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Holiday Homeware Wish List

Traffic in Manila has become so bad lately that I’ve decided to move closer to where I work (it’s in a business district near EDSA, for those wondering). Although the move was necessary to gain extra hours for exercise and sleep, I still need to turn the shared condo into a great living arrangement for me and my roommates.

Good thing for this holiday season, there’s an awesome variety of home and living essentials that are right up my alley. With a little bit of detective work I was able to find http://www.sammydress.com/Wholesale-Kitchen-c-146.html, a nice repository of affordable kitchen items. Who would have thought there are more than just cosmetic items and apparel on www.sammydress.com, right?

My SO and I actually love tea, so having a portable Tea Ball Spoon Stainless Steel Infuser will come in handy with the new batch of Black Tea leaves he gave me. (The infuser ball is only $2.14 here!) and easy to use. Just put about a teaspoon of tea inside the ball, dip it in a cup of hot water and voila! A fresh cup of tea. Tea wakes me up in the morning. :)

tea infuser

And since I prefer fresh salads over cooked meals because of the better preparation time involved, a convenient veggie chopper like this one┬áis perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle. It’s not exactly a salad maker, but it’s close, since you can turn fresh whole vegetables into crudely chopped pieces fairly instantly.


And lastly, this. Ever since my hair has grown past my waist, I’ve had a bit of trouble with hair fall. I usually spend several seconds picking up all the dyed hair on the bathroom floor. So far my roommates hadn’t said anything about strands of hair anywhere in the condo (probably because they shed a lot of hair too).

drain sheetDon’t you think it would be awesome to have your own supply of hair-catching drain sheets? I do, and I think a drain sheet is a fabulous idea.

Can’t wait to stock up on these soon! How aobut you? What’s your holiday wish list?

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