Support the Adopt-A-School Initiative in Masbate

Not everyone’s aware of this, but Masbate is one of the most deprived provinces in the Philippines. The island province has about 900,000 inhabitants, and although it is teeming with rich natural resources, only a little can be said about its quality of education.

Since good education has its rewards, it’s important for the people in Masbate to be able to learn in an environment where young minds can thrive. A broken-down, sorry excuse for a school cannot be expected to produce minds that of Stephen Hawking’s or even Ferdinand Marcos’. Because of this fact, a small group of successful people who grew up in Masbate decided to support the myriad of schools located in the province.

The small “secret group” has been sending educational materials and financial assistance to K-12 public schools for a year now, and to this day, these heroes remain outside the spotlight. Only the people of Masbate know who they are, and I’m sure they will remain anonymous for the greater part of their lives.

Only the people whose hearts and lives they have touched will know who they are.

Who We Are?

ASAP, the Adopt a School Action Program is a project that was conceptualized by a group of Masbatenyo teachers, medical practitioners, government employees, community organizers, and some members of the business community who are all members of a Facebook based organization, the Masbate Beloved, Ltd. To be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, its purpose is to enhance and enrich the educational experience of K-12 school children in impoverished public schools in Masbate.

Still in its initial stage of implementation, ASAP is in the process of strengthening its donor base to solidify its sustainability. It seeks to forge partnerships with educators, organizations, business, and the private sector in the provision of basic educational resources to individual adopted schools.

What We Do?

Although education is highly valued in Masbate, Philippines, the government is unable to supply the rural public schools with adequate educational resources. These schools lack textbooks, reading materials, blackboards, tables, and desks. Students, all of them from impoverished families, don’t have their own basic school supplies such as notebooks, rulers, pens, school bags, pencils, raincoats, and slippers.

How To Help?

ASAP is looking forward to continue helping the schoolchildren and to make the school classrooms a positive learning environment for them.

Donations can be made in cash or in kind.

I personally know a few of them, and I’ve been to Masbate myself. I also know how the entire Philippines is in dire need of school supplies and other materials necessary for learning.

If interested in donating old textbooks and school supplies, please send me an email. I can add you to their Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Support the Adopt-A-School Initiative in Masbate

  1. Marivic Cervantes Constantino

    Thank you so much for the school supplies you had given to our Grade 7 students of Emilio Lee Llacer, Sr. High School of Brgy. Washington, San Jacinto, Masbate. You really make a difference to our students! They were very much happy and amazed upon receiving the supplies. Hope to receive more school supplies this coming SY 2013-2014. More power and may your tribe increase!


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