How I wish this movie’s release had been scheduled before my wedding, but what the hey, I’m sure my fiance wouldn’t mind seeing Heisenberg in a family comedy like this.

James Franco Why Him movie Zoey Deutch Bryan Cranston

Check out 20th Century Fox’s second red-band trailer of “Why Him?” In this film, James Franco is the foulmouthed boyfriend fathers may have warned their daughters about. Bryan Cranston, meanwhile, is the overprotective father and Zoey Deutch is the college daughter.

Tension grows when Laird (Franco) eventually reveals to Ned that he’s about to pop the question to Stephanie (Deutch). Determined that he’s not good enough for his daughter, Ned goes on an all-out war with Laird to stop him from asking his daughter to marry him.

“Why Him?” is an original story by director John Hamburg along with Jonah Hill and Ian Helfer, produced by a team of guaranteed blockbuster filmmakers consisting of Shawn Levy, Ben Stiller and Dan Levine.

A hilarious kind of date movie for clashing in-laws, “Why Him?” opens February 1, 2017.