Wall Street WinnerNComputing, the multi-awarded desktop virtualization and thin client software company, does more than provide affordable computing solutions to the Philippines! Here are things that make NComputing one of the greenest companies yet!
  • Cut Electricity up to 90% – NComputing devices use 1-5 watts of electricity as compared to 110 watts of a PC.
  • Less CO2 emissions – A 500-seat NComputing deployment would reduce 9 metric tons of CO2 emissions and would save over 70,000 KWh per year.
  • 90% less e-waste – Electronic waste represents only 2% of trash in landfills but represents 80% of toxic waste. As compared to a typical PC’s weight of 9.5Kg, an NComputing device weighs only 150gm.
  • Less heat, low air-conditioning requirements – A typical PC generates 375 BTU/hr as compared to an NComputing device which generates almost no heat (less than 4 BTU/hr).
  • No Obsolesence – Solid state device based NComputing lasts for 2-3 refresh cycles of a PC.
  • Less number of UPS, network switches etc  besides PCs in NComputing environment
  • RoHS Compliant