Attitude Meme

How To Make A Good First Impression

At the risk of sounding like an arrogant, superficial person, I’ll say it. People are judgmental. They just are. Call it part of human evolution to be able to ascertain trustworthiness based on appearances, but in the real world, attractive people just have things waaaay easier. (I’ve been that ugly chick and that attractive friend, so I know how things are when people like how you look.)

So what does one do when a) making a great first impression is important BUT b) the genetics lottery had not been exactly generous? Well, honey, what can I say… It all boils down to the attitude.

Attitude Meme
Since we only really have one chance to make a first impression, how do we make sure it is perfect? Apart from just having the right attitude to pull things off, you need to:

1. Fake it till you make it.

Nobody should expect women to possess the Alpha female personality of Uhura (just watched Star Trek) right off the bat. So be sure you exude self-confidence, even though you’re scared senseless inside.

2. Groom yourself properly.

As in, make sure you don’t overdo the makeup! A good tip when it comes to applying makeup, especially liquid foundation or stick concealer, is to apply dabs a bit sparingly. Layering makeup is essential so as to avoid the inevitable caking. And of course, prep the skin first with some moisturizer! Patience is definitely a virtue you will need when making yourself well put together.

Maybelline New York Clear Smooth Shine Free Stick

 Like this concealer, which, when applied right with fingertip or concealer brush, perks up peepers!

3. Dress the part.

A dinner date may call for a snazzy, classy outfit, but a simple get-together may simply involve a clean and casual getup. If you have been invited to a wedding, find out the dress code and even the color scheme! I mean, you don’t want to show up dressed to match the tablecloth or centerpiece, do you?

4. ..And sound the part.

Brush up on your conversation skills if you have to. Just remember to play up your strengths, and keep yourself together at all times. Don’t let anxiety get the better of you by preparing a bit for that big day (whatever it may be).

First impressions are very important, just like what I mentioned in an article on speed dating a while back.

Whether it’s your first day in college, a much-awaited job interview at one of the most sought-after firms in the country, a first date with a potential “true love”, or the dreaded first meeting with ~his~ parents, putting your best foot forward will definitely take you places. I know, because I’ve impressed a lot of guys (not that I should be tooting my own horn at this point or anything) by letting my wonderful¬†personality shine through!

TeluEvents Speed DatingSource.


Try these tips yourself! Just stay positive and use your strengths!¬†Cersei Lannister did famously say, “Tears aren’t a woman’s only weapon.”


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