About Lifestyle Manila

Lifestyle Manila is not about the glamour and the allure.

It is all about the various products, establishments, promos and events available to people from Manila.

The owner of this website is, in a word, a nut. Ethel to her co-workers and Kax to her friends, she dabbles in all sorts of offbeat, strange and neurotic. She tells funny stories waaaay differently from time to time, possibly due to her unpredictable mood swings.

She is certainly a writer, though. She loves painting pictures with her words and enjoys going where her heart takes her, but this hardly happens frequently enough to keep her satisfied with life.

/end talking in the third person

Ethel Merioles Christopher de Leon

Hey there, Christopher de Leon approves! (I’m hoping)

Robin Padilla Starbucks Birthday Greeting

Well at least Bad Boy Robin Padilla does! (Thanks Julie!)

bobby andrews ethel merioles fridgidzoneAs well as Bobby Andrews!

railey deo valeroso lifestylemanila

And look, even Railey Valeroso of Click!

Enjoy my ramblings here and keep on smiling and enjoying life! You can also head to the F.A.Q.s section of this blog to learn more about me.

Some of my works include:

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