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Break Down Your 2020 Goals with a Specially Made Viviamo Planner

A new year often marks a new beginning—and with it, a promise of hope, joy, and excitement. Goals are set and calendars are marked, whether it’s getting into shape, setting up a new business, or creating a travel destination bucket list.

It can be overwhelming when you’re faced with the reality of your decision. It isn’t as easy as you thought it would be.
Where do you start to make your dreams for the year come to pass? How do you ensure that you get to follow through on your commitments to yourself?

How do you get rid of being overwhelmed and stuck, fixing your eyes on the prize?

This October, Viviamo!, Inc., maker of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, is set to release a new line of products for their 2020 collection. Each planner is designed to fit different lifestyles and needs while helping its users achieve their goals for the year ahead.

Discover the Universe Within with the 2020 Belle de Jour Power Planner
Viviamo’s flagship offering, the Belle de Jour Power Planner, uses the theme “The Universe is in Me.” By discovering the universe within, you are opening up to the endless possibilities within your reach.
It features monthly activities that enable and challenge you to live life to the fullest. Also, weekly spreads provide enough space to write down lists, schedules, and even personal mantras.

The 2020 edition of the Belle de Jour Power Planner includes 2020 Goals Pages to ensure that you would stay focused, motivated, and on the right track. Other special pages include a Dream Board, a gratitude grid, and a daily Law of Attraction schedule.
The Belle de Jour Power Planner comes in four distinct and beautifully-designed covers.

Find Your Second Home with the Navi 2020 Planner
Built for the adventurer, the Navi 2020 includes stories from 12 travel bloggers who candidly talk about the places they consider their second home. These anecdotes are designed to inspire and invite veteran and newbie travelers to seek out their own adventures.
Navi 2020 includes a bucket list page, itinerary spread, and several checklists to make sure that you have everything you need to explore and discover a new or familiar destination.

Attract Abundance with the Everything is Possible 2020 Planner
Everything is Possible 2020 is equipped with special pages to help you set your goals, breaking them down into smaller chunks. The planner includes two 2020 Goals spreads, allowing you to list down tangible and actionable steps while setting deadlines for each.

Its cover features water-like elements, alluding to the ripple effect that one small action makes across a larger body of water.

Embrace Gratitude with the Focus 2020 Journal
The team at Viviamo believes that gratitude is one of the most important attributes to a life of success. The Focus 2020 Journal achieves just that, with monthly spreads that feature eye-catching and thought-provoking typography. Monthly check-ups allow you the space to reflect on different aspects of life that you’re grateful for. The spacious weekly layout is designed to help you maximize the space for schedules and other events.

Zero In on What is Essential with the Essentials Planner
Minimalists will enjoy using Viviamo’s Essentials Planner. Its clean and no-nonsense dotted spreads are specially designed for bullet journaling and creative journaling. The planner comes in two covers: classic and pattern.

Each Viviamo 2020 planner is equipped with a Life Declarations page, with the intention of igniting your goals, dreams, and passions for the year ahead.

Whatever your goals are for 2020, trust that Viviamo has a planner specially made for you. Get ready to set your goals and have a meaningful year ahead.

Viviamo’s 2020 collection is available at our one-stop shop for all things paper—Crazy About Paper. Shop for planners and journals at starting October 12. The planners will also be sold at all major bookstores beginning October 2019.

Mommy Bloggers for Tide

White is in! These mommy bloggers share their holiday must-haves this 2018

Mommy Bloggers for Tide

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re like most homemakers, you’re probably thinking of how to make your celebrations extra fun and memorable for your loved ones this year.

Mom bloggers Anne, Kris, and Isha, all known for their housekeeping and other practical tips, are one in saying that planning is important so that you can be ready for the whirlwind of activities that come with the holiday season.

Here are some of their must-haves so that you can have an awesome celebration:

A hardworking smartphone and data plan. Share your holiday adventures by taking lots and lots of photos. Make sure your smartphone has a good camera and plenty of storage so that you can take all the photos you want – from the food you served to the selfies and groufies you’ll have with the family and friends. Upload your photos quickly on social media so that everyone can partake of the fun, even virtually.

Healthy food. With all the partying going around, some people may overindulge and break their doctors’ orders. To make sure that even those who are on a diet or have special medical considerations also get to enjoy the holiday feast, have something prepared especially for them. Fruits and vegetables are always be good to have and are healthy for you too.

Christmas-themed décor. To evoke that holiday feel, make it a white Christmas! The mom bloggers all agree that white is in this Christmas. Have some white table runners and white napkins for a wintery look. While you’re at it, bring out your white pillow cases and throw pillows as well, and combine them with reds and golds. You can have a holiday wonderland right in your own home.

Extra gifts. The last thing you want to happen is to find out you forgot to put someone in your Christmas gift list. Since you can’t really tell who this person will be and when you’ll need the item, prepare one or two gifts that you can easily pull out anytime. Some ideas would be plain white shirts (one size fits all), white hankies, and face towels.

Holiday frocks. You want your family members to have the right holiday gear so that they can be comfortable yet presentable in the rush of holiday activities. When choosing clothes, go for classic colors such as white, which is easy to mix with just about anything and never goes out of style. Just because your family members haven’t worn some clothes for a long time doesn’t mean you should throw them away. By using a deep cleaning detergent with intensive cleaning power, putim shirts can be brilliant white again, just in time for the holidays.

Our blogger moms all swear by Tide, whose intensive cleaning power keeps clothes so white that they actually look new. Enjoy white clothes you’ve always loved, as well as those lovely colors you enjoy, by using detergents that have been especially formulated to bring out your clothes’ whiteness.

Just like Melai and Alex Gonzaga who kept everyone guessing who among them was wearing BagongBili o BagongLaba with Tide, the mommy bloggers noted that despite repeated usage, clothes washed with Tide look new.

“Sobrang amazing ang Tide! Ang dating luma, mukhang bago sa kaputian. Gumamit kayo ng Tide para hindi na kailangan bumili ng bago,” says mom Isha.

“Filipino moms are practical, so we are happy to bring them Tide, which allows them to keep their families’ clothes looking and smelling new. At the same time, they are able to save money by not having to replace clothes so often,” ends Procter & Gamble’s Country Marketing Manager for Laundry, Jonn Terence Dy.

With Tide, white is in. “Kikinang-kinang ang damit nyo sa kaputian ngayong Pasko,” concludes Mommy Anne.

Lou Veloso solo

Who are the citizens of Citizen Jake?

Director-producer Mike de Leon has a stellar ensemble cast for his newest movie Citizen Jake, which opens in Philippine cinemas nationwide on May 23.

Cherie Gil bts solo

Citizen Jake is about Jake Herrera, journalist and estranged son of a powerful Philippine Senator. Driven by disdain for his father, Jake moves to Baguio City where he attempts to build a new life. But circumstances force him to try to solve the brutal killing of a young, female student in the university where he teaches in. Jake conducts an investigation—a move that leads him to face corruption and his personal demons.  The screenplay is written by Mike de Leon, Atom Araullo and Noel Pascual. The film is produced by Cinema Artists Philippines and distributed by Solar Pictures. 

The star-studded cast includes Cherie Gil, Dina Bonnevie, Nonie Buencamino, Adrian “Luis” Alandy, Gabby Eigenmann, Max Collins, Teroy Guzman, Lou Veloso, Richard Quan, with Victor Neri, Allan Paule, Anna Luna, Elora Españo, Cholo Barretto, Raquel Villavicencio, Nanding Josef, Ruby Ruiz, and featuring Atom Araullo as Jake Herrera.

Many of the actors auditioned for their roles, while others like Dina and Cherie, were stars that Direk Mike had worked with in the past. In a series of posts on the Citizen Jake movie Facebook page, Direk Mike revealed some behind-the-scenes stories about his cast.

Gabby Eigenmann solo

Gabby, for instance, was told by others to “underact” for his audition as Roxie, the congressman-brother of Jake. Direk Mike found the “underacting” advice strange. Gabby then did a more intense second reading. “The transformation was amazing,” said Direk Mike. “Right there and then… I decided I would cast him… He was so good in the film that I wrote two new sequences later.”  For the director, Gabby possessed the intensity of his father, the late Mark Gil, whom Direk Mike had worked with in Batch ’81.  

Max Collins, meanwhile, purposely dressed down for her reading of Mandy, Jake’s significant other and fellow university teacher. Direk Mike noticed that she prepared. “I was immediately very impressed,” he said. “She came across as a very honest, sincere person and this was reflected in the genuineness of her reading.” Direk Mike likened Max to French film star Isabelle Adjani of The Story of Adelle H. In spite of being a bit young for the role, Direk Mike said Max was credible and moving. “She can only get better in time,” he said of the Kapuso actress.

Lou Veloso solo

Direk Mike also had good things to say about Adrian “Luis” Alandy who plays the role of Jonie, a Baguio pony boy who is the best friend of Jake. “Most of the actors who auditioned for the role were good but Luis impressed met he most. He had a certain sensitivity and vulnerability and I imagined that this actor could easily switch scenes of casual banter to ones of deep tragedy.” Direk Mike found out he was right because during the shoot, Luis proved to be consistent from rehearsal to take. “He’s perhaps the finest actor I’ve worked with since Jay Ilagan,” Direk Mike added.

Cherie Gil, Teroy Guzman and Lou Veloso are three of the more experienced actors in the cast. Cherie was among those who did not audition since Direk wrote the part of Patti Medina (a cunning businesswoman with political connections) with the award-winning actress in mind. “From the very first draft…” Direk emphasized. Years ago, Cherie and Direk Mike had collaborated on the video film Bilanggo sa Dilim. “The Cherie I encountered in ‘Citizen Jake’ has honed film acting to an unprecedented degree. Wala siyang kapantay,” he raved.

Max Collins solo

Teroy’s extensive work in theater made his characterization of Sen. Jacobo Herrera (the father of Jake) smooth. “Only in his 50s, (he) plays the role of a man in his 70s… You learn to appreciate, though not necessarily like, the character being portrayed because the character of Jacobo can easily slip into caricature. But with Teroy, it never did. It is the subtleties you watch as he performs and you feel fortunate to be working with an actor like him,” said Direk Mike.

Lou—who auditioned for his role as the hippie professor Lucas—has a major contribution to the film. He recited his own poem, “Bayan Mo” in a totally improvised scene with Atom. For that, Direk Mike thanked the veteran film/stage actor. “He is capable of serious nuanced acting and his grizzled weary old rebel looks adds much to this.”

Atom in Baguio house2

As for TV journalist Atom Araullo who not only acts in the film but is also co-writer, Direk Mike said, “I was amazed by Atom’s keen mind and his contribution to the screenplay was substantial… As an actor I believe he did a good job and I won’t say the usual ‘in spite of…’ There were scenes where he acted unevenly but there were also scenes, many of them major, where he was terrific.”

For updates about Citizen Jake, follow Citizen Jake on Facebook, @citizenjakefilm on Instagram and @thecitizenjake on Twitter. 


Photos courtesy of Citizen Jake Facebook page and Cinema Artists Philippines


The modern Juan paves the way for gender equality at home with Ariel’s #JuanWash

Perhaps no era has prompted a more dramatic shift in gender norms than this one; and these changes are most evident in one of the most basic facets of daily life — chores.

Where household tasks were once viewed as “women’s work” decades prior, nowadays, a more equal division of tasks for cooking, cleaning, laundry duties, and the like in the new millennium is far from unusual.


According to the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), Filipino men are getting more and more involved in household work. In fact, statistics show that a significant increase was seen in the beginning of 2000s, with employed men allotting an average of 5 hours working on chores. This is a big jump, compared to the average of 1.87 hours from the numbers gathered on employed men from 1979.

With these findings, it’s exciting to see how this would continue to take off to new heights. A contemporary and fresh perspective on equality always starts from the core of the community, the family, and this is precisely why Ariel wants to keep the conversation going for every Juan.

As an homage to the men who show their support with the simple yet powerful act of contributing to housework, Ariel’s #JuanWash campaign seeks to inspire men to embrace one of the crucial roles in making a house a home by simply chipping in on the laundry. On September 1, 2017, Ariel will be launching the campaign online as a thank you to the Juan Washers, or the men who confidently help with the laundry thanks to Ariel Power Gel that makes washing clothes easily done in no time at all.

“For a long time, it has been common for women to have a bigger share in terms of household chores. With the rise of double-income homes and a more open-minded cultural landscape, men are now much more accepting of the idea of contributing to the housework,” explains Luisito Morante, Regional Brand Communications for Procter & Gamble, ASEAN Fabric & Home Care.

Many homes have their laundry washed twice a week. If the men of the household were to set aside one day for laundry, this can mean a world of difference for the family as a whole. As a convenient reminder of how each week gives men an opportune moment to show their support, Ariel is looking to dedicate Fridays as #JuanWash days. With this slight addition to their weekly routine, the men of the household can be a New Man as an expert in laundry, all thanks to Ariel Power Gel that makes superior clean effortless. Especially formulated for better stain removal, anyone can now reach the new standard of laundry with Ariel #JuanWash.

By celebrating the men who take a stand for equality through #JuanWash, Ariel continues to break barriers after coming from the successful launch of #AhonPinay – a project in partnership with TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) that sought to provide women with more work opportunities by training them in commonly male-dominated jobs. Through #JuanWash, Ariel further emphasizes the advocacy of empowering Filipinos by showcasing the modern Juan’s role in laundry chores as a critical step towards welcoming the change to lead. Because someone who is man enough to do laundry, is someone who cares enough to let the women in their lives have the same opportunity to progress even more.

In partnership with Eat Bulaga, Ariel will be scouring through many different barangays in Metro Manila to find Juan Washers every Friday, starting on September 1. Not only is this meant to put the spotlight on individual Juan Washers, but it’s a way to show everyone how valuable their role is in further pushing equality in the family and in the community.


A lot is in store for Ariel’s #JuanWash initiative, and we hope you can also take part in spreading the word for this nationwide movement! Go ahead and be a part of the change by contributing to your share of the household chores with #JuanWash – one wash at a time.

To learn more, visit Ariel’s website, Facebook, and Youtube page.

Simple Glam Makeup Workshop

Be your own makeup artist with Simple Glam Makeup Workshop

This September, is kicking off the season of glitz and parties early with Simple Glam Makeup
Workshop with makeup artist Gail Sarion on September 30, 2017 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at Roof Deck Prestige
Tower, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Simple Glam Makeup Workshop

Whether you’re a makeup newbie, or you already know how to apply makeup for your everyday look, you can
learn how to glam up for parties and events this coming holiday season!
Learn how to be your own makeup artist! The holidays are the perfect time to doll up, and you don’t need to
hire a professional makeup artist to look your best.
In this workshop, makeup artist Gail Sarion will teach you:
1. Proper foundation application, how to find the right shade of foundation, and how to cover flaws for
perfect coverage
2. Smoky eye application
3. Eyeliner application: achieve the perfect cat eye!
4. False lashes application
5. Contouring and highlighting
6. How to apply makeup that stays put all day or night
Workshop fee is only Php 500.00 per person. Attendees will also get 10% discount on Naturactor, Octard, and LB
Cosmetics exclusively distributed by Matsui Cosme (Matsui Cosmetics Japan Beauty).
Limited slots only! Enroll online at!
About is a Training Course Finder where you can search for short courses, training, seminars,
workshops or learning events.

About Gail Sarion
Gail Sarion is the Chief Make-up Artist for Sarion Films (an independent production company), Regular Stylist for
Alabang Town Center, and Make-Up Workshop Facilitator for corporate personal development programs. She is
also a freelance make-up artist for all types of events.

About Matsui Cosme (Matsui Cosmetics Japan Beauty)
Matsui Cosmetics Japan Beauty (Matsui Global International Corporation) is the exclusive distributor of Japanese
cosmetics such as Naturactor, LB Cosmetics, Octard, and other Japan-made beauty products in the Philippines.

GEO Trikini 2017 Poster

Run, Bike and Party with Trikini on August 19

MANILA, Philippines – Megaworld Lifestyle Malls shall be presenting a unique active lifestyle event on August 19, 2017 in McKinley West Park.

Trikini is an urban fitness party that will feature three basic elements- run, bike, and party- in a safe and exclusive venue where attendees can enjoy the outdoors right in the heart of the city. With a dress code of sports, active or beach wear, guests can participate in their activities of choice quite comfortably.

The event will have two zones: Active and Fest. The Active Zone allows festival goers to get their fitness fix with a friendly 5K run and 15k bike race. For attendees looking for a more relaxed experience, the Fest Zone offers dance workshops, oversized inflatables, and a main stage that will feature performances by high-profile acts such as SinoSiKat, Extrapolation, DJ Khai Lim, and Sanya Smith!

“Trikini highlights enjoying the urban outdoors and being comfortable in your own skin,” says Sam Okal of GEO Events Management. “Since all the fitness activities are optional, you can decide on your level of participation. Competition is also kept light and friendly with cash prizes going as donations to beneficiary SOS Children’s Villages Philippines.”

For fifty years, the organization has provided healthcare, housing, and education to underprivileged children and families in the Philippines. Attendees may learn more about SOS and how they may contribute to its initiatives during the event.

“Essentially, it’s Trikini’s overall vibe that sets it apart from other events in the category,” continues Okal. “The ultimate goal is to encourage more city dwellers to live active lifestyles and enjoy the outdoors, no matter what the season.”

Don’t let the rainy season stop you from being active and enjoying the outdoors! Ticket prices are PHP 5,000.00 and can be purchased online at, bank deposit and credit card payments accepted. Promo codes are available through Megaworld Lifestyle Malls (Eastwood, Uptown Bonifacio, and Venice Grand Canal), Colnago Manila, Secondwind, and Athleema Makati.

TravelBook PH Affiliate Anniversary Sponsors celebrates its 1st Affiliate Program Anniversary, the leading online travel agency (OTA) in the Philippines, concluded its affiliate program anniversary celebration “1st Year Cheer” on June 24, 2017 at Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila in Ortigas Center, Pasig. The event recognized its 2,700 blogger affiliates and their contributions to the success of the program.

 TravelBook PH Affiliate Celebration

The event highlighted and celebrated the many firsts that the Affiliate Program has achieved on its first year. Present during the event is Affiliate 001 Awardee David Bernabe, owner of Crowd Travel and the very first affiliate to sign up for’s Affiliate Program. DIY Travel and Tours was also awarded for being the first affiliate to incur a completed booking through their website.

The awards and tokens of appreciation for the affiliates were presented by Ms. Pia Bernaldo and Ms. Toni Reyes of the Affiliate Team, along with Mr. Takumi Nakazawa, General Manager of also prepared an audio-visual presentation of their first blogger getaway, where 15 lucky bloggers won an all-expenses-paid trip to the lovely island of Caramoan in Camarines Sur. Two of the bloggers who attended the Caramoan getaway, Me-An Clemente of Yogo and Cream and event host Allan Bobis of The Filipino Rambler, received tokens of appreciation from and gift certificates from Trampoline Park.

The attendees also looked back on their first affiliate training, which took place last year. Dianne Rosqueta of Curly Dianne was invited on stage to share her experience and how much the affiliate trainings helped her in optimizing the content of her blog. Afterwards, Ms. Pia Bernaldo of the Affiliate Team expressed her gratitude to the attendees and discussed the future plans of the program for the affiliate bloggers.

Also present in the event is Charmaine Belza of The Project Maine and the first affiliate to withdraw commission earned through the program. She was also given a certificate and token of appreciation from GetGo PH and Novellino Wines.

During the event, Ms. Pinky Librada, Business Development Manager of, discussed the Affiliate Program’s new commission structure, wherein the affiliates can score up to 65% commission rates once accommodations have been booked through their websites.

All attendees received PHP 2,000 worth of TravelBook points as well as loot bags with freebies from PhotoBook Wordwide, Hideo Wakamatsu, Celeteque, Vivo Lumio, and Bo’s Coffee. Wines from Novellino Wines, backpack and trolley from Hideo Wakamatsu, Trampoline Park gift certificates, roundtrip tickets from Philtranco and Jam Liner Inc., roundtrip business class tickets from FastCat, and an overnight stay with breakfast for two at Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg were among the raffle prizes given away.

TravelBook PH Affiliate Anniversary Sponsors

If you want to be part of’s growing community of bloggers and page owners, register as an Affiliate at


Assassins Creed 2016 Poster

Watch the latest Assassin’s Creed trailer

Assassins Creed 2016 Poster

The latest brand new trailer of “Assassin’s Creed” (starring Academy Award® nominee Michael Fassbender!!!) reveals a much more dangerous world as it puts the audience in the middle of an ancient war between two age old factions – the Assassins, who fight to protect free will among the populace, and the Templars, who aspire to impose a New World Order.

Throughout history, these two groups have been fighting for the fate of humanity. In the present, the Templars are close to realizing their dream of dominion by using ancient artifacts (created by an extremely evolved First Civilization) known collectively as Pieces of Eden. Among other things, these artifacts have the power to optimize the human mind.

Based on the highly-successful and popular Ubisoft video game series, “Assassin’s Creed” sees Fassbender plays dual roles as Callum Lynch, a Death Row convict spared execution by the Templars, as well as his 15th Century ancestor, Aguilar de Nehra, a Master Assassin who fought the Spanish Inquisition in his quest to keep a sacred artifact out of Templar hands. Through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, Callum Lynch (Fassbender) experiences the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain. Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day.


“Assassin’s Creed” also stars Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard (“The Dark Knight Rises,” “La Vie en Rose”), Jeremy Irons (“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”), Brendan Gleeson (“Harry Potter” movies) and is directed by Justin Kurzel (“Macbeth”).

“Assassin’s Creed” opens in Philippine cinemas nationwide on January 4, 2017 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.