Where’s MH370?

After Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had gone missing in March 8, 2014, only a few pieces of its debris had been found. For entrepreneur Mat Carpenter, the quest for the MH370 debris is a lot like looking for the well-traveled character created by English illustrator Martin Handford.

The satirical book, “Where’s MH370?” dares us to do our part in finding some of the missing pieces.

Maybe the missing pieces are in Area 51, and alien abductions are a reality.

MH370 on Area 51


Or perhaps hell exists, and the MH370 debris must be found before it melts!

MH370 on Hell


MH370 could have also reached North Korea…

MH370 on North KoreaNine other full color illustrations complete this book. Thanks to this genius, Mat Carpenter, those who have the sense of humor to enjoy dark comedy like Breaking Bad and Cards Against Humanity can also appreciate Where’s MH370?


Personally, I think this full-color, illustrated book reminiscent of that children’s book series can be handy on long trips, say a 16-hour flight from Manila to San Francisco. It’s a good gag gift for those with a sense of humor, though you might rethink that gift here in the Philippines where a large majority are religious, and easily offended. So if you wish to toe the line between offensive and hilarious, go ahead.

To order a copy, visit Bear in mind, a copy costs AUD15, and shipping it to the Philippines can set you back AUD12 and about 6 weeks.

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