Tucked away in a quaint spot along Calderon St. in San Juan, La Creperie oozes with the rustic charm of an idyllic French countryside. With the restaurant’s whimsical interior, anyone looking for a calming sanctuary away from the busy everyday life in the metro will love staying here even for just a cup of coffee.

So it’s a no-brainer that my blogger friends slash office mates were all eager to join me (and my S.O.) for an evening of savory crepes, vanilla-infused tea, beef stew and more!

La Creperie Store Front Calderon St, San Juan

La Creperie All we need is love and Paris

 What it says is true, isn’t it?

La Creperie Store Front Close Up
La Creperie Donuts


La Creperie First Floor


La Creperie Second Floor


La Creperie Owner Christine

Co-founder and Director Christine Laman

We were very lucky to meet one of the two Christines responsible for La Creperie! Ms. Christine Laman even shared with us how she started the restaurant, carefully planned everything in three months, and even prepared all the dishes!

Now let’s check out some of the goodies in store for any wayward wanderer or French cuisine connoisseur.

La Creperie French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup (Php 185)

This homemade french onion soup is a perfect dish to start your meal. It has the right amount of flavor, the onions really work their charm, and the melted Gruyere cheese rounds up the whole dish perfectly.

La Creperie Beef Stew

Blanquette de Boeuf (Php 395)

This hearty beef stew boasts a faithful rendition of a French home-cooked favorite. Beef, onions, carrots and cloves are slowly cooked in white wine to offer a delightful melt-in-your-mouth foodie experience. The rice is shaped like the Louvre—very cute!

La Creperie Burger

Emmental & Mozzarella Cheeseburger (Regular Php 295 / Large Php 385)

We ordered the large cheeseburger and boy, was it huge! As you can see, the burger patty is topped with melted yummy cheese. The cheese is in fact covering a wealth of sweet caramelized onions and mushrooms. Tasted unique and somewhat spicy or peppery IMO. It’s clearly a must-try!

La Creperie Le J.J.

Le J.J. (Php 245)

A La Creperie exclusive, this savory crepe contains slices of ham, Emmental and Gruyere cheese and tomatoes. With the addition of garlic and chili flakes, this dish is tasty yet spicy.

La Creperie Savory Crepe

Savoyarde (Php 395)

Will you look at that. This savory crepe is made with gluten-free buckwheat flour, Raclette cheese, Hungarian sausage, bacon, marbled baby potatoes, cornichons (pickled gherkins) and pickled onions. The crepe is indeed thin and crispy and it is best that you take a bite of all the ingredients on the plate to really appreciate this authentic dish.

La Creperie Pesto Carbonara

Pesto Cream Carbonara (Php 275)

Oh man. This is not your garden-variety carbonara-with-a-side-of-garlic-bread pasta! The tasty, creamy pesto contains ham and mushroom slices.

La Creperie Chocolate Crepe

Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crepe (Php 235)

Who wouldn’t love this chocolate crepe? Topped with vanilla ice cream, this sweet crepe contains fudge brownie bits and homemade bittersweet chocolate sauce.

La Creperie Salidou

Salidou (Php 145)

Oh caramel! This gourmet sweet crepe is topped with homemade (!!!) salted butter caramel and whipped cream. Each decadent bite is pure bliss.

La Creperie Frrrrrozen Chocolate

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (Php 165)

What do you get when you melt pure chocolate, add ice and top it with lots and lots of whipped cream? You get Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, that’s what! It’s a very filling and very delicious dessert-drink.
La Creperie Pouring Angelina's Chocolate

Angelina’s (Php 185)

Speaking of dessert-drinks, Angelina’s is La Creperie’s prized item on the menu. The Paris-style rich hot chocolate (60% cacao) is served with large chocolate chips and whipped cream.

La Creperie Angelina's Hot Chocolate

La Creperie Angelina's Whipped Cream Topping

La Creperie TWG Creme Caramel Tea

TWG’s Creme Caramel

Delicate red tea from South Africa with a secret blend of sweet French spices. TWG’s decaffeinated teas are available in a Single Tea Pot (with one refill) for Php 145, a Large Tea Pot (with unlimited refill) for Php 225, and as freshly brewed iced tea for Php 155.
La Creperie Lounge

 Here I am in Paris!

La Creperie Bloggers with Christine

With the bloggers

Visit La Creperie’s other branches at  Eastwood Mall, Shangri-la Mall and Robinson’s Veranda.

Rating: Five out of five stars
Price per meal: Php 300 – Php 500
Location: 403 F. Calderon St., Bgy. Little Baguio, San Juan
Phone: 570-1788