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Review: pH Care with Papaya Extract

en it comes to personal hygiene, taking care of our lady bits definitely tops any girl’s list! You know why, we’re so delicate that even stressful events, terrible diet and menstrual pads can cause discomfort down there. So it’s important to maintain good hygiene.

Best way to make sure our lady bits aren’t bothering us at all? A good feminine wash, like pH care! The brand has been around for a long time, and there are a lot of variants already available in the market. If you like natural scents, you can pick either the Papaya or Guava version.

PH Care Full Size

For my review, though, I’ll share my experience with the pH Care Naturals Intimate Wash with Papaya Extract. (Papaya has papain, which is known for softening stools and of course lightening skin.)

First time I glanced at the box and I loved the pastel orange packaging! It’s so cute and pleasant to look at.

PH Care Travel Size

As a long-time pH Care user, I can say that the consistency/texture of the feminine wash as well as its cleansing ability is the same as the rest of the pH Care feminine wash family. The only real difference is the fruity scent that’s almost as sweet as Orange Swits.

Orange swits

A generous drop is enough and lathers well, so a 150ml bottle can last you about two and a half months. The fruity fragrance is not overpowering and leaves only a faint and pleasant scent on my skin.


- Light fruity scent

- Works as a feminine wash! Cleans and refreshes.

- Comes in 150 ml and 50 ml sizes, so you can have a stash at home and even your handcarry when you board the plane :)

- Non irritating

- Affordable


- No noticeable lightening after five days of use (will report back if anything has happened after).


If you like fruity scents, I suggest you get this feminine wash! While it didn’t lighten as I hoped, it’s affordable (the 50ml bottle costs only Php53 in grocery stores!) and does the job at maintaining feminine hygiene.


Asian Secrets Whitening Body Scrub Review

Skin whitening has always been an obsession for many Asian women. It’s strange, really: Whilst Caucasians envy tan skin, Asians find lighter and whiter skin very alluring. And vanity so consumes us women that the market is filled with various whitening body scrubs.

Personally, though, I’m really just after even skin tone.

So when I got a hold of a couple of tubs from Asian Secrets, I went ahead and tried it right away. Nothing wrong with taking a bath again in the morning, right?

After getting awesome lightening results from a bodycare regimen using the cool package from SkinWhite and Ocean Potion, I have grown antsy just waiting for that beautiful skin the Media has promised us Filipinas. But then I realized, hey, I can’t really get that Georgina Wilson puti now can I? I mean, genetically speaking, I have a higher rate of skin pigmentation.

Now I’m just curious to find out if I could still get my skin a tad bit lighter, thankyouverymuch.
Let me share with you the two tubs I got from Asian Secrets:

Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract variant on left;
Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E on right

The Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract variant offers a very faint, almost sweet and fruity scent. I prefer the Seaweed Extract variety because it reminds me of blue slurpee from 7 Eleven.

Each tub’s winning ingredients? Tocopheryl acetate (a.k.a. Vitamin E) , Mineral Oil, Camellia Sinensis extract, Olive Oil, Glycerin, Squalene, Dimethicone, and Titanium Dioxide.

Since UNILAB is a trusted name in prescription and consumer health products, I’m confident that I can rely on the information on the packaging. When it clearly says “Dermatologist-tested” AND “Hypoallergenic”, then it IS safe for my sensitive skin!


PRO TIP: Use the product on DRY SKIN!

Stuff I love about Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub

  • Effectively removes dead skin cells through gentle exfoliation
  • Evens skin tone on elbows, knees, armpits and the area between the thighs.
  • Product contains Vitamin E and Green Tea extract—powerful antioxidants that help protect skin from free radicals.
  • Emollients Squalene and Olive Oil help lock down skin’s needed moisture.


The only downside I see about the product is that it takes some meticulous rinsing to get rid of the exfoliating beads.

The results are worth the trouble, because I noticed soft and supple skin right after first use. I like that the product leaves almost no scent at all, because otherwise it would clash with my favorite perfume.

Price: Php90 – 150 depending on location and tub size
Rating: Five out of five stars (Especially because it’s affordable!)

For more information about UNILAB’s whitening body scrub and other products, head to the company’s NEWS page.