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Benefits of Sugar-Based Body Scrub and Hair Removal

Water-soluble and versatile, the common sugar has many uses that people should learn to take advantage of. Here’s a breakdown to convince you how awesome sugar is, beyond pastries and cakes.
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1. Sugar helps boost cell regeneration.

Skin cells are regularly replaced (about 28 days) with new, healthier skin. Since the turnover process may slow down as we get older, we can help speed it up with some exfoliation. When sugar granules are massaged all over the body, dead skin is sloughed off at the same time the rubbing movement boosts circulation, potentially helping drain the lymph nodes through increased blood flow. The new skin cells will better absorb your moisturizer as well.

2. Sugar, unlike wax, will not burn.

Apart from being edible, sugaring paste softens already at body temperature. So it will not burn the skin, unlike the traditional wax.

3. Sugaring paste is easy to clean up.

Wax tend to contain chemicals that need special solvents to remove, while the water-based sugar paste can easily be washed off with water.

4. Sugaring is less painful.

Since sugaring paste tends to adhere only to dry hair and dead skin cells, you can have your hair removed with less pain. Wax meanwhile, can adhere directly to even live skin cells, making the hair removal process with wax a lot more unbearable for some.

5. Sugar is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Sugar is a natural anti-bacterial agent, and regular sugaring paste is simply made of sugar, water and lemon juice. You can rest assured that the sugaring paste used during your hair removal session is safe and won’t cause breakouts.

Want to try sugar for your beauty treatments yourself?

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