The College of Mass Communication Student Council (CMCSC) this February will hold a month-long campaign to raise awareness on recent media issues in an attempt to link the industry with the academe.

Under the Mass Media Awareness Movement, the month will be stocked with events under the theme, “Retrospective x Prospective,” a way of looking back to the past in order to move forward.

Launching February 2, a series of events will be held that will suggest new and revolutionary ways to bring the media to the students, and vice versa.

Separated into four parts, each week will attempt to view the media in different perspectives, ranging from the students to the whole landscape of media.

Week one features “Ansaveh?” a talkshow to raise the discourse on the topic of popular culture. The experimental program will directly involve media personalities discussing the way they conduct themselves and the content they create in the process.

Mass Media Awareness Movement 2016

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Following that week, a communication bootcamp will be held. The week-long event aims to introduce different and unorthodox ways of teaching the practice of media and communication to student.

The third week will shift the focus to the media industry, in which recent issues will be brought to light in media situationers that will bring the discussion of recent phenomena to the academe and the students.

To cap it off, a Media Students Summit will be held, congregating neophyte media practitioners and communication students to finally shift the lens to the retrospective—viewing the present with knowledge of the past. The summit will encourage concrete action, urging the participants to think critically about the past and future.

The grand summit is slated to run on February 27, and will gather at least 450 students and newbie media practitioners across the nation.