Heard from the grape vine that Red Ribbon, Apl.de.Ap Foundation and Franklin Baker has just launched the newest treat to help increase access to education in the Philippines!

Since the Philippines is still considered the  top  five  countries where children do not have access to education, organizations like Red Ribbon, Apl.de.Ap Foundation and Franklin Baker Company decided to conduct a collaboration of sorts to help alleviate the country’s perpetual problem.

Red Ribbon Apl.de.Ap Foundation for Education

Here Apl.de.ap, world-famous singer and founder of the Apl.de.Ap foundation, shared why he supports education. His foundation focuses on building schools and nurturing students to hone their skills.

Red Ribbon Macaroons

Here are the macaroons for a (Php7) cause!

Mrs. Zinnia Rivera, General Manager of Red Ribbon, introduced their newest pastry rich in coconut flavor at the recently concluded event.

According to PR, each pack sells for Php50.00, and contains 10 pieces of macaroons. Php7 will go directly to the Apl.de.Ap Foundation for every pack sold!

Red Ribbon and Apl.de.Ap both have good intentions for sure, but I’d rather support organizations that don’t commercialize their intentions too much. Take the Adopt-a-School charity run by the successful people from Masbate, for instance.