citrusy scents because they don’t usually suit my body chemistry (except the original Clinique Happy!), so I was a little hesitant to try Pink Sherbet at first…

Scentswatch Pink Sherbet 30ml

The scent is by no means overpowering–it’s nice to sniff every few minutes, and considering that I can be sensitive about strong scents, the Pink Sherbet is a real winner! If I spray at around 7 in the morning I find that by lunch time the scent has already faded a lot. On my skin, a faint fruity-musky scent remains.

Scentswatch Pink Sherbet Review

Of course, picking perfumes online can be tricky, since our skin’s chemistry is widely varied. Beautiful scents from designer perfumes tend to smell terrible on me, because my skin reacts too much with the alcohol content. So yay, I love that Pink Sherbet suits my weird skin!

Overall, the Scent Swatch Pink Sherbet Eau de Parfum is highly recommended! The bottle come in different sizes –the largest being 60ml, costs Php 390, while the medium sized one (the one that I got) is a 30 ml bottle priced at Php 220. If you are still on the fence on the scents, you can get the trial size– 12ml at Php 125.00. If you calculate the prices, the 60 ml bottle is the best deal–just php6.50 per ml!

Check out the other scents at the Scent Swatch website. Alternatively you can reach out via the official Scent Swatch FB page. They sure are nice stocking stuffers this Christmas, aren’t they?

Skin Correct PH Emollient Cream

SkinCorrect PH: Hypoallergenic Skin Goodies

When it comes to skincare, it’s always better to err on the safe side and avoid unnecessary ingredients from touching your skin. I suspect that’s one of the reasons why constant hydration–drinking simple water as often as possible–is already a mantra when it comes to healthy and beautiful skin. The simpler, the better. And with the hot, humid weather and the dirt and pollution that we come in contact every day, don’t you think our skin deserves to recover too every night?

SkinCorrect PH offers just that–good stuff for the face (and you know how the skin on our faces tend to be more sensitive than the rest of our body!)
No perfume, just the basics plus nutrients to keep our facial skin clean and in tip top condition against the harsh elements in the Philippines.

Thanks, by the way, to my Happy Days Club family for sending this power duo! #sponsored

M Gentle Cleanse Emollient Cream

I got the M gentle cleanser and M emollient cream to test, and I found that this pair is an affordable option for ladies who are on a budget. Both products together help clean and moisturize. For background, I’ve got generally dry skin that tends to be sensitive to changing weather, hormones and harsh chemicals.

Here are my thoughts on the pair after twenty days of use:

M Gentle Cleanse – 125ml

I love the simple white pump bottle as packaging. It’s opaque to protect the ingredients, plus hygienic since it comes with a pump. I love that I can control the amount of product I use every day because of it!

Plus all the ingredients can easily be found on the label.

Skin Correct PH Gentle Cleanser

The cleanser has a somewhat oily scent, which I assume come from the sunflower oil. The consistency is smooth, and it doesn’t lather as I would expect from oil-stripping cleansers.

In my opinion, just a pea-sized (single pump) amount is enough to clean the entire face. Once rinsed, the cleanser leaves the scent on my skin, even on my hands after washing! It also feels like an oily film covers my skin afterwards.

Skin Correct Cleanser Drop

M Emollient Cream – 125ml

Compared with the gentle cleanser, the emollient cream features a slightly stronger scent and creamier consistency. Also, I found that two pumps are needed to get enough product to cover my face, from forehead to neck area.

Skin Correct PH Emollient Cream

There’s no sticky feeling after each application, and my skin feels more supple after three hours or so. I like that my skin never reacted to the ingredients, at all!

Even during days that have bee more stressful than normal, my skin remained moisturized. I’ve also forgotten to moisturize my face one day and seen the difference between skin that’s dry and flaky and skin that’s protected with SkinCorrect!

Skin Correct Cream Drop

Results Say It All

Ever since I got a baby I’ve been incredibly cautious when it comes to skincare, since I don’t want any chemical from affecting my baby, from fetus to newborn. Before SkinCorrect I usally only cleanse my face with water or expensive hypoallergenic products like Physiogel or Cetaphil.

As smooth as baby

At least now, based on these pictures, I can have good skin that’s almost like my baby’s, using products that are locally made and far less expensive than the heavily marketed brands.


My only issue would be the oily scent. Other than that, I’m happy I could still make selfies even though I’m losyang, because of how my skin remains looking good.


No makeup necessary!

Caronia 2010s Colors Angle

Caronia Celebrates 50 Years of Wonderful Nails!

Did you know? It’s been 50 years since the local brand Caronia first released its wonderful assortment of vibrant nail polish! Yes, the brand that’s already a household name was first introduced to the Philippine market in 1968.

In celebration of Caronia’s golden anniversary, the brand is introducing five curated sets of its bestsellers: Psychedelic 70s, Vibrant 80s, Iconic 90s, Modern 00s, and Dynamic 10s. The possible nail art combinations and designs are endless, thanks to these Caronia colors! Best of all, Caronia nail polish formulations are toluene-free.

For promos (#ShowMeTheMani) and updates, follow Caronia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

PSYCHEDELIC 70s BOX: Brick Red, Fantasy Red, Glissade, On-The-Go, Pussy Red, Simply Red, Tahiti Brown, Taupe, Tea Rose, and Touch of Beige
Caronia 70s Colors

VIBRANT 80s BOX: Bourree, Lemon Cool, Natural, Orange Pop, Platinum Special, Red Pearl, Sweet Surprise,Tangerine, Tryst, and White Rose
Caronia 80s Colors

ICONIC 90s BOX: Avant, Blueberry, Blue Chill, Blue Velvet, Bohemian Blue, Chasse, Emerald Shine, GypsyGreen, Sapphire Glow, and White Satin
Caronia 90s Colors

MODERN 2000s BOX: Baby Pink, Carolina Peach, Chestnut, Colorless, Italian Nude, Kismet, Pink Lilac, Pink Lily, Platinum Glitter, and Silver Platinum
Caronia 2000s Colors

DYNAMIC 2010s BOX: African Plum, Black Velvet, Cashmere, Golden Bronze, Pique, Rainbow Tan, Touch of Tan, 14K Gold, 18K Gold, and 24K Gold
Caronia 2010s Colors

My personal faves are Touch of Tan, Cashmere, Pink Lilac, Taupe and Tea Rose. What’s yours?

Share your nail polish favorites using #Caronia50Years #KeepThingsColorful on social media!

Caronia 2010s Colors Angle