Smart Babies Fitted Diapers

My Cloth Diaper Collection: Shell Review

What a busy December! It’s been a while since my last blog post here. I’ve gone on some more online shopping mostly for my LO! It’s her 8th month of life today, and to celebrate I’m finally publishing what I’ve been trying to post for ages: MY CLOTH DIAPER COLLECTION!

Pile of Cloth Diapers and Baby Stuff

I’ve been obsessed with cloth diapers ever since my first trimester, and I started building my stash sometime during my 2nd. I’m just the curious type who likes to try different brands, what can I say. Here’s my rundown of the different cloth diapers my little one has been using on a regular basis–I’m including a bit of feedback for those interested in these brands.

Smart Babies Fitted Diapers

Smart Babies Fitted Diapers

Smart Babies fitted diapers (Sale price php330 for 6 pieces)


  • Water just passes through it when I first tested.
  • Very flimsy gauze material.
  • Velcro curl up and has sharp edges.


  • Side gussets rock! And there’s thin sponge-y middle core.
  • Makes adding lampin or soakers easy.

Cat in the Hat Naughty Baby Naughty Baby Microfleece Inner

Naughty Baby pocket diapers (php580 for 3 sets)


  • Two of the three diapers have pilling issues. The microsuede inner has bee pilling since the first day we actually washed them.


  • SCORED THESE WITH HEMP INSERTS! By default, these PUL diapers usually come with microfiber inserts (but since finding out that microfiber can have absorbency issues overtime, I wasn’t too keen on getting them). The Shopee seller I got these from was nice enough to let me get her 3-layer hemp inserts (far superior absorbency) for them!!!
  • Love, love, love the neutral prints, including the Cat in the Hat one.

BumGenius Flip (php500 for 1 piece)


  • None


  • Easy to use– just put your soaker/lampin inside the cover and snap the buttons.
  • Super light weight and quick-drying!

BumGenius pocket diaper (php750 for 1 set)


  • Stuffing it can be a little difficult.
  • Probably not a good choice for daytime since the fabric feels like it’s non-breathable.
  • Elastics can be a little tight around my chunky LO


  • Easy to use– just put your soaker/lampin inside the pocket and snap the buttons.
  • Quick-drying
  • The inner fabric is pretty sturdy. No pilling!
  • Comes with microfiber inserts with snaps so you can adjust the length according to fit.

Squishy Darling Fitted

Squishy Darling fitted diaper (php2000 for 3 sets)


  • Can get a little worn over time.
  • Soakers did not come with snaps even though the actual shells had them for the soakers to snap onto! I had to attach the male snaps on my own.


  • The bamboo cotton fabric was soooo soft for the first 5 months of use!
  • Super absorbent presko nappies

Quigle Bum pocket diaper (php160 for 1 shell)


  • Inner fabric is super pilly after just several washes.
  • No free insert


  • It’s PUL.

Tiny Bum pocket diaper (php 230 for 1 set)


  • The unusual snap design can be tricky.


  • Came with an absorbent cotton fleece and cotton terry trifold.
  • Not as pilly, so the microsuede can be used to maintain LO’s dryness.
  • Nice trim fit.
  • PUL works.

Alva pocket diaper (php120 for 1 shell only)


  • A little too expensive for something with no free microfiber insert.
  • No free insert.


  • Microsuede inner is super pilly! Probably the piliest of all the five pilly PULs I got.

**So after some time, my baby grew bigger and heavier in my tummy and I got more into cloth diapers. I joined FB groups, did a few research and decided to jump on the WAHM-made fitteds bandwagon.**

Rock Baby Pocket with Moimoln outer and SSCV inner

Rock Baby Pocket with Moimoln outer and SSCV inner

RockBaby hybrid fitted (php520 for 1 shell only)


  • Customer service is a little atrocious, since when I found out my address was not written correctly on the packing slip, I raised the issue with the owner who claimed she wrote it correctly. I had to fix it on my own by calling the courier’s customer service.
  • When I did receive my order, actual rabid fans attacked me, with a few berating me and telling me if I got my parcel anyway I shouldn’t be complaining.


  • The “super soft cotton velour” wasn’t that soft at the beginning but surprisingly grew softer over time.
  • Roomy pocket lets me stuff more abrobent (and thicker) inserts.

RockBaby pocket diaper (php650 for 1 set)


  • I got the wrong print. I should have known better than to trust this seller (SHAME ON ME!)


  • It’s PUL.
  • Cotton velour inner doesn’t pill.
  • Nice print nonetheless.
  • Came with a bulky trifold and a booster with an hourglass shape–both work great, but can make the nappy look bulky.
Butt Talks Pocket HF

Butt Talks Pocket HF

Butt Talks hybrid fitted pocket (php1100 for 1 piece)


  • The fit around the waist could be better.


  • Super pretty print! I <3 the mint green color and the aquatic design.
  • Thin, sturdy material
  • Quicky-drying!
  • Really nice around my LO’s thighs.

Butt Talks Hybrid Fitted

Butt Talks hybrid fitted (with upgraded snap-on soakers – php1140 for 1 piece)


  • The fit around the waist could be better.


  • Print is prettier in person! Just a bunch of circles in rainbow colors.
  • The upgraded soaker comes with a waterproof backing!

Little Emily hybrid fitteds (php840 for 2 pieces)


  • Not as absorbent as I hoped.
  • Runs a little too small.
  • Microfiber top burns quickly when we ironed the soaker.


  • Quick and easy purchase online (I used PayPal).

Weehugs hybrid fitteds (on sale php500 for 3 pieces)


  • Runs a little small.
  • Waist flaps curl. Bamboo cotton velour can be too flimsy.


  • Quick and easy purchase online (Seller is easy to talk to).
  • Bamboo cotton velour is super soft!
  • Comes with snap-on soaker and AWJ-topped booster!
Nip Nappies Poche and Bed Pad in Peter Pan Prints

Nip Nappies Poche and Bed Pad in Peter Pan Prints

NipNappies Poche hybrid fitted (php500 for 1 piece)


  • Runs a little big.
  • Comes with a soaker and a booster, both of which are too thick.


  • I scored a nice Peter Pan print! <3
  • Pink AWJ inner rocks.
  • Shell dries quickly.
Cottonytail Zonkeys in Rainbow Twist and Rapunzel Prints

Cottonytail Zonkeys in Rainbow Twist and Rapunzel Prints

Cottonytail Zonkeys (php6200 for 4 pieces)


  • Can be a little too expensive.
  • Customer service is a little slow. (I still have to get one replaced, hope to have this done soon.)
  • Snap-on soakers get a little stiff over time.


  • Super nice prints.
  • Fabrics feel luxurious.

Grovia KiwiPie (php1500 for 1 piece)


  • A little expensive, since this item was a replacement for the defective (read: old stock) Charlie Banana pocket diaper sent to me.
  • Fabric gets a little stiff.


  • Fabric gets more absorbent over time.
  • Nice elastics don’t leave marks on my LO.
  • Snaps are hidden at the back so they don’t come into contact with LO.

Ahkiko and Antings Diaper

Ahkiko’s hybrid fitted pocket (php580 for 1 shell)


  • Cheapest looking AWJ among all AWJ HFs in my LO’s stash.
  • A little slim in the crotch area, so stuffing with inserts is bulky.


  • I got it for its cute panda print. <3
OTB: Twinkie Tush Fusion in Ivy Print

OTB: Twinkie Tush Fusion in Ivy Print

Twinkie Tush Fusion hybrid fitteds (php4750 for 3 pieces)

On Shopee there’s a mommy who had been destashing her own collection. Most of the stuff she had been selling were imported brands, so I indulged one night and tried to score the stuff I had been eyeing for months! Original price is at php2000 per brand new diaper, so when she gave out discounts I went and finally gave in.


  • Old stock- elastics might give out soon.
  • Not as absorbent as I like.


  • Super soft outer and can seem to fit small adults at biggest setting!
  • Less bulky compared with other HFs.
  • I fell in love with the fit, print, material and bum placement. So squishy!
  • Can fit boosters.

Second-hand diapers

Scored these at VGUC rating (50% of original price) and the destashing mom claimed her daughter didn’t use these frequently as they had a large stash in rotation.

Lily and Luna Diaper

Lily & Luna Cloth Diapers (php1,000 for diaper with raglan tee; php750 for diaper set only)

I’ve got no knowledge of how this brand’s diapers hold up over time, but the mom mentioned that the boosters and soakers had been upgraded, and the diaper with terno came with hidden windpro.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Extra female snap on flap – this feature is so unique!
  • Super cute yet durable performance pique outer (The elephant print is so colorful!)


  • The velour inner isn’t too fluffy anymore.
  • I still find it a bit too expensive for pre-loved.

The diaper with matching raglan tee had a thicker inner. Plus the size runs a little smallers. even though the raglan is meant for 2-year-olds, it’s just loose enough to fit my 10-month-old.

Tiny Tush Fusion with Minky outer (php900)

I figured this brand had a gorgeous fit, so I assumed the minky version would be no different. Very expensive for a second-hand item.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Trim fit
  • Cute print!


  • The minky outer, velour inner and soakers aren’t too fluffy anymore.
  • I still find it a bit too expensive for pre-loved.

Prize I won: Wee & Twee HF (free)

I got this at a recent giveaway, and the diaper sent to me features a thick cotton outer that ran a little smaller than CTs. Preordering the same print diapers will set you back a bit.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Fluffy velour inner
  • Outer hasn’t pilled so far.


  • Premium soakers (stealth core) work best with proper fit.
  • Not too keen on gray and mint outer.

Final thoughts?

Baby in CT zonkey

Who knew raising a kid could be incredibly expensive, from the pregnancy snacking to hospital delivery fees to tuition, etc. There are just so many things to take into consideration when making purchases.

I’m still happy with my collection of 40 nappies, though. And love that it’s expanding (even though I’ve already spent Php22,370 including shipping fees)! I hardly use the Smart Babies ones, so I’ll most likely give those away. I get to use all 30 nappies in 2-3 days. :)

So far the fit of most of the nappies in my regular rotation are decent, and I hardly see any thigh marking issues compared to disposables, so I’ll totally use these until my baby hits 2 or when she’s potty trained.

For now though, I’ll stay way from getting anything until I get all my debts paid (and my collection organized!) Someone already reminded me:



Note to self, though: Watch for stockings from (much coveted) Butt-oms Up!, SnuggleBunZ and Sean & Shawn. :) I’m super curious how awesome their nappies will perform. Among the four brands, Butt-oms Up! and S&S sell diaper sets for around 600, while SBZ and BB cost at least 1,000 apiece. I need to start saving for those!

Stay tuned for my next take on the inserts, soakers and bed pads. :)

UPDATE 3/29/19
I could not resist the Nip Nappies sale so I got myself two cute cotton HFs and order two SBZ ones. Curious to try the side-snapped ones, although my LO might already be potty trained by 2 years old (just a little more than one year left.)

Should you consider getting screened for cancer?

An estimated 8.9 million people have died from various forms of cancer in 2016. From this number, tracheal, bronchus, and lung cancer claimed the largest number of lives at more than 1.7 million. An estimated 42 million people across the world suffered from different forms of cancer in 2016, according to the World Health Organization.

Diagnostic Laboratory - Aster DM Healthcare

In the Philippines, cancer is the third leading cause of morbidity and mortality after heart and vascular diseases, according to the Department of Health.  About 189 in every 100,000 Filipinos are afflicted with cancer while four Filipinos die of cancer every hour or 96 cancer patients every day.

The DOH found that the most common cancers among Filipino men and women in 2010 were lung, liver, colon/rectum, prostate, stomach, leukemia, breast, cervix, and ovarian cancer. Each type of cancer has symptoms. For example, a cough that does not go away or coughing up blood may be a sign of lung cancer.

In the Philippines, the Hope From Within movement advocates early detection of cancerous cells before symptoms appear or when it is not yet too large and has not yet spread to give treatment a higher chance of success. It focuses on fighting lung cancer which is the top cause of cancer-related deaths among men, and the third for women.

For the other most common cancers such as colon cancer, the signs and symptoms include long-term constipation, diarrhea, and change in the size of the stool or blood in the stool.

Pain when urinating, blood in the urine, or needing to urinate more or less often than the usual can be related to prostate cancer. Abnormal vaginal bleeding could be due to cervical or endometrial (from the lining of the uterus) cancer. Alarmingly, bloody nipple discharge could be a sign of breast cancer.

Indigestion or swallowing problems that don’t go away and unexplained weight loss may be signs of cancer of the stomach.  Ovarian cancer symptoms are bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, trouble eating or feeling full quickly, feeling the need to urinate urgently or often, fatigue, upset stomach or heartburn, back pain, pain during sex and constipation or menstrual changes.

Symptoms of leukemia are weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath when doing basic everyday activities, fever, bone pain, unexplained weight loss, pain or a feeling of fullness below the ribs on the left side due to an enlarged spleen, and night sweats. For liver cancer, the symptoms are pain, especially at the top right of the abdominal area, near the right shoulder blade or in the back, unexplained weight loss, a hard lump under the ribs on the right side of the body, which could be the tumor or a sign that the liver has gotten bigger, and weakness or fatigue.

Early detection of cancer is done through screening or tests which include physical examination, laboratory tests on blood, urine or tissue samples, imaging such as x-ray exam, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography scans and gene tests.

Another method is biomarker testing. Biomarkers are molecules that appear in the body when a certain condition is present. A well-known example is the human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone, which usually signals pregnancy and is often detected using home pregnancy test kits. Another is the prostate-specific antigen (PSA), which is used to diagnose prostate cancer. Biomarker screening is specifically important in the treatment of lung cancer because if a patient is found to have a certain biomarker called PDL-1, that patient becomes ideal for pembrolizumab immunotherapy, which has been proven in clinical trials to drastically reduce side effects, increase the number of patients who respond to treatment, and improve overall survival. Immunotherapy functions by eliminating the use of toxic chemicals to fight cancer cells. Instead, it helps the body’s own immune system recognize and combat cancer cells. Talk to a medical oncologist to know more about cancer testing, biomarker screening, and treatment options available.


What does a good campaign email look like?

I know a lot of friends who do marketing gigs and pay for marketing events to boost their knowledge on stuff like email marketing and search engine optimization. Sometimes it surprises me when they’re all willing to drop a lot of cash on self-professed marketing gurus even though most–if not all–of the really good marketing advice can easily be found online. Just by using the right keywords, you can easily find the right information you need to create a great campaign.

Take this super helpful infographic from My Emma’s marketing blog, for instance:

According to the article, an email they received from was a good example of a great email, and it can be used as a guide for a marketer’s next campaign.

As takeaway, My Emma shares:

Key takeaways for your next campaign:

  • Holidays are perfect opportunities for festive, interactive designs, as well as coupons to inspire seasonal purchases.
  • When using titles within images, make sure you have proper use of alt text.
  • Give just the right amount of detail, making sure your CTA always stands out.
  • Think about your text and image sizes—along with the amount of whitespace—when laying out your email to make reading, navigation, and sharing easy.

Awesome tips for a marketer to follow right? Now I can’t wait to share this with other WAHMs! :)


Birthday Giveaway

Birthday Giveaway!

November is Lifestyle Manila’s birth month, and in celebration, we’re giving away some fantastic goodies one fantastic lady is bound to love!

Birthday Giveaway


We’re giving away php5,000+ worth of goodies to 1 lucky winner!

Pabongga sa pasko winner:

  • New York & Company Asymmetrical Cape Top in Fuschia worth USD49.99 (about php2,500+)
  • Ellie & Me Talia Ruffle Maxi Dress worth php1,399
  • 12 Caronia nail paints worth a total of php370+
    • 6 frosted shades: Sapphire Glow, Bourree, Emerald Shimmer, Sweet Surprise, Orange Pop and Silver Platinum
    • 6 regular shades: Brick Red, Glissade, Tangerine, Tea Rose, Simply Red, Chasse
  • Benefit They’re Real Double the Lip in Racy Raspberry travel size worth php450+
  • Schick Safety Razors worth php80+
  • Dermcare Gift Certificates worth php600
  • Waterproof resealable pouch worth php150+

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Giveaway ends on December 3, 2018 at 9 p.m.
Winners will be announced on December 5, 2018.

Shipping will be shouldered by @lifestyle.manila.

Paperless Post: Send digital letters with ease

Nowadays it’s always better to lessen paper use. So how do we send special notes to our loved ones? Send simple messages via text or email? The warm, human element is stripped away when we do this, so how can we send sincere messages online?

Enter Paperless Post, an online platform which allows users to customize their own online invitations, flyers and special occasion cards! Just like what their slogan says–they help connect people in real life.

 photo paperless post front page.jpg

Getting started is easy–you can use either your Google or Facebook account to create an account. Once you’ve got an account, you can go ahead and design the digital product of your choice! Flyers are available for free, but other products such as holiday cards and invitations cost a few coins, depending on the degree of personalization (like envelope liners and logos).

Need to spread holiday cheer? There’s a card for that!

 photo card preview.jpeg

You can choose among the wide range of designer cards, too! For only $5, you can get 10 coins and send out 2-3 personalized cards.

 photo paperless post design your own card.jpg

The user dashboard features everything you need to manage your account.

 photo paperless post dashboard.png

Even if you’re not tech savvy, you won’t have a hard time going through the site features. The straightforward UI allows you to easily manage your contacts, design and send out cards, preview your designs and even buy more coins!

 photo paperless post postbox.png

On the Post Box panel, users can view all the sent and scheduled cards, and messages received through those cards! That’s convenience, since RSVPs become easier through Paperless Post. If you changed your mind about the design of your cards, you can go ahead and redesign them.

The Verdict

4 out of 5 stars! The card personalization feature may be a little too costly if you’re sending out invites in bulk–people might opt to send out analog invitations in real life because of this. Other than that cost issue, Paperless Post is a great online tool for going completely paperless!

The Benefits That Inpatient Drug Rehab Can Bring

Many people who are struggling with addictions may ask themselves “What do I do next?” They are caught in a cycle of despair that they feel hopeless. This is why it is such a big step when they decide to commit themselves to an inpatient drug rehabilitation program. It is really necessary for someone who is experiencing addiction to enroll themselves in a program? The answer is yes! Benefits of drug rehab may include many of the following:

The most immediate effect that you can feel from entering a drug rehab program is the physical effects. You will feel much better when receiving professional help than you would be trying to quit the drugs on your own. When an addict stops using whatever drug they are abusing, they will almost certainly go through some form of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms will vary widely but can go from mild with some drugs such as marijuana all the way up to potentially fatal with other drugs such as opiates. This is why it is the best idea to have professional staff on hand to ensure that medical attention is available if required.

Another benefit to using an inpatient rehab center such as pinnacle recovery center is that the addict is removing themselves from the external stressors and triggers that are causing them to use in the first place. When it comes to addiction, there are many things that can set off a relapse. This being said, it is very important for the addict to educate themselves on how to remove themselves from these situations in a safe and helpful environment. One unsung benefit stemming from this is that the chance of a fatal overdose is greatly decreased while the chances of success are greatly increased.

There are usually many different psychotherapy programs that a rehab center can offer. These are great programs for transitioning the patient into their new life of abstinence and sobriety. No two people are ever the same and in that spirit, no two therapy programs will ever be the same for an individual. Some patients may respond well to one program while another does not. This is why there is a wide selection for medical experts to choose from in regards to treating the addicts under their care.

Depending on what philosophy the program adheres to, the rehab center may push a spiritual benefit to quit using drugs. If there is no spiritual bent to the program then there will still be positive mental benefits which are stressed. There should never be any minimalization of the emotional benefits the patient can hope to attain by enrolling themselves in an inpatient drug rehab treatment facility.

By enrolling in a treatment center, the addict is able to remove themselves from the “real world” temporarily until they can re-educate themselves on how to better deal with life’s obstacles. They are taught how to deal with stress in a way that does not involve abusing alcohol or drugs. But to do this, they need to separate themselves from the world and the everyday stressors that many people simply do not think about. Things such as paying bills, communicating with bosses or co-workers, or even dealing with personal relationships (or lack thereof) can set off the addict on a downward spiral of drug use and despair.

The longer an addict stays in their inpatient facility, the better their chances of success in staying off substances once they finally rejoin the rest of the world. While it may seem odd at first to be away from friends and family for a lengthy period of time, the addict will be a better person for it. Many studies have shown a direct link between the length of time the patient stays in the facility and their chances of relapse. While it may be inconvenient at first, in the long run, it will definitely be worth it.

As you can see, there are many great reasons why an alcohol or drug addict needs to enjoy the many benefits that an inpatient drug rehab facility has to offer. Not only will they enjoy better health, but they will be a better person in the long run.

Scentswatch Pink Sherbet 30ml

Scent Swatch Pink Sherbet: Young, Fun and Flirty

Local brand Scent Swatch offers designer perfume scents at an affordable price. With designer scents being sold for at least php3,500 in malls, of course a quality “scent-alike” is a good alternative. (Shout out to my Happy Days Club fam for sharing this brand with me! #sponsored)

Here’s Pink Sherbet, a youthful fragrance inspired by Ferragamo’s Incanto Shine. It has a lot of fun fruity and floral notes–Fresh top notes of pineapple, bergamot, and passion fruit; middle notes of pink peony, freesia and peach; and rich base notes of cedar, amber, and musk. I’ve had different musky scents in the past, and I seldom go for citrusy scents because they don’t usually suit my body chemistry (except the original Clinique Happy!), so I was a little hesitant to try Pink Sherbet at first…

Scentswatch Pink Sherbet 30ml

The scent is by no means overpowering–it’s nice to sniff every few minutes, and considering that I can be sensitive about strong scents, the Pink Sherbet is a real winner! If I spray at around 7 in the morning I find that by lunch time the scent has already faded a lot. On my skin, a faint fruity-musky scent remains.

Scentswatch Pink Sherbet Review

Of course, picking perfumes online can be tricky, since our skin’s chemistry is widely varied. Beautiful scents from designer perfumes tend to smell terrible on me, because my skin reacts too much with the alcohol content. So yay, I love that Pink Sherbet suits my weird skin!

Overall, the Scent Swatch Pink Sherbet Eau de Parfum is highly recommended! The bottle come in different sizes –the largest being 60ml, costs Php 390, while the medium sized one (the one that I got) is a 30 ml bottle priced at Php 220. If you are still on the fence on the scents, you can get the trial size– 12ml at Php 125.00. If you calculate the prices, the 60 ml bottle is the best deal–just php6.50 per ml!

Check out the other scents at the Scent Swatch website. Alternatively you can reach out via the official Scent Swatch FB page. They sure are nice stocking stuffers this Christmas, aren’t they?

Auroras Choice Choco Nutso

Aurora’s Choice: Delicious Treats When Craving Sweets

Period cravings are strange.

Anyone who’s ever had a period knows how cravings happen during the days leading up to their period. Cravings are so diverse, too, that they can range from hankerings for half-dozen Krispy Kremes to entire tubs of Carmen’s Best. In my case, my cravings vary on each and every period. But it’s usually fondness for savory-sweet snacks. Sometimes I go for junk like Payless XL pancit canton, sometimes I devour chocolate bars. Whatever it is, it guarantees an extra 3 pounds after a week!

The new guilty pleasure

Local find Aurora’s Choice Nutsos come in different flavors, but they all do the same thing: Satisfy your craving. Love that I got two packs of these Nutsos via my Happy Days Club package. (#sponsored!)

Auroras Choice Choco Nutso

I simply love this locally made treat! While the high-protein Choco Nutso variant has a somewhat bittersweet taste, the Honey & Sea Salt flavor offers the ideal sweet-salty balance that I crave. The crunchy-chewy texture of every peanut complements the crunchiness of the honey and sea salt coating, as well.

Auroras Choice Honey and Sea Salt Nutso

It’s recommended for surfers, perhaps because it’s a perfect snack when laying on the beach. But I highly recommend this snack anytime, anywhere! 

5 out of 5 stars for me!

Addicting on its own!

I have to be honest here–I tried Aurora’s Choice Salted Caramel Spread with Sky Flakes, and it was a nice afternoon snack. Considered using it to top vanilla ice cream, but I had to go to the store to get one. So I decided against it.

Auroras Choice Caramel Spread

I tried the spread on its own and I had to stop myself from eating another spoonful because it was so sinfully sweet! My older brother tasted it, and ended up finishing the entire jar.

It has the consistency of condensed milk, but it has the flavor and color of my childhood favorite yema. I can imagine my period-stricken self quietly enjoying this at home. It’s just ridiculously good on its own!

5 out of 5 stars from me as well!

Final Thoughts

I can’t stress this enough: Support Local. If you can’t find Aurora’s Choice snacks in the supermarket, contact the manufacturers directly on Facebook.