Pickles.ph Seafood Squash Bake

Pickles.ph delivers calorie-controlled meals at affordable rates!

Straight to your home and at no delivery charge at all, Pickles.ph sends delightful, calorie-controlled meals.

Pickles.ph Meal plans

To make a reservation, I went to the company’s reservation page, filled out the form with the necessary details like weight, activity level, preferred meal plan and the like. I stood by for confirmation via email and that’s it. A text message the weekend before my calorie-controlled week gave me a heads up re delivery schedule (early morning on weekdays).

Pickle.ph Reservation Form pic


  • Home delivery
  • Hassle-free calorie-counted meals
  • Delicious variety of dishes
  • Delicious juices (Premium plan offers this!)
  • Low-carb, high-protein options available
  • Each meal comes with a label with motivating lines and list of instructions re refrigeration, heating, etc.
  • Packages come with the day’s menu and microwave instructions.

Pickles.ph Premium 1500 calorie meal


  • Each meal does not show the number of calories you’re eating.
  • Delivery only available within most Metro Manila cities.
  • Most meals have to be refrigerated and microwaved.

Pickles.ph Seafood Squash Bake


If you guys are interested, I suggest you check it out at https://www.facebook.com/pickleph/.

Oh, and shameless plug, I mentioned the meal delivery service on my healthy-eating article here.

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