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BlueWater Day Spa celebrates anniversary, offers 40% discount

An advocate of good health and well-being, BlueWater Day Spa (BWDS) has put together a special lineup of services for today’s growing group of professionals– the “slashies”, or those who have different responsibilities to juggle. What’s more, this new lineup of wellness and beauty services are heartily endorsed by today’s top celebrities: Actress and entrepreneur

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The modern Juan paves the way for gender equality at home with Ariel’s #JuanWash

Perhaps no era has prompted a more dramatic shift in gender norms than this one; and these changes are most evident in one of the most basic facets of daily life — chores. Where household tasks were once viewed as “women’s work” decades prior, nowadays, a more equal division of tasks for cooking, cleaning, laundry

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Join the My Little Pony Friendship Run this September!

Are you into My Little Pony? You can still sign up and join the My Little Pony Friendship Run in Manila on September 23. Join Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle as they spread the elements of harmony–honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, loyalty and magic–out in the serene beauty of SM by the

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Trikini 2017: Post-event thoughts

The first ever Trikini event-for-a-cause concluded in McKinley West Park without much fanfare, but it sure was fun! It was my first time to join a fun run, and I didn’t expect to see this fancy microchip bracelet. The event organizers even got to scan our bracelets before we ran. The event was slated to

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Caring for Your Senior Dog

If you have a dog that’s getting old, you probably know that he needs different care than when he was younger. As dogs age, just like people their health care and nutritional needs change. They may start to experience a range of problems that affect their bones, eyesight and hearing. Joint and Muscle Pain Dogs

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Run, Bike and Party with Trikini on August 19

MANILA, Philippines – Megaworld Lifestyle Malls shall be presenting a unique active lifestyle event on August 19, 2017 in McKinley West Park. Trikini is an urban fitness party that will feature three basic elements- run, bike, and party- in a safe and exclusive venue where attendees can enjoy the outdoors right in the heart of

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Work Out New York hits 2nd Avenue on March 27

Tune in on Monday to catch the first episode of Work Out New York. This show chronicles the everyday lives of some of New York City’s top trainers, Lindsey Clayton, Joe Lazo, Layla Luciano, Lena Marti, Noah Neiman, Courtney Paul, and Holly Rilinger, as they compete to land top clientele. And we all know how

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Straight to your home and at no delivery charge at all, sends delightful, calorie-controlled meals. To make a reservation, I went to the company’s reservation page, filled out the form with the necessary details like weight, activity level, preferred meal plan and the like. I stood by for confirmation via email and that’s it.

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