Chocolate bouquet valentines

Picking the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Are you the kind of person that plans out your anniversary months in advance? Have you been guilty of waiting until the last minute to pick up your significant other an anniversary gift? Whether it’s 2 months or 2 days from your anniversary, these are the perfect gifts to make your honey say those 3 special words.

Chocolate bouquet valentines

Spoil Their Sweet Tooth

There’s nothing better than satisfying your sweetheart’s sweet tooth. Get them chocolate candy bouquets. Chocolate makes for a much better gift than flowers. Take them to an old fashioned ice cream parlor to get their favorite flavor of ice cream. Bake a homemade cake together from scratch to celebrate the occasion. If you want to make your sugary gift more personal, ordered customized candy hearts with your names and faces on them.

Craft a Homemade Gift

The most meaningful gifts are the ones that you make yourself. Print out pictures of all the activities you did in the past year and put them in a scrapbook. Write a poem describing all the reasons you love your sweetheart and paste it on a big red heart. Make a list of inside jokes you made together in the past year and compete in a scavenger hunt to find items that relate to the jokes.

Take Them On a Day Trip

Making new memories is a great way to celebrate and add to the history of your relationship. Take them on a day trip to a part of your town that you’ve never been to. If you have the whole day, travel to a nearby city or even a neighboring state. If you have a more limited timeframe, try an activity you’ve never done before like bungee jumping or go-karting. If you’re not an adrenaline junkie, treat yourselves to a spa treatment that you’ve never done before.

Your loved one deserves the best gift for being the most special person in your life. However, no matter which gift you give them, they will love it because it’s coming from you.

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