Curves Eastwood Giveaway

Ladies, here’s your chance to try the Curves fitness program! I’ve personally seen some results, and you should, too.

Join the giveaway and you may be one of two lucky ladies to experience

The Curves Eastwood Giveaway is open to ALL Metro Manila residents. Contest will end on January 18, 2014 at Noon. Winners will need to provide contact information prior to claiming the prize. Winners will then be called by a Curves Eastwood representative to secure an appointment.

12 thoughts on “Curves Eastwood Giveaway

  1. Mara Galang

    Im a bit chubby and I really wanna go to gym to reduce some weight specially, i wanna tone down my tummy. Im going to apply for my dream job 2 months from now, so a week of exercise from curves would really hepls me a lot!

  2. Paula Romana Alagao

    Every start of the year, I always say that I would go the gym and start being fit. Yes, I went to the several gyms already and tried some fitness exercises but I only do it once. I did not come back and do it again. Seriously, I want my tummy to be smaller because most of the time people thinks I’m pregnant. :( I hope Curves can really motivate me to be finally healthy and fit. I hope to win your give-away Miss Ethel. Thank you so much and more powers! :)

    1. Ethel Merioles Post author

      I hope you get to trim your tummy, too, Paula. But frequent exercise is the key to losing weight! Good luck.

  3. Aileen Masaoay

    I want to win this not just because to be fit and fab but to be healthy as I aged. And so that I can still live my life to the fullest =D

  4. shandie

    i want to win it coz i want to have my curve ( as in ung siksi!) hehe and i wanna try and experience that feeling that you’re inside a gym/fitness area to do a fitness technique


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