Ortigas Art Festival

5 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Visit the 3rd Ortigas Art Festival

Featuring local and international artists, Ortigas Art Festival 2020 has quickly become a go-to event for all those who love the arts. In just three years, it has created ripples throughout the Philippine art scene and has managed to pique the interest of all art lovers.

Whether you’re a serious art collector or just someone who appreciates Filipino artistry, you’re bound to awed in by the vast number of art pieces to be shown, as well as the interesting line-up of artists to be featured at the exhibit. Watercolors, acrylics, sculptures…prepare for a feast of the senses.

Ortigas Art Festival
Here are five reasons why you definitely have to check out the festival:

1. Its curator is one of the most talented in the art industry
The pieces at the Ortigas Art Festival were especially chosen by Renato Habulan, resident curator of Eskinita Gallery. The multi-awarded Habulan has been a prominent and prolific social realist since the 1970s. His views are masterfully captured in his award-winning watercolors, non-representational art, and assemblages. With Habulan as curator, you can look forward to an exciting collection that will keep you mesmerized.

2. A captivating line-up of artists, galleries, and even bocetos
The festival showcases the works of contemporary artists that are definitely worth following, among them, international artists Arnel Agawin, Julio Austria, Jeho Bitancor,Gala Caki, Reynold dela Cruz, Michelle Dawson, Feliciano Gallardo, Processo Gelladuga, Katrinn Hamann, Sahid Kazi, Leonor RS Lim, Alfonso Medillo, Dengcoy Miel, Rey Padernilla, Made Palguna, Joel Soliven, Art Zamora, and Jose Zulueta. What’s more, works from three galleries will be featured – Eskinita Art Gallery, Kaida Contemporary Gallery, and vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery. For those want to appreciate the artists’ creative process, Papelismo Boceto showcases 300 artworks from over 100 artists.

3. Workshops by local and international artists
Budding artists can develop their skills at various workshops to be held during the festival. Seven workshops await artists of all skill levels. On Feb 29, there will be a Mixed Media demonstration by international artists Gala Cali, Sahid Kazi, and Katrinn Haman. On March 1, learn Multimedia from Michelle Dawson, Made Palguna, and Rey dela Cruz.

4. It’s an award-winning festival
The festival is definitely a top-notch sensory experience. The first Ortigas Art Festival won the Bronze Stevie for the International Business Awards 2019 – Communications or PR Campaign of the Year as well as a Bronze for the 2019 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, for its success in making art more accessible to ordinary people via Estancia’s immersive art rooms that allowed Filipinos to experience global art.

#EscapeEstancia go ahead and get some inspiration or for a few minutes by dropping Get some inspiration or relax for a few minutes by dropping in.
The Ortigas Art Festival, which will be held at the newly-opened East Wing of Estancia at Capitol Commons, opens on February 28 and will run until March 8. Follow Estancia at Capitol Commons on Facebook and visit ortigasmalls.com for the latest info on upcoming events and activities.

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