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Garnier Micellar Water Philippines

Garnier now offers Micellar water in the Philippines!

Our favorite French skincare brand has just launched its latest product, the Micellar Cleansing Water!

Garnier Micellar Water Philippines

We’ve all heard about the product, other brands have released their own formulation about a year or so ago. Micellar water bonds with oil, dirt, makeup, what-have-you so we don’t have to spend too much time making our skin squeaky clean. Honestly, it’s so good my condo-mate uses it alone for her night time skin cleaning. She has sensitive skin, too!
Acai Berries Yogurt Breakfast


Ladies, glowing skin does begin from within, but it won’t hurt having a great night time beauty regimen!

Garnier offers two variants: the regular pink one, and the Pure Active version that comes in a blue bottle. Pure Active is specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin. For gals-on-the-go, the company also released a travel-size version that can easily fit gym bags and luggage as well (though you would have to check your baggage in at the airport).


Can’t wait to remove my makeup tonight!

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is available at supermarkets, department stores and drug stores for as low as Php149 (super affordable!)

Garnier Micellar Water Pink Flat lay



The new Maybelline Vivid Matte lipsticks

Left to right: Vivid 5, Vivid 6, Vivid 7, Vivid 8, Vivid 13

The new Maybelline Vivid Mattes come in juicy colors! Surprisingly, these babies don’t carry the sweet scent that the other Maybelline lippies I’ve tried have.

These shades may look the same on paper, but the colors appear very different on Filipina skin! All lippies drastically change shades on my lips over time, however, so I can’t really make swatches without guaranteeing how they all really look like on other people.

My new fave lippie: The new #VividMatte lipstick by @Maybelline in Vivid 8

Smooth application
Semi matte finish
Affordable at Php299 (and less, if Maybelline is on sale)
Juicy colors suit any Filipina skin
No strong scent

Shades become darker and/or brighter within an hour!

The colors are worth a try, like Vivid 8, above.

These Vivid Mattes add a pop of instant color on an otherwise pale complexion. I see myself using any of the shades on a weekend out with my family or SO. Keep in mind, depending on the shade, the color upon skin contact either becomes darker or brighter. And to think the other Maybelline lippies I’ve tried hardly reacted to my lips! So try these new shades at your own risk. Visit the nearest Maybelline counters at Watsons or your nearest department stores to try the cutesy, candy shades.

To know the latest promos and products from Maybelline, check out the official Facebook page!

Whipped Lounge Fairview Terraces

Benefits of Sugar-Based Body Scrub and Hair Removal

Water-soluble and versatile, the common sugar has many uses that people should learn to take advantage of. Here’s a breakdown to convince you how awesome sugar is, beyond pastries and cakes.
Whipped Lounge Fairview Terraces

1. Sugar helps boost cell regeneration.

Skin cells are regularly replaced (about 28 days) with new, healthier skin. Since the turnover process may slow down as we get older, we can help speed it up with some exfoliation. When sugar granules are massaged all over the body, dead skin is sloughed off at the same time the rubbing movement boosts circulation, potentially helping drain the lymph nodes through increased blood flow. The new skin cells will better absorb your moisturizer as well.

2. Sugar, unlike wax, will not burn.

Apart from being edible, sugaring paste softens already at body temperature. So it will not burn the skin, unlike the traditional wax.

3. Sugaring paste is easy to clean up.

Wax tend to contain chemicals that need special solvents to remove, while the water-based sugar paste can easily be washed off with water.

4. Sugaring is less painful.

Since sugaring paste tends to adhere only to dry hair and dead skin cells, you can have your hair removed with less pain. Wax meanwhile, can adhere directly to even live skin cells, making the hair removal process with wax a lot more unbearable for some.

5. Sugar is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Sugar is a natural anti-bacterial agent, and regular sugaring paste is simply made of sugar, water and lemon juice. You can rest assured that the sugaring paste used during your hair removal session is safe and won’t cause breakouts.

Want to try sugar for your beauty treatments yourself?

Visit Whipped!

Whipped Sugar Waxing and Scrub Salon
Operating hours:
Monday-Friday 11AM to 9PM
Saturday-Sunday 10AM to 10PM

3F Ayala Fairview Terraces
2F Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center
2F Eight Forbes Town Center


Find That Perfect Gift for Someone Special

It seems like there are some people who always know the right kind of gifts to buy for their family and friends. One of the reasons why these individuals know the right kind of gift to give is because they either know the individual well or they purchase something that will fill a need. These are two things to consider when you are thinking about buying the perfect gift for someone you love.

Batman v Superman Cosbaby

The first thing to consider is knowing that individual well. You want to know their likes and dislikes. You need to take into consideration their circumstances and their personality. These things are going to help you find the perfect gift for them.

You want to think about the kind of things they love. For example, would they be more pleased with a physical object, or would they prefer an experience? Depending on your personal budget and the occasion for giving the gift, some individuals would prefer a piece of jewelry over going on a vacation. Other individuals would prefer a nice experience, like going to the movies, a show, or out to dinner instead of receiving a bottle of perfume. You need to think about what kind of things that person appreciates.

The second thing to consider is filling a need. Perhaps you have overheard that special someone say that they need or like a particular item. This can give you a clue as to what to purchase. For example, you may have heard them say that they really like a particular pair of recycled skateboard wood sunglasses, and then you would know to buy this thing. Or perhaps you know they want sunglasses, and then you take into consideration their personality. You would know to buy a pair would sunglasses that would be popular in the skateboard community.

Filling a need when purchasing a gift can work at several levels. For example, purchasing a food or beverage item can always fill a need. Coffee, wine, chocolate, and a variety of other food and beverage items are always useful and nice gifts. However, filling a need can be something like paying a bill for an individual or purchasing something that they are not able to purchase because of their particular financial circumstances.

When you consider an individual’s personality and you are able to fill a need, you will find the perfect gift for that special someone.

Whipped Body Sugaring

Whipped: Affordable Waxing Salon in Fairview, Manila

Summer is about to be over in Manila, giving way to a succession of typhoons, but it doesn’t mean we ladies are excused from maintaining proper hygiene. There’s a newcomer in the depilation arena, and it offers quick hair removal services without the intolerable pain!

Here’s how I chose Whipped: After finding out last week that I’d be going to Laguna for a swim, I felt I just needed to find a hair removal salon within my area. On weekdays I live in Boni, but on weekends I’m at my parents’ in QC. Since I’m saving money for my wedding, I can’t just drop a lot of cash on wants, and hair removal unfortunately generally lies in the wants category. Lucky for me, Whipped gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Whipped on 3F Fairview Terraces

How I found Whipped: The salon is on the 3rd floor of Fairview Terraces

Whipped Fairview Terraces Exterior

How fun is this?!

The Whipped Experience

Who doesn’t like desserts? I just really like Whipped’s interiors. It’s like an ice cream store for your skin. I’d love to know if the other branches also feature bright and colorful decor!

There’s no denying this desserts concept is adorbs. Whipped even offers sugaring packages with deliciously sweet names!

Whipped Dessert Packages (as of May 14, 2016) 

Chocolate chip (eyebrow, upper lip, underarm) – Php500 (female) | Php650 (male)
Butter pecan (bikini, half leg, underarm, eyebrow) – 1100 | 1350
Strawberry fudge (bikini, full leg, underarm, eyebrow) – 1300 | 1450
Cherry vanilla (brazilian, half leg, underarm, eyebrow) – 1400 | 1500
Queen-cholic (brazilian, full leg, underarm, eyebrow) – 1600 | 1750

For my bikini session, Ms Grace, my beauty technician, used sugaring wax and a little post-session cream.

Whipped Body Sugaring

She first kneaded the wax to warm it up a bit with her fingers, then proceeded to remove the scraggly bits that could potentially show up when I wear my swimsuit. Hair was pulled out quickly, and pressure was immediately applied to help relieve the sting. I casually checked in the Whipped Facebook page, browsed IG and chatted Grace up while waiting for the session to finish. It was quick.

The Verdict

Ambience 4 out of 5 stars
Staff 5 out of 5 stars (courteous and nice!)
Service 5 out of 5 stars (very reasonable rates, quick execution)
Location 4 out of 5 stars (Fairview may be too far north for some)
Overall 4.5 out of 5 stars

The bikini wax session cost only Php350, and I’m happy to say that the session only took less than 30 minutes! I’m usually a little bit more sensitive at the end of my cycle, and despite my sensitivity I was able to tolerate the session really well! Granted, I’ve had my bikini area waxed several times before, and I’ve experienced different kinds of pain. My session at Whipped, however, was one of the least painful I’ve had.

Kax Merioles with Ms Grace Waxing Specialist

I got whipped!

Location: 3F Fairview Terraces (fronting JBL), Fairview (beside SM Fairview)

Other branches:

2F Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center
2F Eight Forbes Town Center

For Appointments: 0917-240-5330 | 931-12-8

Barrioquinto Nocturne

For the Love of Art and Nail Goals

This weekend things have gotten interesting enough to warrant a blog post. Got another chance to attend Barrioquinto‘s latest one-man show just a few days before I head to Boracay. Before the SO and I attended the event I thought to myself my toenails looked crap!
most interesting night out meme
I’m pretty low maintenance compared to most girls I know (People have told me to go to finishing school, too, a few times). I only go to salons maybe three to four times a year, in fact.

On the day before the event I went to Nail It along Pearl Drive. Heard it was opening again after a month long renovation, and since I was already within the area I figured why not drop by and have my quarterly nail fix. I’m pretty spontaneous-ish that way.

Nails with Orly in Catch the Bouquet

 I like this Orly nail paint’s pale shimmer. It’s called “Catch the Bouquet”.

Orly and Nail Tek

I tried Nail It’s Pampering Hands service where the nail specialist soaked my hands in a tub; applied a minty, exfoliating scrub; and applied a layer of mud mask before a quick massage. The entire service was slightly soothing, though I had hoped it would happen a bit more slowly. I was hoping that the mud mask should remain on my hands and upper arms for a few minutes before rinsing. So I would not leave the salon with unkempt fingers and toes, I went ahead and tried the Coloring Manicure, Simply Pedicure and Coloring Pedicure services. (Here’s the Nail It Price List.)

Nail It Manicure


The nail technicians really take care of your nails!

The following day I knew I was ready for the first item on my Saturdate with the SO – The Sony photography workshop #SummerGoals which happened to include a fashion photography segment.

Sony Photography Workshop Summer Goals

 Here’s a nice steal from SM’s Surplus Shop – a zipfront linen dress.

Ended my Saturdate with a little fine art. We went to Shangri-La at the Fort for Provenance’s grand opening. Gallery opening coincided with renowned contemporary artist Andres Barrioquinto’s one-man show entitled “Nocturne”.

Barrioquinto Nocturne

Barrioquinto painting

Just look at this!

Maybe someday I might be just as awesome as Andres Barrioquinto. Until then, I’ll just take comfort in my little experiences with life and art.

Georgina Wilson Interview Maybelline

Georgina Wilson: Maybelline’s Face of Beauty, Confidence and Grace

Who can embody Maybelline New York’s latest tagline, “Make It Happen”, better than Georgina Wilson?

The gorgeous Filipina-British model has top brands Jaguar, American Apparel, SM Accessories, Garnier and Globe in her modeling portfolio, and has Channel V and Asia’s Next Top Model under her hosting belt. In spite of her rising career in modeling, she had chosen to take her education seriously, as well, even graduating with honors from University of Sydney with a double major in Accounting and Finance. On top of all that, she is Marketing Director for local eyewear brand, Sunnies. Her physical beauty is enhanced not by mere cosmetics but by a good head on her shoulders–a true role model for every girl!

Georgina Wilson at Bloggers Meet and Greet for Maybelline

Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly), I discover that there is more to Georgina Wilson’s success than meets the eye, as she graciously spends a few hours entertaining bloggers in an exclusive sit-down. From motivational advice to beauty tips, she provides insight on everyday concerns that simply reveals her beauty, confidence and grace. Here are her best–and most inspiring–ones:

Georgina Wilson Interview Maybelline


Georgina Wilson Quote

Like everyone else, Georgina has had issues with self-confidence, but she never let that bring her down. Growing up as a “fat child”, as she puts it, she quickly realized how important it was to be surrounded by people who cared. “My family, my cousins–they never made me feel like it was something bad,” she shares. “It’s really important to have a good support system.”

While it’s true that there’s no other place where we can get our strength but within, it helps to be surrounded by people who can teach us how and where to get that strength. Lip service can’t turn into self-confidence, so in the end, you will only have yourself to rely on. So build inner strength!

Maybelline Make It Happen Bloggers

Friends make it happen.


Georgina Wilson Quote 3

Take it from Georgina Wilson to know what the modeling industry is all about. She has been modeling since high school, and she admits to being the first cousin in her family to use makeup. She started at 15, and she didn’t have to ask for her parent’s permission. Though she does go out without makeup all the time, she sees the value in cosmetics. “It’s very important to be comfortable with how you look,” she explains. “There’s a reason why we use products that can complement and enhance our beauty.”

Maybelline Make It Happen Say Yes to LifeSaying yes to things that make you happy can make it happen.


Georgina Wilson Quote 2

For Georgina, “in life, it’s really about work.” When she feels bad about how she looks, she goes to the gym and does something about her body. “I’m a doer,” she adds. She sounds like she’s always been a problem solver, too, as she chooses to have a ready solution to her concerns.

Maybelline Make It Happen Love Yourself

Self-love can make it happen.

Maybelline NYFW 2016 Candid Pose

With Maybelline’s cosmetic lines meant to reveal inner confidence by enhancing the unique beauty and grace that each lady intrinsically possesses, we can easily see how Georgina Wilson is the perfect ambassador for the brand. Based on the quick interview, Georgina is a lady who has set goals for herself and overcome challenges. She is a woman who, through hard work and determination, has achieved amazing things at a young age, and eventually become a young Filipino icon capable of influencing today’s youth.

Talking with Georgina has even helped me gain better perspective on how should be living my life. Now I feel like I’m more than ready to take on any challenge. I’m ready to take on the world!

With Maybelline Endorser Georgina Wilson

Maybelline NYFW 2016 New Products

Thank you, Maybelline New York, for the #MakeItHappen movement.

Maybelline 2016 Creamy Matte Lipsticks

FIRST LOOK: Maybelline New York’s New Matte Makeup

There’s more to make-up than vanity. I’ve heard Maybelline New York‘s battle cry for 2016, and after experiencing the company’s vision first hand, I was ready.

Maybelline NYFW 2016 Candid

 Here I am trying out the new liquid powder shades.

Maybelline HyperFresh Powder HyperMatte Challenge

For years Maybelline has been producing quality cosmetics that address women concerns. Now, with technology at its best, Maybelline redefines women empowerment with a new anthem that captures women’s inherent confidence and strength despite the fast-paced lifestyle: Make It Happen.

“There has always been a misconception that make-up is a way to conceal imperfections and insecurities, or that it is the opposite of self-contentment. But we, at Maybelline New York, along with the millions of girls around the world who choose the brand as an ally, choose to see differently. We believe that women intrinsically possess the beauty, and the power to make a difference. And the purpose of make-up is not to conceal but to reveal that confidence in every girl and woman around the world,” explains Cary Noreen Co, Marketing Manager of Maybelline New York – Philippines.

Maybelline New York is ready to become the every lady’s partner in achieving dreams. She adds, “More than anyone, we at Maybelline New York understand the power of Filipinas and how women are more and more becoming the icons and influencers in the country today. We change, we inspire, and we move the country in our own ways.”

So, here we go!

Maybelline NYFW 2016 Creamy Matte Lipsticks

 New Maybelline lippies and their luxury counterparts on display.

Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara Sale

 Here’s a showcase of ffordable go-to mascaras from Maybelline.

Trying on New Maybelline HyperMatte Liner

This 2016, Maybelline proudly introduces three matte makeup products that are designed to enhance the beauty every Filipina already possesses (focusing on the Eyes, Lips and Face!)

Maybelline HyperMatte Liquid Liner

Maybelline HyperMatte Liquid Liner Black Test

One of the latest Maybelline products, the HyperMatte Dip Liquid Liner (Php199).

First, the Eyes. The HyperMatte Dip Liquid Liner is an easy-to-use liquid liner that dries quickly with a matte finish. This product promises no more sheen on lined eyes, and instantly delivers! And I have to say, after trying it out, the product does dry out (in about ten seconds) to an ultra-black, matte finish!  The awesome news is that this Hyper Matte Liquid Liner is now available for P199. (HOT TIP: Use it with the HyperCurl Mascara, which now only costs P199.)

Maybelline 2016 Creamy Matte Lipsticks

 Creamy Matte Lipsticks in beautiful shades: (from left) Vibrant Violet, Touch of Spice and Divine Wine (Php299 each).

Next up are the Lips. Maybelline’s latest sensation, the Creamy Matte lipsticks contain nourishing honey nectar to produce the holy trinity of perfect makeup: Color, Coverage and Care. This new line has ten matte shades that boast highly pigmented color and a (forreal) smooth, creamy texture! Take your pick: Faint for Fuchsia, Siren in Scarlet, All Fired Up, Craving Coral, Divine Wine, Mesmerizing Magenta, Ravishing Rose, Rich in Ruby, Touch of Spice and Vibrant Violet. In terms of perfromance and color pay-off these lippies can outmatch luxury brands that offer identical shades. After a quick trial, I’m happy to say that these lippies stayed put for several hours, and did not dry out my lips.

Personally, the Vibrant Violet for me is a funky pop of purple with warm undertones. My fave, Touch of Spice is a medium-dark rosy plum with subtle, warmer undertones. Divine Wine, meanwhile, can be best described as deep burgundy with warm, reddish-brown undertones.  All these shades are suitable for Filipina skin!

Maybelline White SuperFresh Liquid Powder

White Super Fresh Liquid Powder–the no touch-up foundation with SPF 50 PA++++ (Php399).

And finally, for the face. The White Super Fresh Liquid Powder has the consistency of liquid sunscreen and yet it dries like a no touch-up foundation with a matte, powdery finish. It’s pretty astonishing, actually. And just like sunscreen, it provides SPF 50 PA++++ sun protection. After trying a few shades, my best match turned out to be Honey. The others seemed to dry with a white cast on my face, and Honey is darker with warm undertone. Overall, this liquid foundation is an excellent option for those who prefer light makeup with excellent sun protection.


Maybelline NYFW Hyper Matte Products

Here’s my new beauty arsenal!

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Highly recommended! I’ve always loved matte lippies, and I’m thrilled that finally there are affordable cosmetics within reach. For less than Php1000, I can already have three makeup products that can make my face match my mood and personality.

Can’t wait to join the movement of empowered women who celebrate inner confidence and beauty everyday with Maybelline. It’s just high time to #MakeItHappen. The new matte products are now available at all Maybelline counters nationwide.