Bed Head TIGI styleshots epic volume

Birthday Haul: Scentsational Edition

Don’t tell my husband, but for my 31st birthday I splurged on bath items instead of my usual food-clothes-makeup combo. The reason? Living in Mandaluyong has given me access to a variety of products that would have usually cost me an arm and a leg if I had lived elsewhere, and my birthday weekend was perfect opportunity to unwind after back-breaking, eye-luggage-inducing work.

A major sale (“up to 80% off!”) that happened recently put hair care products from Bed Head and Davines a whole lot more affordable so I made sure to get my own stash of goodies for my birthday. I figured I also needed to buy something good for my dad, anyway.

Bed Head TIGI styleshots epic volume

Bed Head TIGI styleshots epic volume shampoo and conditioner – Php 999

You can’t use one without the other. Both smell a lot like strawberry candies, and while the shampoo strips the root cause of my hair’s limp and lifeless appearance, the conditioner brings back the lost moisture and helps give my fine hair some bounce. Once my hair is dry, the sweet strawberry scent becomes a lot fainter. The smell only lasts about 2-3 hours in the polluted wilderness of Metro Manila, but the limp and lifeless hair look doesn’t return until more than 24 hours later.

DAC London Rose Blush Whitening & Firming Facial Foam – Php300

I have serious questions about this product, since I’ve never seen any article about it aside from those from BeautyMNL. I’m not sure if this is a legit imported product, but I really like the novelty of dispensing foam flower everyday. Unfortunately, sources say that it’s best used as the second step in a 2-step cleansing regimen, and most working gals ain’t got no time for that.

LUSH Maypole – Php275 per 100g, I got 170g = Php467

As expected, this Lush product is expensive. But it stole my heart right away, with the delicious, warm combo of peppermint and maple syrup too much to resist. And who knew that combination would turn out something like inedible minty candy? I happily purchased the big slab of soap immediately after taking a good whiff of it. It was that incredible.

Note to self: Grab a tub of Maypole body lotion as soon as it’s available.

LUSH Sex Bomb Ballistic – Php325

I did a little research before making this important purchase, because I knew I could make bath bombs myself. There were cheap brands available online too.

Lush sex bomb packaging

But I didn’t want to risk disappointing myself when I drew a relaxing bath on my birthday, so I went with a Lush product.

Lush Cosmetics Sex Bomb Ballistic

I chose Sex Bomb because it was one of the more popular bath bombs (just think: jasmine, ylang ylang and sage wafting in the air!) and it wasn’t too glittery for a jacuzzi.

LUSH Brightside Bubble Bar – Php375

I love citrus scents although most citrus perfume don’t agree with my skin.

Lush bubble bar packaging

I picked this up on a whim since I figured I would also want a bubble bath. Before use, this little treat was stashed in the closet with Sex Bomb, a great surprise each time my hubby and I went through our wardrobe.

Lush Cosmetics Brightside Bubble Bar

Here’s the bubble bar doing its thing:

Davines NaturalTech Energizing Superactive and Shampoo Set – Php3500

My dad already has the stuff he needs for everything he likes, and most of the stuff I’ve given him, too, were often left unused until expired. Yes, I was hesitant when I purchased this set. But the set is designed to help improve thinning hair. I decided to make a giant leap and went ahead with this product for his 59th birthday. <3

Davines NaturalTech Energizing Shampoo

The Damage? Php5,966 total.

I charged all these to my credit card, since I’m hoping to use my overtime pay for all these scentsational items. :D

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