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Sta Elena Fun Farm Messages

Trip to Sta. Elena Fun Farm

My co-workers and I have officially bidden the dry season adieu with a quick swim in Sta. Elena, Laguna! Before we got to the clubhouse, though, we decided to spend a little bit of our time at the Sta. Elena Fun Farm. Was the one-day trip grand!

Sta Elena Fun Farm Inspirational

Heartwarming, though oftentimes cheesy, motivational quotes can be seen everywhere!

Guinea Pigs at Sta Elena Fun Farm Laguna

A guinea pig band, anyone?

Rabbit at Sta Elena Fun Farm  Sta Elena Fun Farm Chicken Sta Elena Fun Farm Choc Nut Carabao

A carabao-drawn carriage makes this farm fun!

  Sta Elena Fun Farm Messages Sta Elena Fun Farm Motivational Message Horse Sta Elena Fun Farm Tree House Sta Elena Fun Farm Sta. Elena Fun Farm Swing and Horses

Yay, a swing!

Sta Elena Clubhouse Pool

My coworkers and I spent most of our time at the infinity pool in the clubhouse, which was about a kilometer or so away from the farm. The place was really nice! Lush greenery were everywhere, and the water in the pool wasn’t bitter at all! We were surprised to find out that the pool water they use is filtered seawater!Team building at Sta Elena Laguna

This has got to be the most fun and laid-back engagement activity I have ever participated in. HR peeps, take note!