Have you been to Project Pie?

Project Pie Pizza Project Shaw Mandaluyong

Everyone seems to have already gone to the custom pizza parlor that at this point, I’m like, “Why bother?”

Project Pie Shaw Mandaluyong Storefront

At Project Pie PH’s Shaw flagship.

Project Pie Shaw Mandaluyong Interior

You can order a pre-made pizza or build your own. The lady at the counter tried to explain the prices, but sort of failed. With just a simple, dismissive gesture, she told my brother that pizzas ordered by number cost Php245 apiece (they’re numbered 1-7 on the menu), and customers can request for more toppings at no extra charge. Not sure how accurate her information is, but that’s life. I’m pretty sure the customized pizzas cost Php285 each, though, and my wallet agrees.

Dessert pizzas are cheaper, starting at Php145.

Project Pie Shaw Ordering Lane

Erwin Merioles Jeia Quintos at Project Pie Shaw

Proud to be blurreeeh!

First Project Pie by Ethel Kay Merioles

Here’s my pizza. It’s not a great sight, I admit!

For a Php285 pizza, the one I made wasn’t so bad. The onions and tomatoes are cheap, I know. But the mozzarella, feta and gorgonzola aren’t. And the jalapeños are not that common, as well. I requested for some prosciutto and Canadian bacon, but the lady behind the counter looked so pissed that I couldn’t muster enough courage to ask her to be generous with the bacon. I couldn’t even tell her how she was supposed to lay out the ingredients to my liking.

So I don’t know how the Project Pie pizzas I see on the Internet have been so masterfully made. (Must’ve been a freak accident?) I suppose counter lady had gone to cooking school, and seeing all the strong flavors on one pizza made her grimace. Oh, I don’t know.

Project Pie by Erwin Merioles

My brother’s much more appetizing pizza.

Project Pie by Jeia Quintos

Jeia’s delicious pizza. The brown bits are seasoned ground pork.

Ethel Kay Merioles at Project Pie

Yumm! Drinks cost around Php65 per paper cup. 1st refill is on the house.

Custom made pizza Project Pie Shaw Mandaluyong


Nothing much to write home about, really. If anything, the pizza was reasonably priced. I liked the crust, and I can’t blame Project Pie PH when it comes to the taste of the pizza overall. I just wish their staff were more well-informed, and don’t always appear to be in a rush. Also, I am sad to note that there seems to be an unwritten and unspoken rule about the limit on the amount of ingredients allowed per pizza. Unlimited my behind.

The good news is that the 8″ pizzas are perfect for sharing! A single order can fill two tummies or three.

Drinks are self-service, by the way, and someone calls out your name to have your pizza picked up at the claim area. Make sure you have a bizarre, fake name ready so you don’t lose your pizza to someone else!

Freshness: 4/5
Service: 2/5
Value for Money: 3/5
Rating: 3/5 (Try at your own risk!)
Price: Php145-415 for two; pizza good for two persons

Project Pie PH
Address: 515 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong (Other branches are in Alabang and Eastwood)
Business Hours: Mon – Thu: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm; Fri – Sun: 10:00 am – 11:45 pm