Krave Cosmeceuticals Vegie Lash

Krave Vegie-Lash Mascara Review

As mentioned in a beauty post in February, a dedicated post on Krave’s Vegie Lash mascara will soon follow. Although “soon” has taken me ages, I’m sure posting this up is better late than never.

Krave Minerale’s Vegie-Lash Mascara features a high-quality silicone brush with precision bristles. The vegetable-based mascara contains lash volumizing, lengthening and conditioning ingredients. It’s touted to contain “80% less chemicals” and to be “smudge proof”. Ingredients include propylparaben and methylparaben- two synthetic preservatives.

Just like the other Krave Minerale products, Krave Minerale’s Vegie-Lash Mascara has been formulated in the U.S.A. and produced in Taiwan.

Krave Vegie Lash Mascara Brush
Krave Cosmeceuticals Vegie Lash

The packaging is pretty decent and bigger than those offered by other make up brands in the market. I find that it can be too big to fit inside your clutch–so basically you can’t really take Vegie-Lash anywhere with you.

Below are the before and after pictures:

Krave Cosmeceuticals Vegie Lash Before Krave Cosmeceuticals Vegie Lash After

Forgive me for I am still a noob. The application may not be perfect, but we are here to rate Krave’s mascara. And well, the product works. It’s capable of coating the lashes well, though a more experienced person will have better luck doing the zigzag thing to coat the lashes.

Krave Cosmeceuticals Vegie Lash Result

 Normal lashes on the left, one coat of mascara on the right.

 Three out of five stars (The product contains parabens, and can only last for 6 months from first use.)
Php 599

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