Happy Days Club - Happy Days Movement

Q&A: The Woman Behind The Happy Days Club

Starting a business for women’s periods isn’t for everyone, much more a charitable one at that! But if you’re interested in perhaps doing something for a cause, take inspiration from Raisa, the young woman behind the Happy Days Club, a subscription service that aims to help Filipina women with their monthly Shark Weeks.

Happy Days Club - Happy Days Movement

Lifestyle Manila: If you don’t mind sharing, may we know how old you are? What did you take in college and/or grad school? When did you graduate?

Raisa: Is this necessary ? I’m 30 years old. I took up Information Technology and graduated in 2008. I initially wanted to take a course related to cooking but my mom told me not to so I ended up taking IT.


LM: How did you come up with the Happy Days Club subscription service idea? 

R: I guess, like every business, this all started with a BIG IDEA. It happened when I was working for a client’s sales funnel. My client was selling sanitary pads, and I was searching for ideas on how we could boost sales. So I went through Google and Pinterest, and found out that there were subscription boxes abroad that delivered menstrual products! And I told myself I wanted it!

So I asked my sister to find out if there were subscription boxes in the Philippines that did the same – and she found nothing!

That was basically how I came up with the idea. But it’s also partly because we’re all girls at home. And there were times that my younger sister’s use of my pads would cause a fight when my stash of pads runs out before my period comes. And there is always that time of the month that we are all super moody! Imagine three girls with periods in one house!

I decided to launch Happy Days Club to cater to women’s needs and help them have a stress-free period.


LM: When did you realize there was a market for this?

R: I actually did not do any market research which I think was a huge mistake. I thought I’d be selling menstrual products because whether we like it or not, we need them, right? So I figured there’s a market for PMS subscription box in the Philippines.


LM: How long did it take you to turn your vision into reality? Who helped you?

R: We kinda rushed everything–from planning to launching. It probably took us 2 months to plan and figure things out. Luckily, I have my 2 sisters to help me out on my Happy Days journey.


LM: What’s your favorite part of your job?

R: When we started 6 months ago I basically did everything, the website, marketing, emails, social media, everything! And then eventually I hired my sisters to help me out. And we now have interns!

I admit it’s kinda hard to juggle between being a business owner and a freelancer. But I can’t complain since I love what I do!


LM: What is the Happy Days Movement?

R: The #happydaysmovement aims to provide free sanitary care/products to girls and women in need. Recently, I discovered there were organizations like Homeless Period and Happy Period that provides menstrual FREE products to girls in the US, UK and Canada. I also found out that most girls in Uganda and India doesn’t have access to sanitary care products and I thought girls in the Philippines might have the same problem.

I conducted some research in our community and according to our barangay health officers, some girls in our community only use 1 or 2 pads a day during their period. Can you imagine that there are girls that can’t afford menstrual products?

Mentrual products are one of the most requested products but least donated in some charities and foundations.


LM: How many people have you helped through the movement?

R: We just launched #happydaysmovement and we were able to donate over 600 pads and 60+ kits.


LM: Are there any lessons on entrepreneurship that you’d like to share?

R: Based on my experience as a business owner and sales funnel expert, it’s important to conduct market research before starting a business. And make sure to think of your best offer that provides solution to your market.

And take advantage of social media and influencers! And when you find bloggers and influencers that supports your brand – take care of them!!

Thank you, Raisa, for sharing your wonderful story!

GOOD NEWS! If you’d like to help Raisa’s charitable startup, take advantage of its Pre-Xmas Promo! It’s bound to be a win-win–you get some goodies from Happy Days Club PLUS you get to help out women in need. Pretty cool, yeah? Just click on the link below and subscribe!


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