With Jack Frost nipping at your nose and snow gathering around your boots, what better present is there than something to keep your feet comfortable while walking in a winter wonderland? The variety of socks available, in all different colors and styles, make socks a wonderful holiday gift to warm the heels of any loved one on your list.

Almost anyone can use more socks and will love to receive ones that fit their personality. Choose from crew socks for active athletes, knee highs for women who dress up, or plush fuzzy Mopas socks for anyone who wants their feet swathed in softness on a colder winter’s night. Knit foot covers are the perfect choice for those who like to lounge in comfort. They are almost like light slippers to keep feet warm on chilly winter mornings.

Choose between an almost infinite number of colors and patterns to please anyone who adores specific things. For example, choose a fun zebra animal print for the wild child in your family or a pair featuring cute little kitties for the animal lover in your friendship circle. Wrap up a pair of bold rainbow striped socks for your colorful cousin or audacious geometric red socks for your artistic aunt. Pick out a few classic solid hues for your more conservative relations and get a couple bright designs for your fun-loving relatives.

Socks are not only a practical gift but can be exciting, as well. For example, plan a holiday sock party. It can be for your family or for an office celebration. Everyone brings a pair of holiday themed socks. Fill the socks with small stocking stuffers, like jewelry charms and travel lotions for the ladies, sporting goods stores gift cards and ties for the men and little bottles of favorite beverages and Christmas candy for everyone. Have a drawing to choose who gets to pick what socks first. Liven it up by filling some of the socks with gag gifts for a Dirty Santa take on the game, like lumps of chocolate coal or fast food coupons.

One of the most practical ways for staying warm all winter is to keep your feet dry. This timeless advice is the reason for a few true classic presents under your tree. Show all your loved ones how much you care by offering a fun and festive way to keep their feet warm this holiday season.