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What does a good campaign email look like?

I know a lot of friends who do marketing gigs and pay for marketing events to boost their knowledge on stuff like email marketing and search engine optimization. Sometimes it surprises me when they’re all willing to drop a lot of cash on self-professed marketing gurus even though most–if not all–of the really good marketing advice can easily be found online. Just by using the right keywords, you can easily find the right information you need to create a great campaign.

Take this super helpful infographic from My Emma’s marketing blog, for instance:

According to the article, an email they received from was a good example of a great email, and it can be used as a guide for a marketer’s next campaign.

As takeaway, My Emma shares:

Key takeaways for your next campaign:

  • Holidays are perfect opportunities for festive, interactive designs, as well as coupons to inspire seasonal purchases.
  • When using titles within images, make sure you have proper use of alt text.
  • Give just the right amount of detail, making sure your CTA always stands out.
  • Think about your text and image sizes—along with the amount of whitespace—when laying out your email to make reading, navigation, and sharing easy.

Awesome tips for a marketer to follow right? Now I can’t wait to share this with other WAHMs! :)


Paperless Post: Send digital letters with ease

Nowadays it’s always better to lessen paper use. So how do we send special notes to our loved ones? Send simple messages via text or email? The warm, human element is stripped away when we do this, so how can we send sincere messages online?

Enter Paperless Post, an online platform which allows users to customize their own online invitations, flyers and special occasion cards! Just like what their slogan says–they help connect people in real life.

 photo paperless post front page.jpg

Getting started is easy–you can use either your Google or Facebook account to create an account. Once you’ve got an account, you can go ahead and design the digital product of your choice! Flyers are available for free, but other products such as holiday cards and invitations cost a few coins, depending on the degree of personalization (like envelope liners and logos).

Need to spread holiday cheer? There’s a card for that!

 photo card preview.jpeg

You can choose among the wide range of designer cards, too! For only $5, you can get 10 coins and send out 2-3 personalized cards.

 photo paperless post design your own card.jpg

The user dashboard features everything you need to manage your account.

 photo paperless post dashboard.png

Even if you’re not tech savvy, you won’t have a hard time going through the site features. The straightforward UI allows you to easily manage your contacts, design and send out cards, preview your designs and even buy more coins!

 photo paperless post postbox.png

On the Post Box panel, users can view all the sent and scheduled cards, and messages received through those cards! That’s convenience, since RSVPs become easier through Paperless Post. If you changed your mind about the design of your cards, you can go ahead and redesign them.

The Verdict

4 out of 5 stars! The card personalization feature may be a little too costly if you’re sending out invites in bulk–people might opt to send out analog invitations in real life because of this. Other than that cost issue, Paperless Post is a great online tool for going completely paperless!


5 Features of a Modern Stun Gun

The traditional Tasers and stun guns were used by law enforcement and military authorities. Today, these traditional non-lethal weapons have improved in designs and are being sold to consumers for personal protection.

  • The large and intimidating Tasers and stun guns have progressed to more compacted models with the miniaturization of electrical components, making them easier to conceal.
  • These compact models are mostly rechargeable with some using lithium batteries and alkaline batters. The rechargeable weapons are convenient in that they do not require batteries to be purchased or replaced. The advantage of battery operated Tasers or stun guns is that they can be used when there is no opportunity to recharge, and fresh batteries will last longer than the charge of a rechargeable weapon.


  • The modern stun gun or Taser for sale models come with wrist straps as a safety feature to prevent the weapon from being dropped during a confrontation. There is also a pin attached to the wrist strap to disable the weapon should the weapon gets separated from the wrist straps. It also prevents the stun gun from being used against the owner if it is taken from owner. There is also a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge when carrying the weapon in your pocket.

 taser gun

  • Most stun guns or Tasers come with a nylon holster and the holster has a belt loop or belt clip.
  • Most models have integrated LED lights and these flashlight stun guns can be used as a flash light to help you identify your attacker in the dark or to disorient the attacker by shining the light into the eyes of the attacker.


Where to buy a stun gun? These days, you can easily order a stun gun from online stores but first, it is advisable to confirm whether it is permitted by your local authority to buy or possess this non-lethal weapon. Once you have received the stun gun, it is good to test the stun gun to make sure that it works and the battery or charge is fresh. Test by briefly pressing the trigger and look for a spark across the electrodes. Excessive testing can damage the stun gun.


How to Get Money from Live Streaming


When live streaming was first introduced to the public, people did not know how to use it. They found it a bit confusing and overwhelming. As time passed on, people started to learn more about it. More user-friendly apps also became more available such as Swoo TV.

Right now, live streaming has become more popular. Some people would not be able to live anymore unless they have the right application downloaded on their smartphone or their tablet. Some also have the live streaming app on their laptops and their smart TVs. Have you ever wondered how you can make money from live streaming?

Get to know some possible ideas as you continue to read.

  1. You can use the live stream for pay-per-view access. This will allow you to acquire money every time someone would like to live stream the show or the movie. You will be surprised with how many people who would actually contact you for this especially if you are showing something popular like sports. There are different apps for live streaming that you can use.
  2. Have some advertisements available while you are doing live streaming. You may have sponsors who would like to promote their products. This is always possible. Just remember that this will not generate you as much money as the other things that you can use live streaming for to earn some money.
  3. Allow subscriptions to your content become paid. Who says that people should access the content that you offer for free? You may have placed a lot of time, effort, and money in order to come up with one live stream episode. It is only fitting that you get paid for all of the things that you do.
  4. You can charge a certain amount so that some people can live stream certain events. There may be some events that are limited to some people only. Others can watch through live streaming for a fee. Your channel may be one of those that will offer to stream the events well.

Take note that you can also provide live stream music if you want to share your talent to the rest of the world. There are endless possibilities. You just have to check out the opportunities.

Notification - Image to Word Android App

Transfer text to Word on the fly with the Image to Word app

My SO has this nifty trick with business cards: Instead of keeping them, he takes pictures of them. I often wonder why he stores the contact information with a file type that arguably consumes a large amount of storage space in his phone, but I never bring the issue up since, well, it is still a good idea.

With OCR technology, though, I can probably convince him to step up his brilliant “contact info image storage” idea pretty soon. Granted, the technology has been around for several years now, and it’s hard to find software that’s 100% accurate. But there’s an app from Inc. that can convert  images to documents very quickly.

The app uses Cometdocs’ OCR (optical character recognition) engine to avoid draining the battery. Here’s how you use the app, in screenshots:

Image to Word App Sample

Left: You add an image for conversion. Right: You crop your image to exclude the content you don’t want to convert.

Image to Word Screenshot ConversionOnce the word document is available, you open the file (or rename it first, for your convenience) and edit it just like a word doc! Once it’s a word document, you can make your adjustments as you see fit.

As you can see on the image on the left, there are spaces in between text. The spaces are supposedly the line breaks based on the original image. Pretty cool that the OCR engine noticed that and made adjustments on the conversion!

What I don’t like is the size of the text in the word document–I had to zoom out.

Still, though, I’m happy. The words that were in the document were accurate!

So I decided to test the app on messages. It was pretty accurate, though it had trouble with the sim icon and the l’s and i’s.

Image to Word App Sample Screenshot Conversion

The app attempted to convert the icon! Scary awesome!

Word Doc Editing - Image to Word App

And of course the doc is editable!

Since the app can be used on text in actual photos, I decided to take a slightly blurry image of a random flyer in my room. This is where it hit a snag.

Actual image conversion to Word doc

For some reason it had trouble with blurry text and even crooked lines of text.

Here are other features to make up for that one weakness:

Notification - Image to Word Android App

App notification – pretty standard for most apps, I know, but I still find this feature cool, considering that the free app takes ages to convert an image.

Image to Word Android App Features

Very nice layout, too! Easy for anyone to figure out what to do.


The paid version converts files in mere seconds!

Nice user interface

App notification

Accurate conversion of screenshot text


Poor recognition of written text

Cannot work offline

Invitation to rate the app online pops up at the end of every conversion



I see OCR technology as pretty useful for adding contact information to your phone book, or perhaps digitizing financial documents. In this case, I’m afraid its accuracy is limited to screenshot text. Hope a better version comes out soon.

For those interested, the app is available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Mober founder Dennis Ng

Move your stuff quickly with Mober!

The Mober app has a user-friendly interface, which makes booking as easy as hiring a taxi service online.

Mober founder Dennis Ng

Dennis Ng’s brainchild, Mober, was launched last October 2015 to address the logistics needs of SMEs and even individuals who need to transport a sundry of items for their household. The company (Mober Technology PTE Ltd) seeks to address the need for more efficient and cost-effective delivery by offering an app that will meet the logistics requirements of SMEs. Individuals, companies, or business owners can now book a van through the app to have their goods picked up and delivered door-to-door.

Pet Shuttle Discount - Mober Philippines

The app lets users send anything they want, so long as it fits in one of their vehicles. Orders may consist of transporting just a single box or loading up a van with several bulky items.

Currently, Mober picks up and delivers in Metro Manila. The fare is calculated much like that of the app-based commuter services, as it depends on the type of vehicle requested and the distance between pickup and drop off locations. The minimum fare is Php500.00 for Van and Php 750.00 for a VanPlus service, wherein a van porter can help load and unload the items from point to point. The base Fare is Php250 and Php450 respectively, with additional Php25.00 per kilometer and Php2.50 per minute. At the moment, Mober services are on cash basis.

Mober moving vans Philippines
To guarantee a safe and efficient delivery, the mobile app allows users to track and share drivers’ progress in real-time, and the process is backed by a service hotline to help with customer problems and inquiries. Upon drop off, senders receive a confirmation of delivery. Delivery trips are each kept exclusive for each booking, wherein Mober drivers are not allowed to pick up orders from multiple clients. The cargo is also insured for up to P50,000.

For its dry-run Mober utilized the 5 vans in its in-house fleet and are seeking to partner with high quality and trustworthy service providers by 2016. These would include those businesses that have already purchased their own utility vehicles and seek to maximize its service.

Mober’s logistics app is set to impact the local economy as it can help more entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. There is less worry about how they will move their goods and there is less capital needed to reach more customers.

Pixelworx Cinemansanas Winners 2016

Vote for your favorite Pixelworx Cinemansanas digital short!

At the conclusion of Pixelworx Cinemansanas digital short film challenge, Power Mac Center opened online voting for the Pixelworx People’s Choice Award. All entries that made it to the finals were uploaded in the Power Mac Center YouTube channel. The entry with the most number of likes by May 19, 2016 wins. It will be announced online on May 20.

Pixelworx Cinemansanas Winners 2016

The Pixelworx Cinemansanas digital short film challenge through a special screening and awards ceremony held at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati.
The event brought together premier figures in the film industry and designated Pixelworx brand ambassadors − independent filmmakers Mario Cornejo and Monster Jimenez, seasoned director Yam Laranas, and multi-awarded author and screenwriter Ricky Lee − who served as judges for the competition. In the past months, they also spearheaded a series of workshops in film production, cinematography, direction, editing, and scriptwriting to assist contenders in crafting their masterpieces. This was supported by tutorials for iMovie, GarageBand, and Final Cut Pro X.

Entries were rated based on creativity of presentation (50 percent) and the quality of technical elements (50 percent). There were three winners in the student category and three winners in the professional category awarded during the ceremony.

Winners took home up to Php50,000 worth of Power Mac Center Gift Cards each. The Diamond Award winners in both student and professional categories also got the chance to have their films screened during the program.

This year’s Cinemansanas is the second installment of Pixelworx, Power Mac Center’s advocacy of recognizing artists who break the standards of the art scene. It is celebrated with a series of workshops, live demos, and an ultimate art challenge. “The entries to this year’s Pixelworx competition showcase the talent and resourcefulness of Filipino artists. We are honored to introduce the visual storytellers who truly rose up to our challenge of filmmaking using Apple devices only,” said Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

More information is available at the Power Mac Center website.

Western Digital Completes Acquisition Of SanDisk

OMG! The tech giant is getting bigger!

Western Digital® Corporation (NASDAQ: WDC) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Western Digital Technologies, Inc. has completed the acquisition of SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK). The addition of SanDisk makes Western Digital Corporation a comprehensive storage solutions provider with global reach, and an extensive product and technology platform that includes deep expertise in both rotating magnetic storage and non-volatile memory (NVM).

The Company also indicated that the debt financing associated with this transaction has been consummated and that the previously obtained funds from this financing have been released from escrow to Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

“Today is a significant day in the history of Western Digital,” said Steve Milligan, chief executive officer of Western Digital. “We are delighted to welcome SanDisk into the Western Digital family. This transformational combination creates a media-agnostic leader in storage technology with a robust portfolio of products and solutions that will address a wide range of applications in almost all of the world’s computing and mobile devices. We are excited to now begin focusing on the many opportunities before us, from leading innovation to bringing the best of what we can offer as a combined company to our customers. In addition, we will begin the work to fully realize the value of this combination through executing on our synergies, generating significant cash flow, as well as rapidly deleveraging our balance sheet, and creating significant long-term value for our shareholders.”

The integration process will begin immediately through the joint efforts of teams from both companies. As previously announced, Steve Milligan will continue to serve as chief executive officer of Western Digital, which will remain headquartered in Irvine, California. Sanjay Mehrotra, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of SanDisk, will serve as a member of the Western Digital Board of Directors, effective immediately.

“As a combined company, we will be best positioned to address the demands for data storage, which is growing exponentially every year,” said Sanjay Mehrotra. “Growth and change go hand in hand, and we couldn’t be happier to grow and change together with Western Digital. I look forward to contributing to realizing the potential of this combination as a member of the board.”

Under the terms of the transaction, each outstanding share of SanDisk common stock was converted into the right to receive $67.50 per share in cash and 0.2387 shares of Western Digital common stock.