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Cocoline body wash

COCOLINE Naturals Body Wash: Smells like my childhood

I grew up in a little corner in Quezon City, away from the beach where coconut trees tower over everything and sway to the breeze. But I remember the sweet smell of coconuts wafting in the air as my mother roasted grated coconuts and curdled coconut milk. I remember my dad getting hot coconut oil massaged onto his scalp. I remember all of these because of that strong coconut scent.

Nyogi Coconut Cocoline

All these memories came back when I first used COCOLINE Naturals Intense Moisturizing Body Wash. I received it through my Happy Days Box together with the other coconut goodies (shown above). Coincidentally I got it several days before my birthday. DEFINITELY THE BEST BIRTHDAY TREAT EVER! :)

Here goes my first thoughts

This was my first ever COCOLINE product, and I was very surprised by the real coconut scent it had. The scent wasn’t similar to other coconut goodies I’ve tried in the past–Chapstick’s tropical lip balm, Hershey’s Almond Joy and Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme. COCOLINE’s had a strong coconut scent that reminded me of mature coconuts. It certainly wasn’t off putting to me, it was just strong and reminded me of the past.

Cocoline body wash

Aside from virgin coconut oil, which has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties, the intense moisturizing body wash is formulated with hydrolyzed milk protein which naturally hydrates and moisturizes skin, as well as licorice extract which helps soothe irritated skin and lightens blemishes.

After first use, I emerged from the bathroom all squeaky clean.


Very moisturizing – The body wash has a silky texture that easily spreads all over

Affordable at only php192 for 340 ml (That’s 56 centavos per 1 ml!)

Leaves a mild, milky coconut scent.

Very handy pump – The 340 ml bottle comes with a pump so you can use the same amount of product every time you take a bath!


The coconut-y scent might be too strong for other people.

Can require a lot of water to rinse out.

My Final Thoughts

Overall I enjoyed using the COCOLINE Naturals Intense Moisturizing Body Wash. I’m happy to note that I didn’t break out, it looks like the 340 ml bottle will last me several months of daily use. Very affordable! Sa panahon ngayon, mas maganda nang maging matipid.