Happy Days Club Trial Box

Happy Days Club makes it easier to deal with monthly periods

You can probably relate to this, ladies.


I remember my first year dealing with Aunt Flo–the first few months were simple, there was little blood and it was fairly easy to count when the next one would arrive. Eventually, things progressed to a monthly agony fest of lots of bloody discharge on the first three days and lots of cramping throughout.

I wanted to spend my monthly periods in bed all curled up. The pain around my belly also made it difficult to get a good sleep. Worse, the blood can get so out of hand most times that I’ve been tempted to use diapers. I resort to using two pads at once instead–with one covering my bum to protect my bed from annoying leaks (tagos).

Possible Solution?

OK OK I just recently found out about the Happy Days Club. They’ve just officially launched last week, and the idea behind their subscription offering is that their curated treats make it easier for us ladies to deal with our monthly egg-shedding. Who doesn’t want free sanitary pads and pampering treats? I definitely wouldn’t pass up the chance to forget my monthly cramps. :)

Happy Days Club Trial Box

Currently, the company is sending out trial boxes, but by April 2018 they’ll be shipping the awesome premium ones! They’ll make sure to customize each box, since not all girls are created equal. We all have different needs and wants after all!

A Happy Days premium box includes:

  • 3-5 tasty snacks
  • 2-3 feminine essentials
  • 2-3 pampering or beauty items
  • 1-2 surprise items

Rumor has it that the premium box contains goodies can worth almost Php2,000 total, from the premium feminine pads to the assorted beauty treats. If you haven’t tried all kinds of goodies and feminine products yet, get a Happy Days box so you can also literally feel the difference. :D

If you want a free trial box, visit the Happy Days Club website and order.

Enjoy discounts on your Happy Days subscription! Just use our promo links below:

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Join the #HappyDaysClub now, ladies!

**This is a sponsored post.**

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