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My Top 8 Nursing Must-Haves

A fed baby is a happy baby, and I’d rather have my nipples bleed than hear my little one cry. So within the past three months I quickly learned how important some clothes, tools and gadgets are for breastfeeding success. I believe every mother should have certain items –the bare basics– with her to make the most

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My Favorite Budget-Friendly Baby Essentials

Out of gratitude, I’m giving a shout out to all these baby care essentials I discovered mostly online (because I’m millennial like that). I’ve made lots of shopping mistakes over the past 9 months, but here are some of the goodies that I don’t regret having tried/purchased at all. And I don’t mind purchasing these

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6 Things New Moms Must Know

Yesterday my husband and I went to Babymama’s latest branch, and I soon realized that, contrary to what I previously believed, there are first-time moms even more clueless than I am. And I’ve taken much of the help I received during my pregnancy for granted. So here’s a quick list of the stuff I regret

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