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Shiro Cosmetics: A Pop of Cute and Geeky Color

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Lifestyle Manila’s international product feature for the beauty product department, Shiro Cosmetics!

Last December I finally got the courage to purchase a few Shiro Cosmetics products. Shiro means castle, and it is a nod to the different castles the Princess has been in in the gaming world.

With the Philippines’ postal services tragically slow, it was actually more than a month later that I finally got a hold of the products I had ordered. Nevertheless, I am still extremely happy with my order. The package was neatly packed in a brown paper bag and then sent via USPS International First Class in a sturdy bubble envelope.


The received package:

Shiro Cosmetics Package Shiro Cosmetics Paper Wrapping

Cute sticker – I collect stamps!


The entire haul (cost me $30 or something around Php 1300 including shipping via PayPal):

Shiro Cosmetics Order


As you can see I have ordered a full size of the COTM (Color of the Month) for December 2012The Tears of Retail Employees. I think I got 2g of product in a jar with James Van Der Beek’s face on it. TORE is a very, very shimmery neutral color. Product likes to go all over the place when I use it without an eyelid primer. A lot of product goes all over the place too each time I stash it in my black cosmetic bag. A jar costs $6.

I also ordered a full size of Potion, Shiro Cosmetics’ neutral berry blush. A 25g jar will provide you with 7 grams of awesomeness. It’s very very shimmery as well, and a small amount of product can turn me into a clown. It’s ridiculous how great the color payoff for this product is. You can choose to blend the product well or to layer the color to produce a more intensified shade. Cost me $8.

I also ordered a Why Not Zoidberg? intertube, because I’ve been meaning to buy one since I saw it posted on Reddit. When I found out that $$ finally became cheaper, I included one full size intertube in my order. Then I also included Over 9000, but I eventually changed my mind and switched to Three Wolf Moon, a deep plum shade. Supposedly Three Wolf Moon has a cinnamon scent, but I never noticed it. Weird. Anyway each intertube is at $6.50 a pop.


Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes

I think the products are a bit on the expensive side honestly, but the names are gorgeous and the color payoff is pretty decent. I haven’t seen anything similar to the intertubes as well. Right now I’m loving Three Wolf Moon more than Zoidberg, only because Zoidberg gives me a different looking shade of peachy orange.

Ethel Merioles Rocking Shiro Cosmetics' Why Not Zoidberg?

Me wearing Zoidberg

The good part, though, is that while the products are a bit expensive, each order comes with freebies!!!!


Shiro Cosmetics Eye Shadow Samples

Shimmery purple and gold!

Can’t wait to buy me a few little jars to fill with these eye shadows. Each baggie probably contains around 1/4 tsp of product. Not bad! I can even reuse the labels if I want to.


Shiro Cosmetics Free Chocolates

 And then there was chocolate!

Due to the unforgiving Philippine weather here, Mr Goodbar and Reese’s were already soft when I got them. So I got my boyfriend to ask for a glass of ice cubes from the place we were at, and I placed the little bundles of joy on top of the cubes. Within three minutes they were almost good as new. Hmmmmmmm. Chocolates…

Interested in ordering yourself? Visit Shiro Cosmetics here. Note: International orders now cost around $7 to ship.

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