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Siem Reap: More Than Meets the Eye

I’ve been experiencing problems with ever since I made the mistake of signing up for their blogging services. While I abhor duplicate copies of any kind, I can’t help copying the entire article here (I’m compelled, for archiving purposes). After all the stressful events in my life, I never really expected I’d actually win

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7 Nice Places to Visit in Siem Reap

So after reading my tips here, you decided to what-the-heck visit Cambodia. You’ve got your fanny pack ready, you’ve smeared enough sunblock all over your body to remain white for the rest of your life, and you’ve got wads of cash stuffed in your front pockets (and shoes). You’re ready, I know you are. Now

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How to Survive in Siem Reap, Cambodia

I’ve got plenty of great and not-so-great memories from traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia, via Cebu Pacific. One of the great ones include my entry’s unexpected win at the 2012 BlogFest.Asia Writing Competition, but then there was a problem with the flight I booked at their office at Robinson’s Galleria that may have badly affected how

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