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Support the Adopt-A-School Initiative in Masbate

Not everyone’s aware of this, but Masbate is one of the most deprived provinces in the Philippines. The island province has about 900,000 inhabitants, and although it is teeming with rich natural resources, only a little can be said about its quality of education. Since good education has its rewards, it’s important for the people in

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Save our seas with EnviroPop

Environmental apps may still be quite uncommon in the App Store and Google Play, but WWF-Philippines knows how to exploit technology for the greater good. Because AppLabs Digital Studios made their mark last year with three educational applications for kids, the company was able to garner attention from one of the most charitable groups in

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Help Called to Rescue Defend the Defenseless

Non-profit organization “Called to Rescue” needs your help! The worldwide organization aims to protect children from sex trafficking, violence and abuse. Having had experienced abuse and harassment myself, I feel deeply for all the young children in the world who are too young and powerless to fight these so-called grown-ups who have nothing better to

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